Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kids screw up everything ;)

Tonite is the New Kids on the Block concert in Dallas that I will not be going to. I am sad, but I think the example I am setting for my kids is more important. How can I tell them "no concerts on Sunday" and then not follow the rule?? They know this is a big sacrifice for me considering I still own my concert tee, my Donnie doll, my NKOTB sleeping bag, all the tapes, videos, a Best of CD, etc... I am sad. I am jealous of my friend who is going. Here's a little glimpse back in '90. This is just one corner of my room and before the whole back of my door was covered. ALL my walls looked like this. Ahhh- the memories.... I'm sorry Donnie. I know you will miss me. I am a fan, but I am a parent 1st. (grrrrrr....)

To read about how I met Donnie clickety here! (I don't know what's goin' on with my hair in this pic...)

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Klin said...


Klin said...

NKOTB will be in Salt Lake on SATURDAY, November 15th. Now I'm not a rich friend that can pay your way here and take you surfing. . . er I mean, buy you a ticket, BUT I can pick you up at the airport, provide you a nice place to stay and drive you to and from the concert.

Of course, you will have to see if Sei can take on the kids for that weekend.

You know how to contact me. The offer is there and I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS! Don't make me get my mean mom face on. You probably wouldn't be scared by it though you would get a good laugh.

It will also show your kids that when you honor the Sabbath and sacrifice you get something even better.

They'll be at the E-Center!

I no return you to your blog and release your comment section to other readers.

Klin said...

no = now said...

awh tori :(

i understand though :)

you rock,

MommyJ said...

that pictures is a riot. I like your hair. I seriously thought that I was a fan when i was a teeny bobber... but seriously. I pale in comparison to you.

way to be a good example. :)

Yvonne said...

Yes, your example is SO IMPORTANT!!!

Love the picture.

S said...

K I figured it out! Tuesday Nov 11 KC Sprint Center. I found you PERFECT seats for two:) Fly out of LUV at 1pm I pick you up take you to dinner hand you over to sista......she wants to go too right? Then you ROCK the house from 8-midnight:) I take you to breakfast, take you to airport so you can be home by 3 pm!!!! Grand total if sis pays for her own ticket to the concert she wants to go to too (LOL) $$$$$$$$$ 242.00$$$$$$$ I think this is VERY equal to a week in Hawaii! Let me know so I can clear my busy blog schedule!

S said...

BTW That is a grand total of 26 hours from home!

S said...

You wouldn't even need to take a shower in KC!

S said...
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Physcokity said...

THAT is some hawt hair! Actually that looks like my hair when I wake up in the AM ;)

What's up with your arm there? I thought it was looking a little you secretly have a prosthetic hand that the blogging universe doesn't know about?

Nancy Face said...'re a SERIOUS fan, girl!

So sorry it's on Sunday, but you're doing the right thing because YOU ROCK! :)