Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Do you get broadway music?"

My favorite Summer Party '08 moments:

~ Eating lunch with Millie at the Isolation Table at Mo's.

~ Blessing Heffalump's baby girl with Fairy Godmother blessings. I blessed her with a booty.

~ Having my booty complimented and smacked a couple of times by fellow bloggers.

~ Late nite confession booth where we learned about man-handed wives of old boyfriends, run-ins with the cops and kisses with John Bytheway

~ Accidentally leaving Aubrey and Glittersmama behind in Seaside. We all thought one of the other parent's had them... ;)

~ Asking if the waterfall was all natural or man-made and having my twin tell me, "It's all real. Oh- except for the bridge." She's so cute.

~ Meeting my twin's family and having her DH say, "Oh! Tori!!" in recognition when I met him. I also saw my Christmas card on their refrigerator.

~ Walking with friends to the little store that opened at 9-ish and closed at 5-ish to get my coke fix.

~ Having lines from my grandma's romance novels explained to me. All I had to do was ask. ;)

~ Listening to Elastic say "She is sooo naive!!" and sing in Spanish in her sleep.

~ Hearing Millie yell, "SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED IT!" and knowing instantly it was a Spongebob quote. Millie and I are kindred spirits when it comes to speaking thru quotes.

~ Not wanting to go to sleep on Sunday/Monday because I knew I had to leave in the morning. So we stayed up until almost 5am only to wake up at 6am. :(

Millie, Me and Yvonne (or "Why- vonn- ee" according to Tristan)
Me... on a big whale. What?
Amanda and myself channeling Bret Michaels. (Poor Yvonne trying to sleep...)
I ♥ Rock Of Love. (Hi S!)
The Gang minus Heffalump
(She left before all the crazy ladies stole her sweet baby!) Suzanne and Nobody at the back
Klin, Carrot, Elastic, Carronin, Glittersmama, Amanda, Yvonne, Millie, Aubrey, me, Annie, Twin!!

I was a big baby. The water was CooooooooLD!!!!
I think I said "I'm gonna cry!!!" about 30 times.

3 of my most favorite people:
NCS, Nobody and Suzanne
Elastic, Millie, Me

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No Cool Story said...

I make that star look good.

I love that last picture, you all look so happy! Like we hadn't left anyone.

I really need to put the ice cream down ;P

No Cool Story said...

You got put on the isolation table because of naughtiness ( I don't make the rules, I just report on them)
I am so glad I stayed up Monday morning, that was the best time ever.

"She is SOOO naive" ;D

NOBODY said...

"What?" made me laugh out loud.

So, I like how Star Cool Story almost reaches my shoulder. Those stilts make me crazy tall, don't they?

I love that you asked if the waterfall was all natural. That kind of stuff makes me want to be next to you ALL.THE.TIME.

I actually forgot about Aubrey and Glittersmama. Again. Dang. Cracks me up that they didn't even know, and you'd even gone all the way back to make out with Bigfoot a second time and everything!

No Cool Story said...

"HOLY CRAP" - Carrot

Tha star makes me look like Mermaid Man.
Then again, I have the gut and everything :(

Tori :) said...

You have a "gut" like I have a little butt. NOT true at all. If you're Mermaid Man, am I Barnacle Boy?

Tori :) said...

Nobody- I forgot to post about you losing your wallet. Your face when I handed it to you was priceless. I wish I had a polaroid of it...

Tori :) said...

Of your face, not a polaroid of your wallet...

Yvonne said...

That all real--except for the bridge makes me smile. I didn't hear that.

I tried to sleep but really didn't want to miss out on ANYTHING!!!

Such a fun time. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

Yvonne said...

Tell tristan I love the "why-vonee" ; )

utmommy said...

Okay that seriously looks like so much fun! I cannot miss the next one. What a great par-tay!

Millie said...

I see my name! I see us at the table! Awwwww. We should have tried switching places to see if our families would notice. :) "I shan't tell my aunt about the ahnts - I mean, the ants - nor the debutantes... shall I?"

Loved admiring your cute butt and not feeling weird about it.

Nancy Face said...

YAY, I got to see Elastic's cute haircut! My life is now complete! :)

Wow, such good times! LOVE it all!

Suzanne said...

I'm honored to be in your group of most favorite people! :) When did a starfish attack NCS??? ;D The water really was cold. Carrot was the only seasoned ocean submerger in the bunch!

Physcokity said...

Fun stuff!
I'm jealous.
Truly. I am.

Glad to know it was a good time!

aubrey said...

tori, you have a hot butt..i couldn't help smack it.

and i am sad we missed bigfoot while gm and i were left behind. :(

Heffalump said...

I'm sure Baby B will appreciate her fairy Blog Mothers' blessings when she is older...I just hope she doesn't get too much use out of some of them...
Its great to hear about some of the things I missed out on.

Jean Knee said...

glad you girlies had fun!

Annie said...

"Smack that, out on the floor..."

omar said...

I didn't comment earlier because I was busy looking for a whale to ride. All the cool kids are doing it these days. :)

Lauren said...

I could have sworn I commented on this blog...I can remember what I sad too. Did it disappear?