Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking for a costume?

Halloween is fast approaching!! Can you believe it is only two weeks away?? Woo hoo! I LOVE Halloween although I never get to celebrate it quite like I would like to. One of these years I am going to have a rad Halloween party and have *the best* costume. I have been looking at Halloween Costumes at They have a huge selection of costumes for all ages and their website is so user friendly and easy to navigate. I think with my big family it would be fun to one year all get costumes of the same theme, like super heros or maybe from a movie. I would love to dress up as Wonder Woman. I had the UnderRoos as a little girl and she has always been a favorite. has a Wonder Woman costume:
It's a little sexier than I would want, but they had several different options. I could be Wonder Woman, Sei could be Superman. We could have The Hulk, Spiderman, Supergirl, etc... It would be so fun!
Halloween Adventure makes it easy to shop because it has the costumes organized by size, theme, on sale, etc... which makes it easy to browse thru their selections. It really is a fun site to find a costume or maybe get ideas.
Stay tuned because I will be posting about Halloween more in the days to come. I ♥ Halloween!

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Gretch! said...

WE are doing the whole "super hero" theme this year!!

I was going to be wonder woman! But dunno yet!!

we'll see

Sketchy said...

If you are Wonderwoman then Sei has be Major whatever his name was. Does he have a brown suit?

Irene said...

I too prefer to get Halloween costumes from Halloween Adventure.