Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why my husband should not travel without me

So... Sei's flight to Los Angeles on Monday was at 2:50pm. (He flew out of LA this morning to go to Hawaii.) We left the house with plenty of time to get there. Around 1:30pm we drove thru the toll thingy at the airport and Sei♥ goes, "Crap. Did I put my suitcase in the trunk?" I told him I didn't remember him opening the trunk. Yeah, no... he didn't have his bag.
So... we turned around, drove home supah fast, found his luggage sitting in the driveway, threw it in the trunk and drove back to the airport supah fast. We were "going speed" as my boys used to say when we drove fast. ("Go speed Dad!!") We got to the airport at 2:33pm. Luckily Sei♥ had checked in online and his only bag was a carry on, so he was able to go straight to security. Security decided to open his bag and take everything out looking for... I don't know. He made it to his plane with like 6 minutes to spare.


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Stacey said...



I can't believe I'm first!

I'm glad he made it on time. I'm so jealous,I wanna go to Hawaii again. *pout*

Anonymous said...

My slim little fourteen year old slide literally between closing doors to get on his last flight. And guess what he HAD not one but two signficant pocket knifes on his person!!! He had just got back from Boys Scout camp!

Yvonne said...

Glad he made it--that is such an awful feeling ; )

Klin said...

One more reason your husband should not travel without you. You want to be with him.

I have a funny mo story about baggage searches at airports. Remind me to tell you sometime.

That girl said...

I didn't realize men could even pack their own suitcases. that's never happened at our house before.

Nancy Face said...

Yes, BUMMER! ;)