Friday, September 26, 2008

Random stuff

** Today my husband comes home from Hawaii complete with seashells, tshirts and a ukulele. (I'm not sure what we need a ukulele for, but whatevah.) I apologized for being a bad wife. I really do feel guilty for being so bio-tchy, but... I was more frustrated with myself for not being able to STOP being bio-tchy, which made it worse. Whatever.
And Omar- I would LOVE to hear it from a male's perspective. Because from a chick's perspective if a rich friend asked me to go to Hawaii on a whim I would have: 1) Stressed about it and felt horribly guilty 2) Found sitters for the kids 3) Prepared meals for while I was gone 4) Paid all the bills that were due that week 5) Found back up sitters 6) Called every couple of hours and finally, 7) Brought back rad gifts.
This is what Sei had to do 1) Say "Sure rich friend, I would love to go to Hawaii with you." 2) Pack 1 bag that he left in the driveway. 3) 3?? Yeah, right. Like there's a 3.
Seems a little unfair.

** I am finally getting a new cell phone. I've had a cheapy phone from Walmart for about a year since my other cheapy phone got water damage somehow. I am getting a cool one that plays music and has a camera!! Years ago Sei was going to give me a phone for Christmas with a camera and mp3 player. The camera even has it's own little light incase there isn't enough indoor or outdoor lighting. I told him not to- I didn't get why I would need a camera, etc... Then I started blogging and I understand the NEED for a camera!! So, today it should arrive in the mail and I can be a cool bloggah!

** Speaking of cell phones, Tristan asked for a camera phone for Christmas. I told him if he has straight As thru Christmas that yes- I would get him one. BUT since he will prove to me he CAN make straight As I'll be expecting awesome grades all year. He has been a new kid. He does his homework without me BEGGING and BEATING him. He's doing awesome- straight As so far. It's only been like 5 weeks, but still... He wasn't a "bad" student before at all (As and Bs) but he was LAZY and did as little as possible. Sounds sooooo much like me.

** I've been reading a lot of "Cop Wives" support sites online. Ok, apparently the divorce rates among law enforcement officers is really, really HIGH. It's like the LEO are man-hos!! They cheat right and left. I guess I already knew that since there was a big thing in Utah Co. where Sei was a deputy where one of the property clerks was giving out, um... "favors", to SEVERAL of the deputies- many of them married. When Sei told me he was so grossed out. I have a pic of her, but that would probably be bad for me to post. Let's just say... she's already posted on this blog somewhere years ago... There was also another married deputy getting really, really close to another female deputy and he would be in the gunlocker closet with her and stuff. Sei called him out and told him it was inappropriate and making everyone uncomfortable, etc... I was proud of him for doing that. He told the guy that he knows it would break MY heart if he was behaving like that deputy was. True dat. I'd be waiting for him in the gunlocker closet myself- with a baseball bat. :P

** Livie is 2 years 8 months old and sooooooo not wanting to potty train. She knows when she's pooping but she hides. I tried to sit her on the toilet once when I knew she was about to poop and she screamed bloody murder, stiffened her legs all weird and WOULD NOT sit. Then when I put her diaper back on her she pooped. I've never had one rebel against me. In fact, Taj basically trained himself. Any ideas?

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Stacey said...

I don't think you are a bad wife,I would have had a hard time with that too.

Yay for an awesome new cell phone!

Go Sei for calling out that jerk!

I'm right there with you on the potty training. My little guy is almost 29 months and he has no interest in going on the potty. It would be so nice to only have one kid in diapers. *sigh*

omar said...

Given that you've had like 18 more kids than me, I feel a little unqualified to give you advice. But here's what we did.

My kid wouldn't use the potty either, and would also go to a corner and poop in his diaper when he had to go. We noticed that he typically went to the same corner. So we put a toddler potty in that corner. Like a week later, he went over there and pooped in the potty all on his own.

The downside of this is that the poop corner was in our kitchen. So once he actually started using that potty, we had to move it, and there was a little adjustment required after that.

For peeing, we just let him roam naked so that he would be aware of it when he peed.

Re: hearing it from a male's perspective, no! I'm too chicken to go there. I'm greatly outnumbered around these parts.

And congrats on the camera phone! Welcome to 2002! :)

(note that I didn't have a cell phone - with or without camera - until 2007)

S said...

I am supposed to be cleaning my house. Will you QUIT distracting me!
When you get liv potty trained will you come do RED? She has beyond no desire, but she is still young.

Omar is a chicken.

And I am glad your ole man is back safe n sound, that was a fast week. (for me)

NOBODY said...

Ohhhh, Omar IS a chicken.
A smart one though.

So, Avee was 3 years and nearly 2 months before she trained. Supposedly girls are easier. Bo was younger than that.

The trick is, and I swear by it, leave her alone. She will do it when she's ready. For Avery, the carrot on a string was a bike. But we came upon that accidentally.

omar said...

S is hatin'. I bet her license plate says H8ER. Tori, have you and S been studying your hating technique together? Sitting in your little hater library together quizzing each other with hater flash cards?

Physcokity said...

install a seat belt/restraining harness on the toilet...?

annie said...

I would have trouble not being cranky if left behind too Tori... but I remember every year around thanksgiving my dad would take off on a hunting trip for a week. She would pack all the food and stuff and then act all pissed off when he came home. It totally ruined the week and I just thought it was pointless because he had gone and it didn't help anything to be that way... but I'm sure she had her reasons that I couldn't understand at that age. If Matt went to Hawaii, I would have trouble being nice.

Physcokity said...

actually that's cruel and she afraid of the potty?

S said...

What! I was mirroring back to you what you said Omar. Now are you feeling no love cuz of being #95 or a chicken?? Oh Omar I will build you a cake do not be sad!

S said...

Tori see you at eight!

Klin said...

I feel like I'm about to begin an essay;) You've been warned :P

Uhm about numero uno. I'm with ya sista. Although I wish Mr had a rich friend that would take him somewhere. I go a lot compared to him. He doesn't complain or anything, but I just wish he had a rich friend.

Yay for a new phone. It usually takes me forever to figure out all that it will do and letting my boys tinker with it; so they can teach me. I just use it to call or text, or send Mr pictures he needs to see.;)

Mini-Me wants a cell phone. She'll even go prepaid and pay for it herself. She has all A's and freaks when she has a B. I'm gonna go with doing more chores here. It's her weak spot.

OH, yeah. Uh huh. Sei rocks. LOVETY love that he called the guy out on it. That is the best! EVAH!

Potty training. I put my girls in dresses and refused to put anything on them except for sleeping. They didn't like the poop or pee running down their legs. Only one little accident- In my walking shoes:( All in all though it was sooooo much easier than the boys.

Omar is funny AND smart.

Sei said...

It was really hard for me to leave my wife and kids behind while I went to Hawaii to surf. I felt guilty for leaving. Really, I did. I feel a lot of pain... especially in my shoulders and back from paddling so much.

My wife is awesome and I love her for "letting" me go. I know it was way lame and selfish. My only defense to prosecution is that i'm a GUY!

BadAti2d said...

I'll go there...

From a guy's perspective: 1) There'd be a little guilt (more if there hadn't just been a solo trip to some chickfest to compensate for it). If 2), 3), 4) and 5) weren't primary responsibilities before, why would they be now? 6) It's a trip to Hawaii - phone calls home will be less frequent than on work days, but don't forget to check your text messages. 7) The ukulele takes up a free hand - anything else has to fit in the carry-on.

Sketchy said...

So essentially Sei is not a slumbag cheater husband, but he will accept a free trip to Hawaii and leave without taking care of a lot of stuff.


I'd still have to say this weighs heavily on the Sei being a good husband.

As long as you at least get a pedicure/free afternoon out of the deal.

And an awesome date night. Tell him to plan an awesome date night.

Sketchy said...

re the potty training: Have you thought about getting the older kids involved? Maybe if they were the ones encouraging her she'd be more enthusiastic. It worked for my little brother. We all got popsicles if he pee'd in the toilet. Of course this led to abuses since I, the sneaky older sister, knew where the yellow food coloring was and what it could do to the insides of a toilet.

But I guess it still worked as he knew we were all excited when he did his business in the potty.

Oh and kids are weird. but you knew that.

Tori :) said...

Re: From a guy's perspective: 1) There'd be a little guilt (more if there hadn't just been a solo trip to some chickfest to compensate for it).
- I addressed this in the BAD WIFE AWARD post. HUGE difference.
If 2), 3), 4) and 5) weren't primary responsibilities before, why would they be now?
- Right. What are guy's responsibilities once they leave work? Not fair. Y'all have it easy.
6) It's a trip to Hawaii - phone calls home will be less frequent than on work days, but don't forget to check your text messages.
- I think I got 2 texts.
7) The ukulele takes up a free hand - anything else has to fit in the carry-on.
- Still only got a crappy tshirt.

That girl said...

Livie is only 2 and 8 months...and while some other kids may be ready, lots are not. Both of mine waited til they were 3 to go potty. They acted the same as she did, they'd hide.

Eventually I stopped pushing, and around three, they basically trained themselves.

No coaxing necessary. I only wish I hadn't worried about it so much before, she'll get there don't worry. :-)

Tori :) said...

No worries everyone. I'm not actually trying to train Livie yet. She's just shown some signs and then had her meltdown the one time, so I wasn't sure what the deal was. I know she's not ready-ready yet. I have a feeling she would fight me forever if I tried to make her do something when she's not good and ready!

aubrey said...

i tried training ava when she was 2 and had to clean up a LOT of pee and poo. so i just gave up. she trained herself at 2 1/2 when i bought her princess panties and she KNEW those were way cooler than stupid diapers.

Nancy Face said...

Lauren practically trained herself, because she was so proud of her new Disney Princess panties!

Before you start hatin'...let me just say that my boys were WAY harder...and Zach very nearly put me in the insane asylum.

Yvonne said...

Glad your hubby got home safe and sound ; )

As far as the potty training--I believe they will train when they're ready.

aurora said...

I don't think that I could have handled my DH going to Hawaii without me! - to vacation!?! ugh. I am a real baby about stuff like that.

I love your rants! :)