Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last year when I realized the Jonas Brothers were coming to town I knew my daughter would want to go. It was the perfect birthday present! But finding tickets at such late notice was another thing. I needed them at an affordable price. At mongotickets.com I found just that! They have tickets to just about anything. Are you wanting to see the Red Sox play? Mongotickets.com has Boston Red Sox Tickets. My friend , Nobody, saw Wicked live. Mongotickets.com has Wicked Tickets. And I live in Texas. So, of course the need for Dallas Cowboys Tickets will arise!! I checked out their site and they have tickets to all the top shows at all the top venues whether it's a concert, a sporting event, something in the theater... they've got it! The site it easy to navigate. You can click on links to the type of ticket you need or enter words into the search engine. They also have a guarantee you can't beat- 100% satisfaction guarantee!! And to make it easy- they accept all major credit cards. So, if you are thinking you are just going to miss out on that next big event- forget about it! Check out mongotickets.com.

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Nobody said...

OOH OOH OOOOOOH! I see my name!

And I loved Wicked.