Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Winner and randomness!

I suppose it's time to announce the winner for the New Profile Pic Contest I was having. Glittersmama was the 1st to say "I love the pic of you with your bandanna on at the office!" The picture she was referring to was taken in Oregon, at my twin's office at the ginormous slumber party we had!! I call it: Rock of Love Tori :)

Rock of Love Tori :) won by a landslide with 16 votes!! The runner up was either Mrs. Potatohead or Tina the fat lard. I may have to use them at some point in the future.
So... Glittersmama wins and will be receiving one of Seiuli's medley of hymns cds. YAY! I will get that in the mail to you by the end of the week. Thanks for all y'alls participation! :)

Omar, did you watch "Napoleon Dynamite" yet?

Is my blog hard to read on this background?
We switched from DishTv to Verizon's Fios cable. I like the cable so far because we have more useable channels than I had on Dish. I mean, channels I may actually WATCH. But I'm not diggin' the dvr. Unless you purchase a dvr for each room, you can only set up recordings from the main dvr. That's a pain. You can also only pause, rewind, etc... live tv in the room with the dvr. But it's going to save me money and I keep telling myself "There was a time when tv couldn't be paused at all. Get a grip."
I rented Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I was so excited, but now I'm kinda disappointed. There aren't near as many Aerosmith songs as I was expecting. And it's not like their greatest hits. It's ok, but I won't be purchasing it.
I need post ideas so if there is a question about me that has been nagging you, go ahead and ask it. Maybe it'll spark a post idea.

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Yvonne said...

I love the picture and congrats to glittersmama.

I do not have trouble reading your posts on the background--and I don't have great eyes ; )

Do you ever wonder how we lived without remote control for the TV??? (That's not a question that has been nagging me--thought about it because of your comment about not being able to pause tv)

Are you excited about Rockband 2???

Suzanne said...

Yay for Glittersmama and yay for Rock of Love Tori!

No, it's not hard to read your blog with your background.

Hmm...question for Tori. Which tv shows are you most excited for, for the Fall premier? :)

Millie said...

Where'd you get that awesome bandana? ;)

The background's good, I can read everything on it.

My REAL question is: Are you and your kids all ready for school?

aubrey said...

the background is cool, sorry about aerosmith..trying to think of a question for you..or questions. what is your dream vacation? who with, where, what would you do, etc?

Anonymous said...

The green print was very hard to read but the black is fine.
Ala Grandmother

Chel said...

Awesome picture! yay!

Who is Omar anyway? I think I need to be his friend. I wonder what it will take....

I can read your posts just fine! I love the polka dots. cute.

Rockband 2 is almost here!

Tori :) said...

Ala. Gma-
I'm sorry the green was hard to read. I noticed that and went back to change it to white or black and Blogger was not being cool. It wouldn't change the color at all! I don't know what the deal was!

jcavena said...

The posts are fine to read. The comments are not when you view the individual blog post since they are not bolded.

Whitney said...

Ooooh you should totally send that into VH1 for a Rock of Love "honorable mention" or something :)
We haven't bought the Guitar Hero Aerosmith either... but apparently theres a 4th and possibly a Metallica one coming out? I say that sure sounds fun! :D

JustRandi said...

Yay for Glittersmama!
I've been wondering about guitar hero aerosmith. In fact, The Brain has been talking about getting it. I'll have to show him your review. THanks for the tip!

No Cool Story said...

YA! Way to go Glittersmama, you lucky duck.
I can read your blog, no problemo with this background.

Yes, there was a time when TV couldn't be paused at all. Please, do not remind me.

I bet Omar can't wait to watch ND and take notes. It's ok, laugh yourself silly Omar, you deserve it.

Amanda said...

Congrats to Glittersmama!!!! :)

My question is, What happened to the rubber chicken that came with the bandana? Just wondering....

We are finally leaving the dark ages and getting something better than rabbit ears for our TV. We are getting Direct TV so that we can watch general conference somewhere besides the church or right in front of our computer. Oh and there are a few other channels that I am sure we will enjoy too. ;)

Mindi said...

i heart rock of love tori---

i think bret michaels would approve.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love that pic!

Wait, Verizon Fios saved you money over the dish?? I thought it would be way more expensive, but then again, we pay a ridiculous amount for satellite. Did you get Fios internet too?

Nancy Face said...

Rock of Love Tori is great! :D

Stacey said...

Yay for rock of love Tori! Whoo!

Sorry I haven't been around much. I feel like I'm being pulled in every direction. I thought it would be easier with one less kid to take care of..now I know how much my oldest helped me out! :P


I got a question. How long after your recent family snapshot was taken did it take to completely mess up all those whitey-white shirts?

I'm placing my Chuck E. Cheese coinage on the 2 Hours To Complete T-Shirt Annihilation bet.

Klin said...

3 cheers for Glittersmama. Hip, hip hooray. Hip, hip hooray, Hip, hip hooray!

I like the new pic. Very Tori. Cute and fun.

So what's a day/week like in the life of Tori? Even the mundane stuff. I'd like some mundane. Maybe Saturday.

glittersmama said...

Yay for me and the occasional good idea! It's nice to see the real Tori up there.

Lisa said...

"I keep telling myself there was a time when tv couldn't be paused at all. Get a grip." LOL! We've become spoiled tv people! Remember when you had to turn the knob with your hand?!