Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kid stuff

Highlites from Tajy's 5th bday party:

I saw Liv wearing these shoes- a soccer cleat and a tap shoe- and thought "That is sooooo Livie!"- likes to wear a dress while she digs in the mud or kicks your butt... Yep, that's Liv.:

I'm sure other kids would KILL for a mom that did stuff like this on their text book:

Right? (Omar, if you'd watch Napoleon you'd get this pic!!)

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Suzanne said...

Those inflatable water slides look like so much fun! I'm sure he'll always remember his birthday!

Livie is the perfect combination of girlie and sporty. If I ever have a girl, I hope she's like that too.

Technology, always and forever! LOL! :D

Suzanne said...

Oh and first! :D

glittersmama said...

That slide looks awesome. Why wasn't I invited?

Lauren said...

Love the slide!
Love the tap shoe!
Love the textbook...seriously so classic.

Nobody said...

oh my gosh, the picture of Livie's feet is priceless. I think her and Aves would get along swimmingly. I loved "or kicks your butt". Cracked me up.

You are seriously the awesomest mom Tori. I LOVE that book.

Why is it still funny? Over and over and over, it's funny!

Yvonne said...

You truly are one AWESOME mom!!!

PJ said...

I wanna play!! What a fun party:)

You are a rockin' mama.

utmommy said...

Dang it, I totally would've come and played at that party.

And, yes you are a totally RAD mom!

aubrey said...

wha? i totally want a bouncy slide thing for my birthday party. sweet.

Amanda said...

I'm in agreement with everyone else! What a fun party!

Livie is such a cutie in her shoes!

And I didn't get the technology book until I read the line about Omar not getting it. I'm slow like that. I just thought you were a really nice mom that left corny notes on her kids' textbooks because you love them. ;)

This year I wrote I love you on the side of the pencil boxes my kids took to school. They said they didn't mind. :) I wonder how long that will last....

Klin said...

We have one of those slides. It's a hit. It was a great investment.

I love the faces that everyone is pulling in your pics. You have an awesome family.

Could Livie be any cooler? I mean I know she is your girl, but that is so cute; her shoe combination. Shelby played basketball in platform sandals. Never twisted her ankle and jumped and ran.

Kids are great.

Stacey said...

Those slides look so fun! I would probably break them with my big bum.

Love the shoes! Flippin' sweet is what they are.

Technology rules!

wendy said...

always and forever...

Those blow-up waterslides have taken over our neighborhood.

Happy Birthday, dude!

No Cool Story said...

I love those shoes!
What a fun birthday.

Please tell me you got to slide down that thing?