Thursday, August 21, 2008

Toes, teeth and other randomness

So, my genius of a 13 year old was playing basketball outside in the driveway with no shoes on. We have the goal lowered so he went in for a dunk and came down funky on his left big toe. That was last nite. This was his toe today (The pic doesn't do it justice.) :Thankfully it is not broken according to the xrays we had taken today. But he's wearing a cool slipper/brace thingy thru the weekend so it can heal. I am trying to make fun of him as much as possible. ;)

Tajy lost his 1st tooth yesterday. He isn't even 5 yet (Sept. 6) so it seemed so early! He got his teeth early too, so I guess it makes sense to lose them early. He was so excited to put it under his pillow. And the Tooth Fairy was on the ball and totally remembered to give him money... around 12:30 am. Oops.

For family nite this week we made a time capsule. (When I wrote that I thought of "You made a time machine... out of a Deloreon!?" What movie??) Anyway... Annie wrote a great post about her family making a time capsule so I stole it! (The idea, not her time capsule.) We all filled out "Favorite" surveys and picked 1-2 items to put in the capsule. I put in a "Don't Mess With Texas" sticker, a pic of Sei and I, a family pic and copies of a couple of pages from our Napoleon Dynamite quote book. GOSH! Tristan put in some artwork he had done. Kelsea put in old ballet slippers. Taj- a Spongebob toy. Iz- gymnastic pics. Karlea- pics of her at our house because she "loves to come to Dad's house." Alec- a toy soldier to remind us of the troops fighting right now. Liv- a swim diaper because she LOVES swimming and a ASL card because she signs. I picked the card for the word "NO" because we tell her that so often. Sei put a business card from his youth residential facility he opened in Utah because it led to us being able to move to Texas and then a pic of him as a cop here in Texas. It was a really fun activity. The kids LOVED it! Livie is so pretty.
The End.

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Yvonne said...

Ouch--that toe must hurt.

Taj looks pretty happy about losing that tooth--And, the Tooth Fairy remembered (way to go ; )

I love the idea of a time capsule.

Yes, Livie is very cute.

glittersmama said...

As long as the tooth fairy business gets done before they check where they left the tooth it doesn't count as late. Now when you have to send them back to "check again," that's late, but kids seem to be pretty forgiving when they see what that little white piece of enamel scored them.

Klin said...

Back to the Future!

That toe looks nasty.

Taj is losing teeth? He can't be that grown up, can he?

Liv looks like an angel in that photo.

Amanda said...

Sorry about the ouchie toe! :(

Yay for losing his first tooth! :)

Great idea for the time capsule!

Adorable Liv!!

carronin said...

Napoleon Dynamite quote book, too cool.

Annie said...

The "sweetest" time capsule, evah!

swampbaby said...

I think I lost my first tooth when I was 4. Don't tell Little J, he will be jealous. At least the tooth fairy didn't forget about his tooth completely and have to resort to sneakiness and lies like our tooth fairy does.

Give Tristan hugs!

Suzanne said...

That's a good thing you're not taking Annie's capsule or you'd have some 'splainin' to do when they go to dig it up in 10 years! :D

What a fun idea! We're going to have to do this as a family too. I loved all the things you put inside yours. It will be so fun to open!

georgie said...

the pic of the toe made me hurt just lookin at it OUCHIE!

Your children are adorable!

Help I need a user name! said...

Back to the Future. Sorry 'bout the toe! I love your time capsule activity idea! We will have to do that sometime.

Heffalump said...

Ah the teeth...does your tooth fairy keep the teeth? Or do something else with them.
I thought of you yesterday when my kids were watching the Texas episode of Spongebob Squarepants. Its one of our favorites.

utmommy said...

That looks painful. Glad it's not broken

Yay for the tooth fairy being on time! S hasn't lost a tooth yet and he's 7 1/2. I keep telling him his day will come.

Fun family activity. We might have to do that!

OnInG said...

Ouch...! The toe looks swollen..good thing the nail didn't get chipped or got detached from the flesh....

Taj huh..? You really have a husband who surfs...=)

Yeah, you and my cousin think the same about Ryan Lochte...Of course I can't concur to that because I'm a guy...hehehe..

Tori :) said...

Yep- Taj... Straight out of Australia and Surfer Magazine! :)


My 13 year old sprained her ankle at Kung Fu and its all blackish purpley gnarliness. She's wearing a foot brace right now and is forbidden from doing any jump kicks until next month.

She's sitting on my bed. I'm teasing her that without nail polish her little brown foot looks exactly like Tristan's little brown foot. :0

Physcokity said...

One of my favoritest trilogies evah! Back to the Future...ooh there you go! A picture of Helen Hunt from girls just want to have fun...there you go! The new blog av ;) lol

Nancy Face said...

Livie IS so pretty...Tajy looks SO cute with a missing tooth...but the toe? Not so attractive. OUCH! :0

Great FHE activity! I would steal the idea too, if I were more ambitious! ;)