Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tori :) on her soap box

I've had a few things on my mind that if I think about them too much I get really frustrated or freaked out or just plain pissed off... So, I'm posting them to get it off my chest. (*crawls on to soap box*)


1. The O.J. Trial - I watched a documentary on it the other day and I was trying to be totally impartial and really listen to all the facts. I watched most of the trial and was totally lost when the verdict came in, but was convinced I missed something. But after watching the documentary, I don't think I did. How does HIS blood end up at the crime scene? HER blood end up in his car? His blood spattered socks (with her blood on them) in his bedroom? And the other bloody glove- gimme a break. And why would someone decide to set O.J. Simpson up for murder? Makes no sense.

2. The kidnapping of Shasta Groene and her brother, Dylan. The guy who killed her mom, stepdad and older brother to kidnap them, molest them and then kill Dylan as well, was suppose TO BE IN JAIL! He was out on $15,000 bail after groping a 6 year old boy. He obviously skipped bail. Why people post bail for people that do things to children is beyond me. It wasn't like it was his first offense either. When Sei worked at the jail people would bail out sex offenders all the time- even the mom's of the kids making the claim. WHAT is that???

3. People giving so much respect to firefighters and none to the police. I told a woman the other day that my husband was a policeman and her face just changed. Then she said something like, "Ugh. I hate the police. They always pull me over!" Well, if you're speeding, driving erratically, or breaking the law in some other way then, yes, they will pull you over. But that's not THEIR fault. It's yours. I used to get pulled over every few months and I was NEVER rude to the officer. I wasn't thrilled with the ticket, but I was speeding, so...
And I ♥ firefighters, I do. But honestly, unless you're are in a huge, busy city, they don't get called out that much. They stay at the station, cleaning their trucks, working out, etc... I respect them and think they are awesome, but when it comes down to day to day working for the people- COPS do it. 9-11 doesn't happen everyday, but I think people forget cops died there too. Not just firefighters.
My husband gets called out to robberies in progress and "Help! There's someone in my home!" and whatever else and he's expected to protect you (for not a lot of $$ I might add) but then you're gonna throw crap at him when he pulls you over like "I pay your salary!" Gimme a break.
Be nice to cops. Show some respect. Don't tell your kids "You better be good or I'm gonna have that policeman take you to jail." That's just silly. You don't want your kids to fear cops. They are the good guys.
Oh, and for the record, yes, you may be pulled over for something you see as silly like a lite out on your license plate. Quite often these are the stops that end up busting people for drugs in the car, etc... Most likely, if you aren't a drug dealer or high or whatever, you'll get off with a warning. Unless you're totally pissy and rude...

And that's all I have to say about that. (*Steps down off soap box*)
The soapbox is now open to any and all. Thank you.

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Suzanne said...

Yes, Tori! Tell us how it is! BTW, I don't have a dislike for policeman. Maybe that's because I've never gotten a ticket! ;D ***knock on wood***

I'm REALLY bugged right now at room moms. You know...those moms who have nothing better to do than think they're the queen of the world as far as the classroom is concerned. I love volunteering at my kids' school, but I don't act like I'm in charge of everything just because I'm there helping out. It bugs me when other room moms boss me around, but I've even seen some of them get in the way of the teachers. Seriously, these ladies need to get another hobby outside of the home.

Bleh! I'm done. :D

Millie said...

Ah, room moms... people I shun severely (except for sometimes being one myself).

OK, did you hear about what's going on with Midnight Sun? That she's postponed publishing it INDEFINITELY??????

I can only snort and snarl in anger and confusion. Who cares if some idiot posted it "without her permission" - give me a break, I read the whole first chapter from a link ON HER WEBSITE!!!!

I say we do a "Misery" on Stephenie Meyer. (OK, totally kidding, but I can see now why Kathy Bates was so messed up.)

Lauren said...

I am soooooo with Millie on this one. Yes, I am sorry someone leaked your partial draft of Midnight Sun, but come not finish a book because someone leaked it? Isn't that being lame-o? Didn't she know that showing people her draft, there would be a risk of it being leaked? Ugh...I am pissed again.

I am soooo with you on the OJ Simpson trial! What the eff? He totally did it. The whole trial was shady.

The police are awesome!

No Cool Story said...

1) C'mon Tori, everyone knows Fuhrman planted the blood, he had it all planned all along! DUH!

2)The jurors that serve on that case are getting counseling from listening to testimony and watching the awful videos that monster made. Makes me sick.
Those animals have rights? Give me a freaking break.

3) I loathe people who don't give respect to the police. Can't stand it. Jerks. I am teaching my kids to be respectful to cops.
You know how I am Mexi and all, I appreciate and love the respect for the law we have in the US. You can't trust the police in Mehikoh, they can rob you, rape and you and kill you, you know?

Clap clap clap!!
This is why I love my twin!

Yvonne said...

First of all, I still remember when OJ won the Heisman Trophy. So, when the whole thing first started I couldn't believe he was guilty--but it didn't take me long after watching the trial to change my mind. Guilty, guilty, guilty. He just happened to have slick lawyers (sorry I can't say good lawyers)

Now, the second case is horrible.

I have been pulled over and gotten plenty of speeding tickets--I deserved each and every one of them. That hasn't changed my opinion of policeman--I am very grateful for them. They put their lives on the line each and every day.

I wish I wanted to get on a soapbox today, but it's a good day. Do this again, PLEASE!!!

No Cool Story said...

Cindy Anthony, mom to Casey Anthony, I don't know what your deal is lady, but there's something seriously wrong with you and your family. Stop. If you think changing your story 100 times and making up excuses/protecting for your creepy, lying, thieving daughter is helping, guess what, we are not buying it. And an innocent child is still missing.
The End.

S said...

Casey's mom needs to hook up with OJ!
Did you know that Florida is FULL of OJ's? Well that is what I heard. FL have laws that work to criminals like OJ's benefit.

I respect cops. I have been treated badly by cops due to my psyco ex, but I still understand they are in the middle. As for the tickets. I take them like a man:))))

S said...

JustRandi said...

Wow, that OJ thing must have been building up for awhile. Glad you got it off your chest.
And I completely agree with you on all counts.

No Cool Story said...

No Cool Story said...

I want to be like all the cool girls.

aubrey said...

i think the fact that people don't respect police officers is lame, too. whenever we see a policeman driving by or walking by, we always wave at them with our kids and end up having a discussion about how grateful we are for policeman for keeping our cities safe and that they are our friends. but, that firefighter uniform IS hot.

CoconutKate said...

I feel you.

Klin said...

OJ- Doing my "loser" sign. He was totally guilty. Never had a doubt.

There are varying degrees of sex offenders. Those like this creep should get the death penalty. Let the Lord deal with them. We don't have the means to help them. Please don't shoot me folks- I work with the victims.

Cops- Many friends and my bro. Be freakin' nice to 'em! OH, and stop using thinking errors! If you are going to commit the crime (speeding) pay the fine! Sheesh. You would be mad at them for letting some one else off for a crime. Note* Thinking errors are what we use to not take accountability for our actions.

Klin said...

My soap box-

Right now it is parents who make their children be adults. If you have the kids it's YOUR job to take care of them, not the other way around. If you don't want to be the parent there are people out there who do. If you don't know how sign up for parenting classes. Don't give your kids pathology just because you're too lazy to break a pattern. You don't know how? Find a good therapist. Mostly being a good parent is realizing that it isn't all about you and how you feel or all about spoiling your kids. If you give them everything they have nothing to dream for. Find the balance. Making mistakes is ok. Learn from them and don't repeat them. ANd for crying out loud don't abuse your kid and then get mad when someone steps in. This is a little person! Not your punching bag.

*gets off soap box now*

S said...

WOW Klin! I feel ya my EX and my son are "BFF's" It is so wrong on every level. It is heartbreakin.

Side note: I ♥ Ron Goldmans family. They chased OJ out of KC once because he was coming here to earn some money and they were right behind him to collect:)))) It was awesome!

Chel said...

I heart police officers :)

Stacey said...

I totally agree with you.

Personally I think repeat sex offenders should be castrated.