Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Blah. That's how I feel right now. I have pics and stuff to post from weddings, receptions, 4th of July, etc... I just don't feel like doing it right now. I also have about 40 blog ads I need to post, so please excuse them.
I'm sooooo ready for the kids to come home. The newest drama there is Tristan being "punished" for grades (that weren't even bad). For his "punishment" he was made to watch an anti-Mormon movie and write a report about it. Yes, I'm serious. I'm thinking the only way a person can come up with crap like that is by having your head shoved so far up... "there" and is all you see and think. I invite someone to defend him. Bring it.

The End

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Yvonne said...

I'm the WRONG person to defend him--I'd like to string him up.

Hugs to you.

Gretch said...

That is soo stupid!!

Only 10 days to go!!!

Hang in there!

~j. said...

WHAT?!??! That's so manipulative. I love you, Tori.

Lauren said...

Are you freakin serious?! That makes me so mad...I am so pissed right now!

Let's go beat him up. Ok..I wouldn't be much help. How about I go with you to beat him up, and I document the whole thing for the blog?

Seriously though, ((((hugs))))

S said...

I am speechless. You can smell the power my ex thinks he has having his son this summer. PUKE! Thank heavens Tristan is smarter than his father:))))))))

Anonymous said...

Well... This Grandmother is pissed also!! That idiot is a complete JERK. And how long has school been out for the summer? The JERK needs to get a life, he sounds like my Grandson's Stepfather, the Butthead.
Alabama Grandmother

somewhere in the south said...

Is there anything (legally) you can do about it?, he could be affecting the children's mental health by pulling crap like that.
Your children must be very strong souls to have to deal with this at such a young age. I will keep you and your children in my prayers.

Sorry, i don't have a blog but i enjoy reading yours. You're a hoot!

tara said...

He is a freakin' jerk! I hope tristan wrote the report and told him how full of crap he is. Actually, he should have probably just born his testimony about why he knows the church is true. The non charitable side of me wants to tell him where to go (o: He'll pay for all his garbage in the end.

I would seriously look into if there is something you can legally do about it. That is basically mental abuse. He's the one who decided to cheat on you and leave the church. Just goes to show how valid that quote is about those who leave the church but won't leave the church alone!

I don't blame you for having no desire to post. I'll be glad for you when the kids can come home! The court system needs to be changed, kids over 8 should be able to say whether or not they want time with the parent, esp when they're jerks like he is! Seriously, that's abusive... and it's JULY, when did school get out?


Kylie D. said...

I agree about looking into legal aspects, maybe changing it so your ex only has supervised visitation, because that can effect the well being of children.

BadAti2d said...

You picked 'im.

Tori :) said...

Yes, but when I was married to him he was LDS also and was raising the kids LDS. R u trying to piss me off? Is that fun to you? Because I'm not in the mood.

Gretch! said...

badati2d, people can change for the worse!! DUH!
Who know's, he has been manipultive from the begining!

Why do people like to start s**T???

Help I need a user name! said...

People like to start s**t because it gets them attention they wouldn't otherwise receive.

You have to remember, this is probably some 9 or 10 or 13 year old just surfing the blogs. Don't give "it" the benefit of a reaction.

Klin said...

Ditto to what Yvonne said. I like Lauren's idea. It sounds fun.

He needs therapy. Just my professional opinion. Free for you Tori.

No Cool Story said...

UGH! Unreal.
Ok, seriously, he's not allowed to do that, the court can order him to stop that.

blog cop said...

I think we should all feel sorry for badati2d :(
She's still angry about no one asking her to the prom.


Tori :) said...

Y'all are all so awesome!! I'm not sure if there is anything legally I can do, but I'll try. I just want them home.

Thank you blog cop. I ♥ cops.

Mindi said...

i'm still just saying that i can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a certain group of people who may or may not be of italian descent who could or could not allegedly be living in the las vegas area who could take care of a problem like this. allegedly.

my heart goes out to tori! :)

Tori :) said...

mindi- call me on a secure line later. ;)

S said...

I decided in my hot no a/c sleep or atleast during the supposed sleep hour that SURPRISE.........NCS, TORI and Mindi are TRIPLETS. I am so happy to be the first of such discovery!!!! I think Mindi should come to Blogfest2008 so I could REALLY be sad I am missing it. Whatta ya think Tori?

Stepherz said...

How rediculous! I mean, as often as he sees Tristan, you would think he could just cherish that time instead of being petty. I can soooo relate! Austin was staying with his dad last year and one night they were going to run to the quick stop for some snacks. Austin had his bumming around clothes on to wear to the store and Jason made him change his clothes because he "couldn't be seen with" Austin looking like that. We're not sloppy looking people, so it just urked me that he was so petty. Austin is with his dad's wife for a few weeks right now and she made sure to remind me that he needed to dress nicely while he visits. HUH!? Go buy him some clothes if you want him to look like a supermodel! Geesh!

Some people are just petty. They need to get a hobby or something.

He'll be home soon! Yayyy!

Physcokity said...

How Lame-O can you get? People have serious issues...Where are the wolves when you need them? ;)

Physcokity said...

Honestly though if the dude has such issues with that he should really talk to you about it instead of being so fiendish.

I think this would be the appropriate place to insert @*&!^$%!

Tori :) said...

(*$#*(@&*(!&@#^*!^@*&! is right!

Anonymous said...

Remember that old essay, "Children Learn What They Live"?

Tristan doesn't live with your ex or his idiocy. Ex better watch it - or his son will end up hating him for trying to influence Tristan against you and his beliefs.

My parents tried the same thing when they were divorced and it only made me more stubborn.

Nancy Face said...

I HATE that Tristan was forced to do that.

I LOVE the dancing crap.

Nancy Face said...


I just read the horrible comments up there on your Tad post! I am so sorry! :(

Makes me wonder if BadAti2d and c.h. are related...they both have skills at inflicting hurt upon others.