Saturday, July 12, 2008

Memories.... lite the corner of my mind

MEMORY LANE-This will be fun especially if everyone and I do mean EVERYONE will join in! I saw it on Klin and UtMommy's blog.

Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember, good or bad, but please be nice or face the wrath of Tori :) !!!!!!!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog. If you don't want to play on your blog or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. We can make it a competition if anyone wants. Let's see who can come up with the funniest memory and who has the most memories! YAY!

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Gretch! said...

ha ha! I'm first!! Yeah!!!
So the first memory I have OF you would be when your sister Tara had just got back from visiting with you and you had told her you were pregers!! ( with Taj)! I think it is pretty funny that I even have a memory, since I have never met you in real life!!! But I still luv ya!! And enjoy your blog!!

s--max said...

WOW! There are A LOT! Which do I pick? Ok, at the risk of sounding smooshy, I'm gonna use a memory that meant a lot to me & it's one that you probably aren't even aware of, although you were there. :) It was when Micah & I got married, & you came from Tyler, even after we hadn't seen each other in forever. That meant SO much to me. I love you!!! :)
& I won't post this one on my blog b/c I never post anymore & people won't look there anyway. So you have to leave your memory here.

Tori :) said...

Gretch!- I remember Tara telling me about you and how you just asked her to go to breakfast or something one morning. I was excited she met a friend!!

Stace- I remember sitting by you in 7th grade Texas History and you telling me that you kissed Josh... I can't remember his last name!! He had blond hair and was totally cute!
Walking to Fry St. from the Ox Roast was pretty cool too. We had fun and we weren't even doing anything really bad. (Although I'm sure my parents won't be thrilled to read I went to the Ox Roast and walked to Fry St...)

Klin said...

Since I am a watcher, I have lots of memories that would surprise ya! ;)

I remember when you and Sei were first introduced in sacrament meeting. I was amazed at how good you looked and how cute you two were as a couple.

I also remember when you were pregnant with Taj and Livie. I couldn't help but wonder how you could look so cute. I just looked like a beached whale and felt even bigger.

Then I remember how creative you were in sharing time. I don't see me as being that creative. I loved your sharing times and how you would incorporated the daily things in and tie it into the scripture and theme you were teaching.

I'll stop now.:)

S said...
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No Cool Story said...

I went back and [this is not cheating] looked for the post that got seared in my brain: Sei with his surf board (Nov 8, 2006), you are so funny :D

How did I get here? Probably through Millie, but your Mrs Brady picture is what caught my eye and THEN I saw how many kids you had and how not-crazy you sounded so I thought you must be really cool or something and I was right and then we discovered we are actually long lost twins and the rest is blog history.

No Cool Story said...

s--max and klin's memories made me a little tiny bit teary.

Mindi said...

okay, i found no cool story from that anniethology? (sp?) and then i kept seeing your comments that made me laugh and then i clicked on over and of course was really wondering if you were sisters...

but what got me, ultimately, was that flippin' sweet photo of you in the battlestar gallactica brand eyeglasses (i swear my cousin had the exact same ones).

you had me at "hello"

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog but enjoy reading yours so much. I can't remember how I got here. lol
I have sweet memories of reading how devoted you are to your hubby and children.
Alabama Grandmother

Carrot Jello said...

I'll never forget your Diva Cup demonstration in my hotel room. You looked like a Price Is Right gal. said...

awesome tori :)

i remember that when my teen girls ran away last summer and ~E was put in the utah RTC that amanda told me i needed to read your wilderness post. man, i was moved. that was the first time i had been to your blog and experienced wonderful tori. and you were totally curious .. who was this person from alaska visiting such an old wilderness post. you gave me encouragement, from your point of view as being the teen who went through something like that. as a parent of one, you offered me a perspective and encouragement that nobody i knew had been through. i needed to hear that. you were a Godsend to me then.

and i have so enjoyed your writing, your observations, your spunk, your honesty, your humor ever since. you rawk my dear. i wish you were in my ward.

love ya, i feel like your sister, kathleen :)

Gretch! said...

I have a funny one.... Remember that email pic of that little boy that had put his mom's panty liners all over his body??.....I totally thought that was Taj!! I had to call Tara and ask her! It totally looked like him!! And it is something one of my boys would totally do!!
Google Boy with panty liners, I'm sure it will come up!!

Suzanne said...

Ooh, I'm late but I have a great memory and that was of us going to Colorado together last August. That was my first ever girl trip and I'm so glad that I got to share that experience with you. Then getting to stay up late talking was the best!

You are such a great friend, Tori and I have so much fun when we get to hang out together. We are going to have a blast in Oregon because we're both going to act like a bunch of "drunken" spazzes! Yay!!! :D said...

hi tori,
thanks for the neat post idea. i had fun with this. i did a shout out to you on my bloggy today and i posted about memories, too.

great day wilderness girl, kathleen :)

Nancy Face said...

I love remembering that once upon a time you wanted Lar Face to become your sister! :)