Thursday, September 25, 2008

Help Wanted

So I was talking to my dad yesterday about finishing school and finding some kind of career to do after the kids are in school. I don't see me staying home once they are in school because: 1) I know I will get fat and never clean the house. 2) By the time Liv is in school I will have been at home for 15+ years. I'm ready to break free.
But, my requirements for a job would be that:
1) I get paid.
2) I am home when the kids come home.

So, I need something somewhat flexible- not like 10 or 12 hour shifts. So, that cuts out my 1st idea: 9-1-1 operator. Sei already said I would suck at that job anyway, but it was my 1st thought. He's probably right. I would be crying along with the caller who needs help. "Hold on!! They are coming!!! Why are the freakin' cops taking so long this lady needs help!!!! Oh bless your heart..." The caller would end up comforting me.

While discussing ideas with my dad I told him that if I taught school I wouldn't want to teach little kids. I'm little kid-ded out. I told him I'd prefer high school. He thought I may change my mind because the little kids would be other people's kids. I told him I don't like other people's kids- I just like mine. ;) Plus, I taught in the primary (kids program) at church for years and years and I felt that my sense of humor was just lost on them. I need people to laugh at my jokes and in primary only the teachers appreciated my great humor. Or maybe it's not all that great and I just think it is. Hmmm...

Anyway... I came up with another thing I would really like to do at whatever career path I choose. I wanna wear scrubs. They just look really comfortable and I think I would look cute in them. So, now my requirements were:

1) I have to be paid
2) Flexible schedule
3) No teaching little kids
4) I get to wear scrubs

Now, nursing is out because stuff grosses me out. I used to think labor and delivery would be awesome, but really... have you seen some of the people who have babies? I don't wanna be seein' all that. Plus the L & D nurse has to do... stuff... that I don't wanna do. Eew. And I don't know if I could poke anyone with a needle. I could totally poke myself (I pierced my ears myself) but I'm not poking other people. And I'm pretty sure that's a requirement, so... no nursing.

My dad had an idea- dental hygienist. Ok, initally I thought "GROSS!!" There was this umpire when I was little that had like 4 teeth and he dipped. He was gross. I don't wanna be stickin' my hands in his mouth. But then I thought- he probably never went to the dentist, so I wouldn't have to worry about it. People with disgusting teeth obviously aren't having them taken care of at a dentist. Right?

So, last nite as I lie in bed with my daughter since my husband was surfing in Hawaii (still bitter) I looked up info on dental hygienist. This is something I think I could do. I looked at the university in my area and they have a great DH school right on the campus here in town. Perfect!!

1) It pays $ - CHECK
2) Flexible schedule - CHECK
3) No teaching little kids -CHECK
4) Get to wear scrubs - CHECK

But then I start reading the requirements to get accepted into the program and that is when I start doubting myself. I just assume I won't get in the program and then what do I do??? So... I don't know. I kinda started thinking I would fall back on my other plan- work at Target. I'm sure the schedules are flexible and I would get an employee discount. But I wouldn't get to wear scrubs... :P I guess I have a couple of years to figure it all out.

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Suzanne said...

I'm so glad that you've been thinking about what you'd like to do career-wise someday. I can't believe how much better it made me feel to start back in school.

My SIL is a dental hygienist and she loves it. I think you'd really be good at that, Tori.

I know that going back to school can be intimidating. I built myself up so much for it to be extremely hard, that it ended up being not as hard as I thought. (Although I haven't attempted Calculus yet, yikes!)

Tori, I know you can do it! Even if it ends up being hard, the sense of accomplishment you'll have will be awesome. And I'm glad you have the time to figure it out while your kids are still young. YAY!

omar said...

"I don't like other people's kids- I just like mine." - I say this all the time :)

Good for you, Tori. I sincerely hope you do find the scrub-wearing non-volunteer flexible job that you're looking for.

The Child Family said...

There is another option to going back to the could just have another baby and still think about that flexible, payin, scrub wearin, no kid lovin job for another 5 years. :)

Millie said...

Amen on not liking other people's kids. I've only been able to like them while serving in Primary - and that was because of divine intervention.

I mean, they're OK when they're small. But the minute they learn to talk (and be sassy), I'm outta there.

This sounds like a really good idea. I've thought about it too.

JustRandi said...

I thought I was the only coldhearted freak mother in the world who didn't like other people's kids.

I feel so close to you right now.

S said...

DH make TONS of money and the right dentist office, will spoil you ROTTEN. They have dental "conventions" all over the world that the "staff only" get to go on paid for of course. Hawaii, Cancun, Las Vegas, Reno, New York, ETC ETC. It does take a while to become one, but hey it would be a fab job. I think I should do it! LOl Another thing, if you work in any office at a dental office, animal doctor office, or urgent care you get to wear scrubs:) Hey you can wear scrubs now if you want!

S said...

Why don't you start taking classes now. One at a time, one night a week. It may be something to get you out of the house just enough to feel human again:) I heart school!

CoconutKate said...

HAHa! Working at Target is my fall back plan too. If only they'd hurry up and open one here!

Physcokity said...

Kinda funny I've been thinking of going back to school to do just that! BUT I'd probably have to retake all my generals...yippee.

Although I think I could wing it in a couple years ;) Let's go to school together!

~DeMelo Family~ said...

You know i used to work at a dr's office in Lewisville and they let all of us ladies wear scrubs :) AND then another time i did billing for an eye dr and he let us wear scrubs to work too. :) no blood, no kids, good money, part-time..hummmm an idea

That girl said...

You could always be a dental hygenist and then come home and just wear scrubs for fun.

Wouldn't that be hot?

aubrey said...

i think going back to school is a good idea..and i think you'd be an awesome hygienist tori!

Yvonne said...

I read this the other day but couldn't comment and have not had internet for awhile.

I think going back to school would be wonderful. My DIL Daph is doing the same thing. She started the same program in September.

You're great.