Monday, June 16, 2008

"Twin. Oh Twin!" (Overboard)

I remember one of my most exciting days of blogging, Oct. 30, 2006- No Cool Story tagged me for a meme. We, of course, have gone on to discover that we are like Sharon and Susan of The Parent Trap and are twins - seperated. Some wonder why I say No Cool Story is my twin or wonder if we are real life twins or sisters or what... Well, here is the proof:

** We both have an awesome magnet collection. For realz. Hers - - Mine

** We both like Linkin Park, Muse and other cool music like that.

** We both have May birthdays. (Duh! Of course we do. We're twins!) The only differences are the dates (hers is the 28th mine is the 11th) and year.

** My birthday is her baptism-versary. How cool is that??? Without knowing it, she picked her online twin's birthday to be baptized without even knowing she HAD a twin. That's awesome. And I was baptized in May also!!

** We both have accents that our kids tease us about. She can't say "horrible" and I can't say "Didn't, wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't or pan..."

** Our husband's spoil us rotten. I think I am more of a brat than her though.

** We both had brain damage as teenagers, but now we are AWESOME!

** We both have WOO-HOO online personalities (her -- me) and then we are very demure, quiet and content to watch everyone else go wild in public.

** She's short, skinny, beautiful and brown. And I'm also... short.

** When you compare our 11 year old pictures- you can totally see the resemblance. Compare her to 5th grade Tori!! We also look a lot alike in the pic above from Colorado last summer. ;)

** We both had umbilical hernias and surgery to correct it!!! You've gotta admit that's kinda weird!

** Edited to add: We are also constantly saying "Hey! I was going to post about the same thing!!" Or, for example, she moved all her online awards to another blog page the same weekend I moved mine. Cool huh??

I'm sure there is so much more. I shall have to confer with my twin to see what else she can come up with, but these are the things off the top of my head. Kinda cool, huh??

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glittersmama said...

I can't wait to meet my favorite online twins!!

Amanda said...

How fun to meet your long lost twin on line and then in real life! One more plus for blogging, it can help you find your long lost twin. :)

Yvonne said...

That was so fun--I was always curious about NCS being your twin. I loved the birthday/baptism date. That is so sweet!

No Cool Story said...

Are you kidding me?!? I have this exact post in my drafts folder! Only your post is waaay better than mine: You ARE the better Twin!
Awww, I ♥ you Tori:)

Annie said...

And you are both my friends!

Klin said...

You left off that you are skinny and beautiful, too.

This was fun. It's cool that all y'all are so much alike.

LOL at watching us fools in public. I wish I'd thought of that. before. making a fool of myself. ;)

Klin said...

I love, and I mean LOVE Overboard

S said...

OMG that is some funny stuff. Love the pic of NCS, I copied her ♥ hee hee! Now I am cool just like her and you!!! again you say? ♥ lol! NCS has been to my house when are you coming? I will fix you the same salad! ♥ TWIN POWER!

fawndear said...

I want a twin. How would I go about finding one?
Your both amazing! That's right, your twinners.

Mindi said...

i can feel the love from here in my chair in yew-tahhh.

what i wish is that there was room for triplets.

i missed the train. :(

Yvonne said...

Love the picture on the side--too cute.

NOBODY said...

What's even trippier is, she posted about you being twins too! It must be a twin psychic thing or something.

Does that mean I can leave you both the same comment?

Oh, I'm too tired to cut and paste.

Don't eat the salad. It's a trick.

Nancy Face said...

TWIN POWER! I love it! :D

Nancy Face said...

I BIG TIME ♥ both of you! :)

No Cool Story said...

I still can't believe I uploaded that hideosu picture of myself to Teh Internets for all to see.

Your picture is fine, mine ain't.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Awesome post! You two crack me up!

Suzanne said...

Yay for online twins!

I have a couple to add! You are both really great friends AND you both use the term "ghetto fabulous!" :)

Jean Knee said...

I am speechless here

aubrey said...

sweet! i loved this post so much and can't wait to meet you, tori! said...

too funny. i was also one of those who thought she was your twin by birth, too.

and it is awesome that you found and fostered a connection in another soul who gets you, kathleen