Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random pictures at midnite

I had a few random pics on my computer that I thought I'd throw out here because... well, because I blog and that's what bloggers do. Right?
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This is Taj with our pet corn snake, Wormy. Wormy is now almost 2 years old. She about 2.5 feet long but not real thick. Livie can hold her now, but I still worry Liv will pull Wormy in 1/2. :(

This is from the 1st day of school. Tristan & Alec are my middle schoolers in 8th and 6th. Isabel is in 4th. Taj missed the kindergarten cut off date by 5 days. (Yes- Alec wore shoes to school. I think.)

My mom and dad at my mom's bday dinner/party back on August 23.


And just to top off the randomness, here is the song I've had stuck in my head all day. Gotta love Ashley Parker Angel... We go waaaaay back. (He's the blonde who sings the 2nd verse at 1:40 in case you're wondering.) He's been performing as Lark Linkin in "Hairspray" on Broadway. So nice to hear of someone being successful after their band breaks up and not being in drug rehab or alcohol rehab or something!!

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Corrine said...

ok love the random photos!

Corrine said...

and you are probably thinking...who is that randome commenter...sorry found you on Yvonne's blog before thought i'd come by and say hi.

Millie said...

Taj sure looks happy with that pet snake - and can I just say that I think it's awesome that you have one and named it "Wormy"? Cute!

Your parents are adorable - I see where you get it!

Suzanne said...

Wormy has been growing up as fast as your kids! She was so much smaller when I saw her last! (When she was a gamblin'fool!) :D

That's a cute pic of your parents. It looks like you have your Mom's eyes and your Dad's smile!

Is O-Town still even still together? LOL!

omar said...

The cut off down there is September 1? In NY (though I admittedly don't know if it's a state-wide thing), it's December 1. My boy's a November baby, so we're nervous about having him likely be the youngest in his class. Though I worry about him being the oldest, too. If only he had come out on time, this wouldn't have been an issue. Dang kids!

Even though Wormy is pretty small, I'm not sure I'm OK with her. Me and snakes generally aren't friends.

Annie said...

Mom is hawt in Gap!

Yvonne said...

Your kids are growing up so fast.

Your folks are so cute. I hope they are loving teaching Seminary. I'm sure the kids are enjoying them as teachers.

I'll keep reading--not sure if you did an anniversary post, but i hope it was good.

No Cool Story said...

We have not seen Wormy for a long time.
Tristan just keeps on getting taller and taller. While some of us remain ever the same ;)

JustRandi said...

If there were or ever had been a snake in my house, I would have to MOVE.