Friday, July 11, 2008

Random pics *** Edited to add Pedestrian Update!!!!

My sister brought her pictures down from Kansas for me to upload to my computer. Now ask me if I have? No. I haven't. And now she and her family are in Florida for over a week, so.... here are random pics I took at my brother's reception in Texas and at the fireworks, etc... I don't have any pics from the 5k I ran with my mom and sister on July 4. (My sis does on her blog.) Ok, not "with" but we did start at the same place. They ran, I kinda... stayed back to support the slower runners and walkers. When a guy passed me pushing a 5 yr old in a stroller I kinda sped up... for a little while. My mom placed 2nd in her age group and my sister kicked my butt. It's all good. I got a free t-shirt. :)

Beautiful Izzy before the reception
My girls stuffin' their faces
Me doing the twist with Taj
Alec and his new aunt
Livie and "Un-tul Wal-Ter" Tristan home from scout camp in time to dance wit his aunt

Cousins at the firework show
Livie and Sei watching the fireworks
Livie and Me (I was signing "Orange") Izzy, Alec and Taj watching the show (I'm soooo chopping her bangs off when she gets home!!)
Tajy and Sei (Stop staring at my hawt husband!!;)
***EDITED TO ADD: I don't know how I forgot to post this!! Yesterday Sei went to the police dept. (not the one he works for) to obtain a copy of the police report for the accident we saw on July 4. He got the name of the driver and the girl that was hit. He found out the pedestrian, Jennifer, had been care flighted to another hospital. When he called the new hospital for an update they transferred him to her room. He actually TALKED TO HER! She is TALKING!!! She is ALIVE!!! YAY!! She had neck surgery and has a broken leg. She will be out of the hospital for a couple of days and then back for more surgery. But she will be ok. Her dad called Sei today to get his version of what happened because he thought Sei's statement sounded the most informed. I have the name of the driver, but have not been able to get any contact info for her. :( I'm sad because I really want to send her a letter. I'll keep trying...
I am just sooooo relieved to know Jennifer (now that I have a name!) is ok. Prayers have been answered. YAY!!


Klin said...

Sei is not watching the fireworks. He is watching the cutie called Livie;)

Klin said...

Did you see that I was first again? I hope that gets me some cool points, cuz I am lacking;)

Tori :) said...

I hereby award you *** 1000 cool points ***!!

Klin said...

You are the best, evah!!!

Klin said...

Tristan is so tall! I just noticed that he is as tall as his new aunt. Maybe taller. He is blocking her.

That looks like a fun wedding and you look so cute doin' the twist.

Tori :) said...

Klin- 2000 points if you're the 1st to reply to my new, updated post!!

Klin said...

You mean like this:0

Klin said...

Oh, yeah. I am raking in the cool dough.

Klin said...

I am so relieved to hear that she is doing well. I hope you can contact the driver and see how she is doing.

Keep us posted.;)

Klin said...

I'm going grocery shopping now. The kids don't think we have any food. Silly kids. Thinking that they need to eat and all.

Yvonne said...

Love the pictures. Izzy is so beautiful. Wow, Tristan is so tall. I love that all your outfits had polka dots ; )

I'm so glad to hear that Jennifer is doing o.k. You are such a great person to try and contact the driver--I hope she is doing o.k., too

annie said...

Great news! and great pictures!!!

Mindi said...

1. yowza on that hubby---hot is right!! but you deserve.....

b. i'm soooo glad that the girl was okay. i've been thinking about her for the last couple of days. thanks for the update.

and, thirdly--you rock!

Chel said...

Love the pictures!

Glad to hear Jennifer is going to be fine. Such a crazy story and even crazier to witness!!
I hope you can find out about the driver.

JustRandi said...

I think Izzy looks a lot like you!!
I'm so glad about Jennifer. WHat a thing to happen to you!

S said...

I am so glad to hear about Jennifer. If only she knew how many people cared:)))))))
I have been waiting to hear about your 5K. What was your time? Mine was 51.?mins I too stay back to close up the race. Come run the 10K with me in Aug. I asked your sister to come make me look bad, but no reply.

Gretch! said...

Your Mom is totally RAD!!!

I am soo glad Jennifer is going to be okay!! She will have a story to tell her kids one day! STAY OUT OF THE STREET!! Poor thing!

Im sure the driver is a basket case!!

Glad you are having a good summer!

No Cool Story said...

Izzy is so beautiful :) Awww.
Heck, all you kids are cute (all 75 of them)

I'm so glad that Jennifer is alive and doing well. You are so cool for caring*, I bet the poor driver needs you too, hope you get her number :)

*Didn't expect any less from you.

Nancy Face said...

This is such a happy and great post! I love all the pictures! I'm so glad to know that Jennifer will recover! :) said...

hi tori :)

that is so awesome how sei was able to do all that and talk to her dad, too. hope you get to do that letter to the lady you comforted. i understand the need to want to finish that .. to close that loop.

you were the little angel in her life when she needed to be comforted at that accident. you were an instrument in His hands.

nighty night, kathleen

PS. and you made me **giggle** when you said stop staring at hawt sei, hahaha :)