Friday, September 12, 2008

Some random thoughts from Tori :)

~ My confession booth is still kickin' butt and takin' names. Well, not REALLY "takin' names" since it's anonymous and all, but it has over 200 comments. I love receiving a random confession in my email. Almost every single time I'm like, "I sooooo could have written that!!!" So, go ahead, and get it off your chest. :)

~ I have found that watching shows with real 911 calls totally stress me out. I couldn't be a 911 operator. I would be like crying over the radio to the cops "PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE hurry!!!! She's being attacked!!!!!!" Even Sei told me I'd suck at it- in much nicer terms than that. I watched one "Call 911" the other nite and was dozing off with the TV on when all the sudden I hear "WHO ARE YOU?!?!? WHO ARE YOU!?!? THERE'S SOMEBODY IN MY HOUSE!! WHO ARE YOU?!??!" in the most terrrified voice. Yeah. That woke me up- til 2 am. Maybe I should just watch shows about stocks or futures trading or some other subject I don't understand. That'll put me to sleep!

~ Livie is sitting here next to me pointing to letters on the keyboard and asking me in a "Mommy Voice" - "What letter is that? Yes! Right!! Good job!!" Smarty pants.

~ Sei finishes his field training on Tuesday. Since graduating from the academy he's had a Field Training Officer (FTO) with him going thru different "phases" of training. He has been told repeatedly by different FTOs that he is the best trainee they've ever had. (Of course.) He's on "Ghost Phase" right now which means the FTO just rides along and doesn't say anything. Sei runs the show. Next weekend he starts weekend nites, on his own, - for a few weeks. Then it may change. I'm cool with whatever shift except for weekend days. He'd have to miss church for like 6 months straight. That's not good. Anyway... I'm proud of him.

~ Y'all know I do posts from Payperpost, right? Well, they are cutting like a bazillion blogs. There's really no rhyme or reason behind the cuts, but so far my 76-to-now blog was cut and my Attitude of Gratitude. This blog is hanging on for dear life, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was axed as well. G00gle sucks for spanking people and taking their pagerank. I'm trying to figure out how to earn some extra cash from home- especially on the computer. Any ideas?? So far Payu2blog has been cool and isn't cutting people. They are easier to write for anyway- they let me just stick their link in a regular post. Some links are easier than others of course...

~ Don't forget tomorrow is Seiuli Saturday. He's been working on a song- a request from someone... and it was a challenge because unlike his 80s hairband fan wife, he wasn't familiar with the song. Hello! It was everyone's favorite song in 7th grade- 7th grade for ME anyway!!! (That's a hint!) He is also playing a medley at church on Sunday.

~ I've been doing low carb for almost 3 weeks now. I feel so much better. I was seriously eating candy ALL.THE.TIME. I ♥ candy. I had to do something drastic, so I basically eat less than 20 carbs a day while I kick my addiction. On Monday I had lost 6 pounds. I will cheat this weekend because Sei and I will be going out for our 7th anniversary and it's no fun if you can't have dessert. You can watch the anniversary video I made last year if you want to. It's pretty much the best video ever made. ;)

Speaking of anniversary- I have a few shout outs for this weekend:

HAPPY 17th ANNIVERSARY Sept. 14 to Carrot Jello and her hubby.

HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY to Omar and his wife on Sept. 15 (I think.)

HAPPY ?? BIRTHDAY on Sept. 14 to Help I Need a User Name!

And this concludes my random thoughts...

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Chel said...

Tori - during the summer I ate candy every day. every day. and it wasn't a piece of licorice here and a couple of gummy bears there... I mean I inhaled the stuff. Over the last 2 weeks, I have cut candy out completely and I'd have to agree, I feel better... but even the feeling better hasn't stopped me from craving it. Eventually I will allow candy back in small increments - but not every day.

Millie said...

Congrats to Sei! Academy is great to be done with! :)

Your candy thing cracked me up. I'm the same way, with cookies. Cookies are the devil, the sweet, sweet devil...

Lauren said...

Holy Mother of Tillamook...everyone has their anniversary this weekend...and then I get married in like...6 days. What the crap!

Happy Anniversary! Eat lots of dessert! Ted and I like to eat at the restaurant, and then get the dessert to go so we can snuggle when eating it. I can only imagine what you can do married. haha!...(mutters) sorry.

Boo for low carbs...Yay for Tori!

glittersmama said...

Oh man. I heart candy too.

Happy anniversary!

And maybe you should not watch those kinds of tv shows when Sei is working night. I've had to cut a few out when Dr. Mario is working nights.

Tori :) said...

Chel- ME TOO!!! I was seriously buying the pound bag of Hot Tamales and eating the whole thing a few times a week. And then there were the Red Vines... I still crave candy, but can't let myself buy it. It will have to eventually be a weekend thing or something.

Millie- Cookie DOUGH is EVIL.

Lauren- Yep. I'll never forget your anniversary because it's so close to mine. YAY!! That's abou tit. ;)

Glittersmama- Yeah, I'm starting to figure that out... I just ♥ those kinds of shows and can't watch them when the kids are awake. I'm a dork.

Yvonne said...

Wait a minute, you mean candy is a carb???? Oh, that explains my problem!!!

You're not going to cut your 76 to Now blog--I really enjoy it. You are so fun ; )

Love that little Livie. She already is so ready for school

omar said...

You remembered my wedding anniversary!! I'm impressed! And thankful for the reminder.


Thanks, Tori.

Suzanne said...

I go through candy phases where I just can't stop eating it! Good for you, for sticking to the low carbs. Your weight loss is great!

I hope you enjoy Sei's new schedule. And I hope he has a very Birthday. I'm sure sure what the song he's practicing. Maybe it's Every Rose has It's Thorn??? That song was SO popular! :D

Have a great anniversary this weekend! :)

Suzanne said...

Hmm...or maybe Sweet Child O Mine???

annie said...

Cool confession booth... I have a few, I may spring on you later :)

I hadn't heard about the cuts. Yikes. I haven't had much opportunities lately though. The same few for pu2b but not many at ppp. I think you have to really stay on that site 24/7 to get opps. Frustrating... oh and Google did something to my site that has cut my traffic... not sure why? They really have it out for me it seems.

Karina said...

Have you heard of mistery shops? It's not on the computer but you eventually can become a scheduler and do it all from home.

Karina said...

Ooh , I have a request! Somebody by Depeche Mode

No Cool Story said...

Your booth is the best confessional ever. Not that I have anyhting to confess of course, just sayin'.
YAY for Sei! I have always wanted to go on a ride-along. Firstborn gets to go on one pretty soon (I hope.)
I can't even guess what the song Sei is playing for Sei Sturday.
I bet it's going to rock. Will tehre be background dancers like last week? I sure hope so, if no, that's ok too :)

See? I am so easy.

Klin said...

Yay for Sei and you.

I only like to hear the 9-1-1 calls that make the Tonight Show.

Cute Livie. Even better, I am glad that you are getting it right;)

Looking forward to hearing Sei's new number. He rocks. (you already knew that though)

Check you out. You are the best, remembering all those dates and stuff. You are a good friend.

Momma Magpie said...

I didn't know that about PPP. I'm so sorry. Try Smorty, Loud Launch, bidvertiser, creamaid. Maybe you have already tried them. Good luck.

And Happy Anniversary!

Carrot Jello said...

Happy anniversary to you too!

Physcokity said...

Oh Sad! They cut your funding! Does that mean your sites will have to close? I'd miss 76-to-now terribly! We'll hold a star that's not right...maybe just a studded jean jacket blog-a-thon? I dunno, one of those things and we'll get Rock of Love Tori:) to host with her rockin' bandana..Bret Michaels to co-host

Help I need a user name! said...

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the b-day shout! I love it!!