Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot husband & Hawaii

Last nite Sei was watching 'FUEL TV'- which is like an extreme sports channel. We watch it a lot because we both enjoy that kind of stuff- obviously since our son is named after a surfer (Taj Burrow). So, we're watching Kelly Slater surf on TV. He, btw, just won his 9th ASP World Championship. I've written before about my relationship with Kelly. I saw him on 'The Mickey Mouse Club' when he was probably 16 or 17. I thought, "Wow, he's hawt!!" and remembered his name and look forever until I saw him on "Baywatch" and thought "Wow, he can't act, but he's still hawt!" Fast-forward a few years, I met my surfer hubby, acted cool talking about Kelly Slater like I knew anything, and won his heart forever. :)

I often tell Sei that I think he looks like Kelly Slater. I wrote about it in this post last September. Anyway... I think their eyes look a lot alike, their bald heads, their fat, kissy lips... So, it doesn't bother Sei when I tell him that Kelly Slater is hot- because I think he looks like him. I also think since I think Sei looks like him that I should be able to get a Fathead of Kelly Slater if they ever come out with one of him. But that has nothing to do with this post.... When Sei was in Hawaii (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) he went to a home that belonged to a friend of his uncle and when the guy answered the door he almost kinda freaked out looking at Sei. Then he goes, "Oh my gosh! I thought you were Kelly Slater!" Seiuli told the guy that his wife (who was home in Texas with 5 kids) said that too! And now Livie just looked at pics of Kelly Slater on the computer and said, "It's Daddy! It's Daddy!!" So, seeeeeeee- it's not just me!

In other news... this was a conversation Sei and I had last nite:

Sei: Aw man, I should have got me a necklace in Hawaii.
Me: You should have got ME a necklace in Hawaii?
Sei: (thinking I misunderstood him) I should have got me a necklace in Hawaii.
Me: You should have got ME a necklace in Hawaii?
Sei: I should have got me AND you a necklace in Hawaii.
Me: (Gives a look from hell)
Sei: I didn't get ANYTHING for me in Hawaii.
Me: (continues to give look from hell) You freakin' WENT to Hawaii.
Sei: (realizing he is a dork) Well... I didn't want to bring you anything really because then it would always remind you of this trip and you'd get mad... (blah blah blah)
Me: You should have bought something and hid it so when I came to you and said, 'Did you seriously only bring me this crappy tshirt?' you would have been able to say, "NO! Look at this rad gift I got you."
Sei: Next time I will.
Me: Next time? (continues to give look from hell)
Sei: (Mumbles something about Liv crying and leaves room.)

Yes, I am mean.

The end.

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Physcokity said...


Physcokity said...

Yes they do look remarkably alike.

Physcokity said...

& oh yes when you had those pictures of Slater up I thought you'd have convinced Sei to posed like one of them and do a side by side...:D

Camille said...

I've commented before but am bad blogger so I don't comment as much as I should. I do love your blog though!
Anyway, they do look a lot alike! You totally deserve to be mean, I mean come on, he went to Hawaii!

omar said...

I'm on my lunch break, but sitting in my office. I see that Tori has a new post. I go to her site, where half-naked pictures of her husband are prominently displayed. OF COURSE someone walks in my office right at that moment. Granted, I shouldn't be taking breaks in my office, but still. I hold you responsible for any rumors that surface.

S said...

Omar cracks me up! Tori cracks me up! Sei not so funny:)

Love the Hawaii pictures, sorry but I do. When you become a DH we can go together:)

No Cool Story said...

Had to google Taj Burrow.

I second Physcokity, Sei could pose like that dude Kelly's pictures, that'd be awesome.

When I go to Hawaii I'll get you something rad Tori. I got your back and everything.

Klin said...

Tori you should really think twice about posting half necked pics of Sei on your blog. Other women will drool. Now you know I'm not after him, but damn! Girl you got a hawt hubby there.

When (read if) I go to Hawaii I WILL TAKE YOU AND LEAVE SEI HOME WITH 5 KIDS IN TEXAS! Or maybe we can all plan a cruise and leave the kids with grandmas.

Back to normal now.

Nobody said...

Sei recovered fast with the whole, "didn't want to bring you something as a reminder" defense.
Not bad, not bad at all.

I think it's hilarious that the first 5 lines of your conversation are almost the exact same sentence. Now THAT'S good communication.

Yvonne said...

Yes, he does look like Kelly Slater.

Yes, he should have brought you a necklace in Hawaii.

NO, you are not mean ; )

Nancy Face said...

Just because a husband may be hawt does not necessarily mean he is always smart.

Tee hee! ;)