Friday, September 19, 2008

Congrats and updates or whatevah...

* Congratulations to Lauren and Ted on their marriage yesterday!!! I gave Lauren a call, but only was able to leave her a voicemail. It looks like, according to her post yesterday, she looked beautiful, but felt a little pukey. ;) Congrats Lauren and Ted (on your new marriage, not the puking.)

* Sei♥ finished his field training and will be on his 1st shift tonite all by himself. He's a little nervous. I'm a little more nervous-er. ;) He did rad on his 17 weeks of field training earning top scores and top reviews. I started laughing when I saw one of the FTO's use the words "most mature trainee" he'd had when referring to Seiuli♥. I told Seiuli♥ that the FTO must be really immature. ;) Anyway... AWESOME JOB BABE!! I have never doubted you.
I asked Sei♥ if now that he's on his own I can come and make out with him in his cop car. Apparently that's against the rules... Hmmph.

* I had a dream I was talking to my sister on a the phone and she informed me she was voting for Obama. I hung up on her! I have no clue where this dream came from?! Sei was watching some videos on youtube last nite about Obama and McCain so maybe those triggered the dream...IDK. I try not to get political on my blog because I just end up sounding like a dork!

* I have lost 9 pounds as of today. My official weigh-in day is on Monday, so I can not officially announce that I have lost 9 pounds. (But I have.)

* I've been going to counseling to work thru stuff with my ex. He wanted to go (or his wife did) I think more to have someone tell me I'm whacked and have totally screwed up my kids. But actually just the OPPOSITE has happened. My feelings have been validated and basically I've been doing the best I can and the kids are awesome because of my (and Seiuli's♥) efforts. There are tons of things he and his wife need to change though- according to the counselor. It has helped me immensely to let a lot of things go. I admit I had a very hard time when we first moved here. It was tough and a lot of adjusting. But I've been working my butt off to "adjust." And I'm doing much better.
I don't even think it's HIM that's bitter and pissy. It's his wife. IDK why?! But I've finally found a "happy" spot where I'm like, "I'm doing my best. I have an awesome family. My husband rocks and my kids love me. If they want to be pissy with me I will kill them with kindness." And I did just that when I received a pissy email from them (Read: her) last week. So !!!!! ;)

* Tristan had his 1st football game on Tuesday. I only got to go til half time because Sei was working, so I was on my own for bedtime duty and the game was out of town. Anyway... Tristan played left or right wide receiver, something like linebacker or???, he's on the kick off and kick return team and something with field goals. Yeah- I know what I'm talking about. (not) He basically played every play. Yesterday his coach moved him. Instead of linebacker or whatever, he's been moved to safety. When he told me this I played dumb(er) and said, "Oh good. That sounds like a much safer position...." I'm so funny.

* Take my poll below!! Actually there are 2 or 3 polls from this week you can take. Just scroll down. :)

* Oh- and if you happen to notice weird, random links in my posts- just ignore them. I am doing some freeform blog ads where I just try to use required links in my regular posts. That way it sounds less commercial-y. For example, if I'm talking about taking a vacation and say something about laughlin hotels, well... :)

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Yvonne said...

Hey, I'm first ; )

Love the picture of Lauren and Ted--I'll have to get over to her blog to wish her congrats.

Congrats to Sei.

Congrats to you on the 9 pounds--I think I've gained it!!!

I'm so happy you have found a happy spot--the best place to be. You are an awesome person and you are doing a great job with your husband in raising a wonderful family.

Suzanne said...

It sounds like you've been working your butt off, both with adjusting and exercising! 9 pounds is awesome!

Congrats to Sei! Hopefully the nights aren't too anxious and lonely for you.

I'm so glad the counseling session has ended up being a positive thing for you!

Mindi said...

sorry about the drama with your ex and company--i'm glad you've been going to couseling. my man and i started going to a counselor last year and it has been the best thing we've ever done. i used to get nervous about saying we were GOING TO ONE because then everyone would wonder what the h was wrong with us, but i think the world would be a better place if EVERYONE WENT!!

i'm still working on my "friends" as another option for you ;0

JustRandi said...

What's the point of having a cop husband if you can't make out in the cop car?

Maybe he could be a fireman.

(I'd check the rulebook first, though. That sounds like a lot of training just to have a cool place to make out.)

omar said...

I was going to say that I found your 9 pounds, but Yvonne beat me to it.

So what you're saying is that you hate Obama supporters? Ha! I kid. I know you don't. You only hate people who consistently comment first over at NCS's blog. Like me. Today.

And way to be up on the football lingo, Mom.

S said...

Love this post! It was better than a phone converersation where I would have to talk too:))))))) Loved Laurens wedding post! I am glad she is dedicated to us bloggers and posted! Beautiful. We probable wont be hearing from her for awhile! ;) I am sorry about the cop car, pull that baby into the garage:)))) Congrats on the weight! You should have joined the biggest loser, you would be winning:) (1100+ $$$$$)

No Cool Story said...

YARRRRR! Congrats Sei!

Can't make out in the cop car, but, what about the handcuffs?
(I wrote that on behalf of someone we won't mention ;))
Anyway. I was so excited to read Lauren post! And to see her pretty hair and her gorgeous dress.

Of course you are doing your best and you have an awesome family you dork!

A walk on the plank for the Scurvy dogs.

Klin said...

I always knew you were cool. I'm glad that you have been able to let things go. Cause you are a really good parent and Sei completes you, making it easy for you to have great kids.

You need to hear the story behind being pucky. It's kind of funny and as cute as Lauren.

Yay for Tristan and his football game.

Woot, woot for you for losing 9 lbs!!!!

Nancy Face said...

Thanks for giving Lauren a wedding shout out...and the phone call! She was so excited to get your voice mail! :)

Your Sei is awesome, but you know that better than anyone! Too bad you can't get makey outey with him in his cop car! ;)

9 POUNDS? Wow, that is such an accomplishment! YAY! :D

I'm SOOO happy the counseling has been so positive and helpful! YOU ROCK! :D

Hooray for Tristan! :D

I'm very happy to see the results of your poll! Enough said...I don't get too political either! ;)