Monday, September 15, 2008

$$ and eyelids

Lately Sei and I have really been trying hard to stick to a budget more than we ever have before. Why haven't we before, you ask? I don't know. We are dorks. Mostly I'm a dork because I do the checkbook, but whatevah. Anyway... lately I've been challenging myself to take cash to the grocery store. No checkbook or debit card- just cash. I take a list, my cash, my calculator and that's it. Maybe my brain needs challenged more often, but I find this little "challenge" fun. Like one week I took $60. I ended up spending $57.06. Yes, I rock. But it wasn't totally easy. I had to decide to get the smaller cereal and changed my menu for the week a little, but it all worked. (Am I boring you yet?) Last week I only took $40 and spent $38. I always try to look for the best buy no matter what I am buying. What kinds of things do you do to save money where you can? I'm totally open to any and all ideas!!
Oh- and yesterday at church Alec was flipping his eyelids. Livie thought it was awesome and she also thinks she can do it. We don't have the heart to tell her she's totally NOT doing it.

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~DeMelo Family~ said...

too funny! Good job on taking cash to the store. I started doing that a while back, its great because you dont just throw stuff in your cart you dont really need, and it cuts down on treats in our house!

Millie said...

We usually do cash, until recently when we allowed ourselves to have checkbooks (SEPARATE).

Be sure and save all your change! :)

The Child Family said...

I haven't tried that one yet. I think I am too scared to try it. If I do try it, I'll have to try it without kids. I always seem to have more stuff when I get home than I remember putting in the cart. I'm sure that hasn't happen to anyone else but me. LOL

utmommy said...

Holy crap! What are you eating? I totally need to do that. Can you teach me?

utmommy said...

Holy crap! What are you eating? I totally need to do that. Can you teach me?

utmommy said...

Sorry that posted twice.

Suzanne said...

Tori, that's awesome! You must be getting some really great deals! You must share your secrets! :)

Here are some things we do to save money:

We shop at whatever grocery store has the best ad & build our menus around what is on sale at that store.

I only get my non-food items (laundry soap, toothpaste, etc.) at Wal-Mart or Target once a month. It cuts down on what we buy.

We only use a vehicle to drive into town if we have at least 3 errands to run. Sometimes in an emergency, we have to go regardless, but sticking to this rule has saved us a lot of gas money.

I use only 1/2 of a dryer sheet when I do laundry; it seems to work the same.

We eat out only once a month and it's usually just the dollar menu. :)

I buy most of the clothes we need on clearance at the end of the season (July-August & Jan-Feb). There is a ton of clearance online too at the end of seasons. I pay a fraction of that they would normally cost.

During winter having the thermostat no higher than 68 degrees during day & 64 at night.

During summer not using A/C at all or keeping it at 78 degrees or higher during the day and 76 or higher at night.

swampbaby said...

Seriously. What are you eating? I don't think I can leave the grocery store for under $50 even when I am just doing a "little" grocery trip for fruit and milk and stuff. And I don't load up with treats and stuff. So seriously. Do you only eat Raman?

Tori :) said...

We've been using our food storage a lot, but also with Sei on nite shift I find myself cooking totally KID dinners most of the time. We have grilled cheese and ramen once a week. Noodles with some kind of sauce. Chicken legs cooked in the crockpot. Tostadas and burritos are a new fave (not of mine, but the boys LOVE them.)

Sei takes $20 for his dinners on shift and usually has change left over after 4 days because so many places discount 50% or more for cops. :)

Basically when I go to the store I always get milk- 3 gallons, 2.5 dozen eggs, fruit, Diet DP (you know- the essentials;). The rest on my list is what I need to make the dinners that week and any more breakfast, lunch or snack stuff.

We get our bread at the Wonder Bread store for $1 a loaf. We usually buy 12 for the month. (We bought 20 for the month in the summer!)

We don't eat a ton of meat. I buy a 5 lb. roll of beef once a month, 2 bags of frozen chicken breast once a month and 4 bags of chicken legs total for the month. Sometimes I buy a whole chicken instead of the breasts cuz it's cheaper, but usually I'm lazy so I get the breasts.

All our chicken used is either shredded in casseroles or sauce or legs.

When we have extra cash I stock up on more veggies and cream of mushroom/chicken soups, spaghetti sauce, rice, etc... because we use that a lot.

I only buy 2-3 cereals every other week. And I buy the big bags. I make breakfast a lot like pancakes, eggs and toast, etc... So, the cereal lasts longer.

I stopped buying stuff like pizza rolls and make our own little pizzas like I posted on the Eazy Mealz blog.

Child Family- Yes, I definitely have to go with NO kids. Kids make it impossible!!

Suzanne- We keep our thermostat on 81 and shut it off completely one day a week. 1/2 a dryer sheet is a great idea!

I guess I could have made this another post!!

mommaof3 said...

thats great!tell me how

s--max said...

Don't forget coupons!! I saved over $21 in coupons Friday!
Also, use the store brand as much as possible. There is usually no difference between the store brand & the "real thing."

No Cool Story said...

Awww, Livie, that's so cuuuute!

I am doing it all wrong I guess. I spend way more than that for just the 4 of us in a week. Dang.

I do use coupons, only if they'll save me any $, obviously.
Great post.

Klin said...

OK- Livie is so cute.

Uhm, I suck at shopping. And we do eat Ramen noodles a couple times a week. I buy everything in bulk and usually for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, except for milk. 4 gallons a week. I hate shopping. I'd do it online if I could afford it.

Yvonne said...

Use cheaper cuts of meat. (In fact, use less meat. We don't need to eat as much meat as we think ; ) Obviously watch for the sales.

I'm horrible at saving money--I have to constantly remind myself needs vs. wants!!!

Great job on carrying cash--I think we all spend more money using debit cards.