Friday, July 04, 2008

I love America

America is awesome. We are so so blessed. I see things on tv or read in magazines about other countries and the suffering they endure and I just think "Wow. We truly live in *the* best country on earth." When people complain and threaten to move to France if certain people are elected to president I just want to say, "Good. Go." I don't want people here that don't realize how BLESSED they are to live here. The fact that they can participate in an election, that their vote counts, is HUGE. So, please, Go- run to a country that will come running to us when they need help but won't help when we need it. GO! And you know what- they could go, freely. The country they want to leave allows them the freedom to do so.
We are so blessed to be able to worship (within legal limits) how we please. We are blessed to have grocery stores full of food. Sometimes I find myself complaining when I have to wait in line 10 minutes to pay for my basket full of food. There are countries where people wait in line HOURS to buy a loaf of bread. There are others where they have never seen a a loaf of bread, but would gladly wait in line forever to buy one. People whine about the gas prices but I am just thankful to have a car I can drive in whenever I want to. Yes- the gas prices suck. So... walk. You CAN walk and you can walk WHERE EVER you want to!! Even the opportunity to blog about whatever we want without fear of being persecuted. (Although I've had my fair share of mean anonymous comments.;) We can say whatever we want. We can express opinions about whoever, whatever, whenever and we are FREE to do so!!! We are a spoilt country. We are so spoiled we don't realize how good we have it- myself included.
I am so thankful for the troops of today and the past and thankful for their families. People have died and will continue to die for the freedom we enjoy today. My heart breaks when I read posts by my friends, like Wendy, who just want their husband home, but are so proud of his service to our country. Wendy, I pray for your husband everynite. Thank you. You, your husband, your family, are awesome. I admire y'alls strength. I am weak compared to you.

I love the United States.
I love my freedom.
God bless America.

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Gretch said...

Right ON, sista!!!

I think I did joke about the election once, but I totally agree with you !!
We have the freedom to actually BUY gasoline!! Some don't!

Saying all this as I get a tan at the hotel swimming pool...that I have the freedom to stay in... Using free wifi on my iPhone that I have the freedom to buy... So I can use the internet anytime anywhere!!!

I "heart" the USA!!

Mindi said...

thanks for that--hope your july 4th was awesome!!

p.s.--only 14 days til those kids are back! WAHOOOOOOOOO!

s--max said...

Couldn't have said it better....

utmommy said...

I second that!

Happy 4th!

JustRandi said...

Right there with ya, sistafriend.

Chel said...

I agree.

My cousin's husband has been in Iraq since February. He is due to come home in August... that is 7 months people... 7 months that he has risked his life and left his wife and 4 kids under the age of 7... FOR us. For our freedom.

Yvonne said...

I'm so grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed and who are currently sacrificing so much so we can enjoy the freedom we enjoy.

Thanks for the great post, tori. You are so right. We are truly blessed. (I may not live in the U.S. right now, but I am grateful to be an American. said...

hi tori :)

amen sister. awesome post. i'm proud to be an american, too. we are so blessed. i could just hug ya. come here you. ((squeezy hug)) hehe. you rock, kathleen :)

Nancy Face said...

Tori, this was a fantastic post! I loved it and I agree with you...we are so blessed to be Americans! :)