Saturday, September 13, 2008

Save yourself

I am a woman and like most women, I dread that "time of the month." You know what I am talking about... It's funny because when you are younger you just want to "grow up" so you can complain about cramps, etc... to your adolescent friends. Why did we think that it would be cool? To me there is nothing good that can come from it other than meaning I am not pregnant. (Hey- I have 7 kids!!) But I recently read a press release all about cell harvesting. I had heard of using the harvested blood from an umbilical cord to help save a sibling who needed a bone marrow transplant, but had never heard of the same thing being done with menstrual blood. Apparently the stem cells inside menstrual blood can also be harvested to help yourself with osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, strokes and so much more. I just think that is amazing!! At you can read their C'elle Client Testimonial page. It's awesome to see where technology has taken us these days. Can you imagine being saved one day by the monthly monster or possibly even saving a close relative? It is possible! It would make all those years of cramps seem worth it, huh? Visit the C'elle website to learn more. I did. And right now during a special limited-time "Caring is Sharing" promotion, a woman can purchase C'elle for herself and gift the service to a friend or loved one for free. "Invest in yourself today for tomorrow's healthcare... the life you save may be your own."

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S said...

Yeah no "time of the month" for me:)for a while. Or running 10K's! Or winning Biggest Loser? Or any of that diet crap! LOL

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