Thursday, June 12, 2008


** Thanks for y'alls participation in the poll yesterday. Isabel slipped when getting out of the pool and broke her 2 front teeth. She had to have caps put on close to half of both of her front teeth and is on a "soft diet" for the next year. This happened Tuesday afternoon. I found out Wednesday afternoon- from Isabel. He can call me whatever he wants, but I should have been informed! It breaks my heart to know I wasn't there with her while her teeth were being shoved back up into her gums. And I've been trying my hardest NOT to write about my ex after a person made really rude comments, but I think even that person would realize that the mom should have been called.

** I'm wanting to cut my hair, but I can't decide if I wanna go shorter or just layer it some. I've also been growing my bangs out which drive me crazy! My hair is naturally wavy- more so now that I'm in Humidville- so I don't know what to do!! :( My bangs are past my nose now and my hair is about 3 or 4 inches below my shoulders. If I pull it straight it's about an inch above my bra strap. Tell me what to do!!

** I haven't given out any Tad awards lately. Probably because the only people I interact with on a daily basis are 2 and 4 yrs old. I will say this to the Jacka$$es that are rude to my husband because he is a police officer... You're treadin' on thin ice. Does it makes sense to be rude to someone who may save your life one day??

** The other nite I took a sleeping pill because I have trouble sleeping when Sei is on nite shift. I woke up because I needed to pee. Ok, this may be TMI, but it is so weird to be drugged and pee at the same time. The entire time I was peeing I was like "Am I awake? I feel like I'm asleep. Crap! Am I peeing in the bed??!" Totally weird feeling.

** The drummer from one of my fave bands, LIT, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor- the same kind as Ted Kennedy. Only he's only 38 and has never left anyone to drown to save his own arse (to my knowledge.) Sad, huh?

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S said...

I have been seeing a lot of mohawks, I think they are back in style.

NOBODY said...

Dude, I've been seeing the mohawks too, I thought it was an Iowa thing because they seem to have come from out of nowhere.

And uh, Tori? YOUR blog. So guess what, you get to post what EVER you want. Rude people need to move on.

My heart would have broken too. I'm pretty mad for you. :)

PJ said...

OUCH! Poor Isabel. Weird that he did not call.

I'm with nobody (he,he...I love that name) write ON sister! It's a good place to vent it, I think.

O, your last comment. It's why I come back..U crack me Up :D

Physcokity said...

Sorry to hear about Isabel, but I agree even though you can't be there it is something you should have been informed of

Do you have a hair cutting disease/obsession?

Are you saying you want to grow out your bangs? I'm confused.

annie said...

Ouch. I agree, you should have been called.
I think you should leave the length... get some new bangs and layers. Since you asked :)

Amanda said...

I am so sorry for Isabel! That is terrible that he didn't call you!!!!!! Poor thing!

S said...

Can I bring my girlfriend?

Klin said...

Hair. Hmmmmm. I'm not the person to ask. Do you remember mine? 'nuff said.

I don't understand why be rude. I know some cops are jerks or have a god complex, but we are talking Sei here. He's a cool cop.

This may be TMI, too, but sometimes when I'm really tired I will wake up sitting on the pot and not remember how I got there or how long I've been there.

Sorry to here about the drummer. That sucks big time.

utmommy said...

I'd be pretty ticked if I didn't call either.

I hate the feeling or thoughts of "Am I peeing in bed?"

Mindi said...

oh, sister.....
you are talking to an ambien addict here. have taken it for close to 3 years now and can't do without.
i have had many times where i've woken up in the morning and walk into the kitchen and think, "who got up and had this piece of cake?"

Whitney said...

I hate when hair is in that akward stage, and that is where mine is now. So at least we're in the same boat! I am thinking of layers though. I like layers :)
I have to say that I laughed out loud at the "Am I peeing in bed?" comment. I'll have nights where I can't sleep so I take Tylenol PM, and so it makes it even funnier that I totally know how you felt. Good thing you weren't really though. But that might have made for a funnier story... ha ha!

No Cool Story said...

UGH! Why are some people so rude, inconsiderate and childlish? It's NOT about him, it's about Izzy and what she needed. Idiot.

Anyway, Your hair looks so pretty in your picture below.

I don't understand why people are rude to cops. Idiots :(

"Am I peeing in the bed??!" :D HAHAH, you are such a weirdo :D

OH NO! Poor Allen dude. I love Lit too. Get better dude.

Stepherz said...

Poor Isabel! My goodness. I'm totally feeling for you because it sounds like homey is a big turd ball for not letting you know sooner! I'd be irate if that happened with Austin. Bless your heart; bless Izzy's heart for not having her momma there to love on her. She's a tough cookie that one is!

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

it is sad. My brother died from in inoperative brain tumor.

Annie said...

Unacceptable! That's all I have to say about that.

I've done the Tylenol P.M. 2 A.M. pee, it is weird. I really didn't think they worked until I tried to get up in the middle of the night.

Yvonne said...

I just noticed the little counter on the side for when the kids come home--that just touched my heart. I hope it goes quickly.

LOL at the peeing in the middle of the night. I remember one time my MIL took a sleeping pill on a long overseas flight but it didn't kick in until right before we were ready to land. I felt so sorry for her--she could barely walk, and I don't think she had a clue where she was. said...

hi tori :)

so, did you pee in the right place? tee hee, or would that be pee hee? hahaha.

thanks for your kind comments on my bloggy.

you so rock, kathleen

ps. and i wish you had been called, too.

Tori :) said...

Dallas Meow- I'm sorry to learn about your brother. I know how horirble it feels to lose a sibling. My sister died 10 years ago. It sucks. It makes me sad to know you had to feel that kind of pain. :(

Gretch said...

Any father would know that a child NEEDS their mother!!! She probably didn't feel comfortable enough to ask!!
She was in shock!!
You should have been the FIRST person called!! Then you could have meet them.
Some kid popped back from a water fountain and chipped, cracked in half, and knocked loose one of Raegan's 'new' teeth. She was freaking out. OF course Lonnie, was the first one I called!!

Too bad some people don't use their brains!!
SORRY IZZY!!! Hang in there!!

wendy said...

Ouch! Poor Izzy!

Hair trouble in humidity. I'm with you. but I have not good suggestions. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my hair.

and sleep trouble. yeah. have that too. When Nathan left at Christmas I bought a bottle of Tylenol PM, hoping that would help me settle down to sleep at night. It made me feel really woozie and I still didn't sleep well... I'm sleeping better now, but once in a while I have to get up and check all the windows and doors at closets at 3am.

Jenni said...

Okay, Tori - you can ALWAYS put a smile on my face. The peeing on drugs thing...hilarious! I am so sorry about Isabel, that sucks. And so does your ex.
Keep the stories coming...

aubrey said...

poor izzy, that sucks big time! and of course i voted on the calling ASAP. it's your baby!

Nancy Face said...

Poor Izzy! :(

Nancy Face said...

Layers might work better than going shorter when you live in such high humidity. That's what I would do! :)

Nancy Face said...

The malignant brain tumor is such a very sad thing. Next week marks 4 years since my brother died from age 44. :(