Monday, August 25, 2008

The wait is over

K was nice enough to remind me that I haven't posted my review of Breaking Dawn. I've been so busy with going to Oregon and kiddos that I just never got around to it. But I am doing it now!! YAY!! So, without further adieu I give you my review (that rhymed!) There will be spoilers, so if you haven't read the book and don't want anything given away STOP READING NOW.

When I started BD I was a little nervous because I had read spoilers. I didn't really mean to read spoilers, but I saw one about a baby named "Reneesme" and figured it HAD to be a joke, so I g00gled it to see what came up. It was true- Bella got pregnant, had a girl named Reneesme and Jacob imprints on her. Whaaaa??? I was soooooo prepared to hate the book.

But I didn't. At all.

I absolutely LOVED the honeymoon. "I bit a pillow. Or 2." made me wanna grab Sei and make out. Breaking headboards and biting pillows is HOT!!

I loved how Edward went into shock when he learned Bella was pregnant. But I totally expected Bella to milk the pregnancy for all it was worth since she is such a wimp. But, she surprised me. She was comforting Edward while he watched her die- which is exactly how I think it would be if I was dying. Sei would be falling apart and I'd be trying to make him feel better.

I LOVED the "Jacob" book. It was like reading my blog. It was spazzy and he said "Crap!" all the time and made funny jokes. And stood naked. I loved seeing it all thru his eyes. Yes, he was immature, but he was so Jacob. Awesome!!

I loved how Edward changed Bella with the syringe to the heart. And licking his bites closed was rad.

I loved when Jacob said "She wishes she was that cool." when Charlie asked if Bella changed into an animal too.

I loved Emmetts sex jokes. He was freakin' hilarious.

I loved after Bella changed how more "human" or "real" Edward seemed. When she kissed him it wasn't like kissing a cold statue. He was more relaxed too which was nice.

I liked that Bella was no longer a walking accident after she changed. The whole falling down all the time crap got on my nerves.

I loved when Bella went to the lawyer and was explaining to Reneesme to run with Jacob when she says too.

I was actually ok with Jacob imprinting on Nessie once I found out she ages to maturity quickly. But I'm wondering how Edward is gonna feel about "seeing" what Jacob did to his daughter on their honeymoon... That'd be a little weird.

I wished for more of a fight with the Volturi, but was ok with it.

I didn't mind Bella's shield. Kinda sci-fi-ish, but ok.

I was surprised Edward could get Bella pregnant, but not enough to be stressed or bothered from it.

I didn't really like that Bella skipped the whole newborn vampire thing. Not that I wanted a whole book about her being a newborn, but she totally skipped it. I guess Stephenie Meyer was just trying to get it all in this book, but I think it should have been addressed more. I thought it was kind of a cop out.

I like that Charlie knows- kinda. I think he should have asked more questions. It bugs me that he didn't wanna know.

I DID NOT like that Reneesme had teeth and bit Bella from the beginning. And her freakishly long hair and growing that fast made me think of the alien babies on that old Tv movie "V." The baby looked like a 4 year old in a matter of hours on the show.

I liked the happy ending. I wanted the ending to be happy. I didn't want anyone I liked dead or unhappy, so I'm cool with the entire book.

Any questions I didn't answer? Feel free to ask me about a particular part or aspect of the book and I'll make sure to answer it!! YAY!!!

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Yvonne said...

I'm so mad--I wrote a long comment and lost it, so here goes again.

Great review.

First, of all, I hated the name. I'm a slow reader because I READ every word, and I stumbled on the name EVERY TIME. I was very glad when Jacob began calling her Nessie.

I didn't like how in the background Edward was, but I think I understand why Stephanie Meyer did it that way.

The whole pregnancy thing bothered me at first--kind of reminded me of Rosemary's Baby, but it was better as the story went along. I was very relieved that Nessie grew quickly or the whole Jacob imprinting thing would have been really weird.

3/4 of the way through the book, I wondered why it wasn't over, so I enjoyed the whole Volturi storyline.

Charlie not wanting to know didn't surprise me--I mean how can you be the Sheriff of the town and not know something strange hasbeen going on ; )

Sorry, maybe too much information. Are you sad it's over?

JustRandi said...

I agree with everything you said. It wasn't my favorite book of the series, but I think she was trying to wrap it up and tie off the loose ends. I wish the volturi scene had a little more action, though. THat was a lot of build-up for not a lot of action.

I liked Jacob a lot before, and I STILL like him better than Edward.
Jacob is the coolest evah.

K said...

Thanks for giving your review! And thanks for not giving me a Tad Award for bugging you about it.

Nancy Face said...

I enjoyed your review!

I loved the honeymoon too...and all of Emmett's jokes! HILARIOUS! :D

I'm glad you like Edward better than you did before! Breaking Dawn made me like Jacob WAY better than I did before! :)

Amanda said...

Great review! I'm still mixed about how I feel. Overall I liked the book, but it wasn't my favorite. I do like how it all ended happily ever after. Some say that is cheesy, but I liked it. Everybody was happy in the end.

I really enjoyed the Jacob book too and especially loved reading a different side to Rosalie. Emmett's comments were hilarious and I love how Bella totally beat him in the arm wrestiling! :)

The whole pregnancy was just weird at first. And I hate the name!!! I really felt that Stephenie had made a mistake by going with that storyline, but by the end I was happy how it turned out.

I liked how Bella "matured" in this book. She stopped being so clingy and needy and discovered inner strength that she didn't realize she had (and vampire powers too!). Yay for her.

I didn't like how Edward was so much in the background in this book. He is one of the main characters but in this book it seemed like there was something missing.

I am glad that it is over so I can get on with my life now. ;)

Suzanne said...

"made me wanna grab Sei and make out." LOL! :D

I also agree that the Volturi meeting was a little anticlimatic with no action and that Edward seemed kind of in the background in the book. I also disliked the name Renesmee from the very beginning and still didn't like it or Nessie by the end.

That being said, I really, really enjoyed the book!

I just wish it had been spaced out into two books so we could have gotten some more details about things like Nessie as a newborn (like you said) and had more interaction with the other characters. We hardly got to see anything of Alice, Jasper and Renee!

I loved how Bella matured too. And I loved the honeymoon. Woo hoo! And I loved that Bella got to be a mom. That is one thing that always made me sad before.

This is probably my second favorite after Twilight itself.

Thanks for your review, Tori! :)

Annie said...

I didn't read the post. I just paused to say that I am reading BD now. I'll come read the post when I'm done.

Physcokity said...

YAY for good reviews!

"I didn't really like that Bella skipped the whole newborn vampire thing. Not that I wanted a whole book about her being a newborn, but she totally skipped it. I guess Stephenie Meyer was just trying to get it all in this book, but I think it should have been addressed more. I thought it was kind of a cop out."

I kinda did too, but then you look back at how she was as a human, and how Renee said Bella was always middle-aged and everything, it kinda made sense, in it's own convoluted rite.

Physcokity said...

Sorry I have to gush a little. In going off of SM's whole story behind the series, this book was generally what she saw happening pretty much after Twilight. This was why I was so excited to read it. Knowing it was the end, from the beginning, made me want to read it even more.

I have still yet to take it up again, but I'm pretty sure when I do I won't have my usual skimmy dipping issues. LOL!

Physcokity said...

"I also agree that the Volturi meeting was a little anticlimatic with no action" yes I thought that too, but then remembered when I was reading, how I was speeding through it all waiting for when the actual fighting would break out, and getting so nervous with Bella and the shield stuff. =|

Physcokity said...

I'll stop commandeering the comments now. :D

No Cool Story said...

ITA agree, no wonder we are twins.
Reneesme :P BAH. S Meyer needs to stop using funky names. Like I hated "Wanda" In The Host, I'd changed it to the real everytime I read it.

Anyways. I liked the book. I wanted a big fight with the Volturi bullies but whatever.
I am glad Jacob is happy :)
YAY! Team Jacob!

Karina said...

I totally agree with you. I also thought that Charlie should've asked more question but as my husband explained, was that Charlie didn't need to ask that many questions, being a cop he could figure a lot of things out on his own. And another thing, that Volturri battle was way too long....Jacob is da bomb!.....just in case you didn't know :)

utmommy said...

Yeah I liked the book too!

The honeymoon thing was totally HAWT!!!!

Whitney said...

I loved it. I lol'd at you wanting to grab Sei and make out. I totally agree though, I totally wanted to grab my hubby and go buy feather pillows.
I cried a couple times, (not buckets! just drops!) when everyone was hugging and kissing goodbye (especially at Rose and Em for some reason?). I loved how Bella finally showed Edward her mind, too. I couldn't STAND how awesome that was :D

Lauren said...

Looooved your review. We pretty much felt the exact same way about it. I love Jacob now...but not in a I want him way. Edward is reserved for that kinda love. I loved how Edward loosened up too! :) I bet he kissed with tongue. I hope that didn't offend anyone. haha!

Klin said...

Kim has read the book 3 times (minus a few off limits pages). I am reading again for the 2nd time. I so agree with most of your points.

I wanted EVERYONE there to turn on the Volturi and annihilate them. They are mean and wicked.

I liked that Bella didn't have to do the whole newborn thing. She has such an aversion to blood as a human that it seemed wrong to me that she would want it that bad as a vampire.

Renesme is a weird name and hardly worthy of a child of Edwards, but Bella is weird. She likes vampires and werewolves and she has a strange relationship with her parents.

I love the candor Jacob has with Rosalie. They made me laugh. I think Renesme is a lucky girl. She has Jacob to protect her. I doubt many will mess with him.

I LOVE the honeymoon. Well after Edward quits being stubborn. Allen loves it, too. He just doesn't know it. ;P

aubrey said...

i thought the ending was so anticlimatic, i almost feel like it isn't over. like the volturi are still lurking, going to pounce eventually. the honeymoon was awesome. i loved bella's shield and her when she turned into a vampire. and she was a super vampire and how it was what she was meant to be all along and suited her so well. i was disappointed that bella didn't full on "dazzle" the people in seattle. they were being dazzled but she didn't seem to realize it, i wish she realized it and really DID it. if that makes sense.

swampbaby said...

I finished it tonight. I was pleasantly surprised and don't really understand what all the hub-bub is about. I do think the whole kid thing is a little disturbing (Mr. No Body Fluids impregnating her, breaking bones from the inside, super speedy growth and talking, the whole imprinting thing..."I use to picture your mom naked, but I guess I'll get used to you..." etc.)but seriously, overall, I thought it was a decent ending to the series. I definitely liked the Jacob book best. I am soooo glad whiney, wimpy Bella is GONE.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I agree with Suzanne that this story should have been split in two so the character development was a little more detailed and Nessie's first couple days were discussed more.

I liked all the love scenes too. They weren't too detailed, but you got the idea that it was beyond steamy!

That said, I don't think Edward was in the background as much as everyone seems to think he was. The passion was still there and his need to be close to Bella and vice versa... even after the baby was born. The balance seemed right to me.

I liked Bella's maturity and strength in this book. Such a great change from the other books. Very refreshing!