Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old videos

So... the other nite Sei and watched some old family videos. My husband is hilarious- especially when he's not trying to be. We were both in tears watching the birth of Liv. Not because it was so touching, but because of Sei's narration and him constantly coming over to check the position of the camera. He didn't have on his glasses and kept making this "Are you talkin' to me?" Robert Dinero face because he was squinting. And I kept looking at him like, "Are you planning on coming over here for the birth???" I guess you'd just have to see it to appreciate it.

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Klin said...

My kids LOVE watching old family videos. It is so funny to see how everyone was. I love pointing out to my baby brother that he was a spoiled brat, but that's just because it's my job :P

No Cool Story said...

Bring it to the party.


Mindi said...

you HAVE heard a little something called "posting a video" on your blog. i'd enjoy it.

and give it 5 stars. said...

hahaha, where's the link to the video, girl? heehee

the dinero reference was so fun.