Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On to day 3...

**So... I did it. I went all day yesterday and the day before without a Diet Dr Pepper. It was hard. I cried for a little while on my bed. Yes. I'm a baby. I also felt like sleeping all day- although part of that was because Livie woke up several times during the nite. She's having poop issues, but that's another post that I probably shouldn't write. Anyway... the 1st day I did eventually take 2 Excedrin for my headache. It has caffeine in it, so technically I cheated with the caffeine, but ooooh, it helped. So much. You have to understand that normally I drink probably at least 6 12 oz. glasses of the stuff every day, so I was having serious withdrawl issues. And I didn't take the Excedrin until the nite. I lasted all day and only took the Excedrin because I thought I was dying. And yesterday I only used 3 ibuprofen around 9 pm. And S is smart to live far away from me- I was a psycho, grumpy bio-tch the 1st day. Everyone & everything annoyed me. It's weird because I really just want the taste. I miss it. :( And I find myself wanting to eat more. Not good.

**Moving on... Tristan had another football game last nite. Can I just give a public apology to anyone who was an adult when I was in middle school? I am sorry for being rude, obnoxious, and acting like I have serious mental issues. I was so annoyed with some kids their last nite. One of our players was hurt and a kid in the crowd starts laughing. You know- because that's HILARIOUS when a kid is hit so hard by 2 linebackers he can't stand up. Sei and I were both like, "Oh yeah that's funny..." Then this girl came over to our section and yelled "Vikings rule! Cowboys suck!!" (We are the Cowboys.) I just looked at her and said, "What are you, like 4? Go find your mom." Soooo annoying. Later Sei got pelted with an M & M by a Viking fan and told these kids that the Viking section was on the other side and if they were gonna be obnoxious and act like trash they needed to sit over there. We're such old people. "Turn down that music while you're at it!" ;) Btw- Tdog had 4 tackles. That's my boy! Sei kept laughing at me because I was like, "He looks so cute when he does that!!" (I love when he's checking with the ref to make sure he's not offsides. Soooo cute!) I told Tdog I was gonna bring a big sign that says "My son's the cutest!!" I just do it to get a reaction from him. My days are boring, so it's a source of entertainment- Tormenting my teenager. It's fun.

** My confession booth finally hit 300 posts. Should I leave it available on the sidebar or... ???

** We bought gas for $2.96 a gallon last nite at Kroger. How much is it in your area?? We were stoked because across the street it was $3.19 (which was still 20 cents lower than it had been!) That means it'll only cost $75 to fill up our Yukon. We might be able to afford half a tank a month.

** Did y'all watch the debate last nite? Yeah, that's all I'm gonna say about that. But I did post a new little video in my sidebar. I think it's really good. ------->

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Amanda said...

No way! I am first!!!
{Doing the happy dance!}

swampbaby said...

Ok, HOLY CRAP that you drank that much DP every day. HOLY CRAP. I thought I was bad drinking one or two a day. Wow. I say Excedrin is allowed.

Yea for Tdog and his tackles! How'd the loud speaker go this time? I think Sei should have stood up and said, "Hey, I'm a cop! You just assaulted an officer!" when those kids through the M&M. That would have been funny.

And I filled up at $2.99 yesterday. Yea!!!!!

Amanda said...

This post had me laughing and nearly crying. You are amazing! ;)

I am proud of you for giving up DP and I know you can do it! Taking Excedrin is not cheating!

Way to go Tdog!! Woot, woot!!! I am afraid that I was probably one of those obnoxious teenagers too. Duh!

I say keep the confession booth! It seems that people like the idea of speaking their mind, anonymously.

I watched the debate last night. I am still left with the feeling that we are doomed either way. That video was very moving. Thanks for sharing it.

Amanda said...

Oh, and our gas is still in the $3.00 range. In fact my husband was so excited when he got home from work yesterday that he was able to fill up for $3.23 a gallon. That is depressing!

S said...

$$2.75 baaaaby!!!!!!!!!!!! Swampbaby you need to cross the state line:) Yes yes yes leave the confession booth open! I would say some of those confessions are disturbing. I think that granny panty one is yours? LOL

I triple dog dare you to get that big ole sign made. Even if you just leave it in the car window:)

Sometimes just a sip of caffeine takes the edge off. But you said cold turkey. It truly sucks my friend. I do not judge! I live in a glass house.

Tina Turner tonight. Email me yo number and we can proud mary together!!!!!!! I am going by myself:))))))))))

CoconutKate said...

grrrrr...gas is still $3.99/gallon here.
I try not to watch the debates.
I can't wait to torment teenagers. Well, maybe I can. :0)

Chel said...

yay TDawg! yay for no DDP! gas here is about 3.69 a gallon and I thought that was good. We were at $4 for a long time.

Klin said...

Gas here is $3.45 :(i

If you just want the taste, go for caffeine free diet dr pepper. However, I do think that carbonation can be addicting, too. I used to like the bubbles.

I successfully ignored the debate last night. Mr was arguing with the candidates and asking me, "Did you hear that?" "Did you catch that he didn't even answer the question?" I replied, "No. I'm not watching this crap." He frowned at me. :P

I love to watch jr high and high school kids. They are hilariously retarded and they think they are cool. How do I know that? I used to be one. ;)

Apology accepted. Just thought I'd throw that in there, since you put it out there and I am hogging your comment box.

Oh, oh, and Yay TDog GORDON!!!

Make the sign. Make the sign.

glittersmama said...

Don't feel guilty about taking the Motrin. It's my happy place. That and a Diet Coke.

Leave the confession booth.

Gas was $3.89 in South Carolina on Monday. ick. Stupid hurricane.

Mindi said...

leave the confession booth! i love it! i also love how you called out whoever it was on mine and they apologized! you handled it like a pro.

okay, now, the diet dr pepper thing--i cannot fathom doing this. i cannot imagine a world without the diet dr. seriously.

i admire you. i envy you a little. but i'm glad i'm not you.

supporting you all the way from yeeeewwwwwtaaaaahhh!

No Cool Story said...

Daily Hero drinks about that many DPs a day.

Tell those stinking teenagers to get off y lawn!!

I vote confession booth on the sidebar, because it rocks.

$3.49 a gallon representing! Woo hooo!

I didn't watch the debate. I just can deal with election stuff so much. I have reached my limit.

See? We can be babies together. Awww.

S said...

Girl you missed out!!!!! Proud Mary was beautiful. That Tina is a beautiful amazing woman, with hotzzzzzzzzzzzzzz legs! She also did addicted to love! yeah baby you might as well face it!

aurora said...

Congrats on your DDP progression. It's so tough! It will get better, I promise!

I am now just a recreational DDP / DC drinker. But, I don't inhale. {wink}

Nancy Face said...

With that last picture, I almost felt like I was reading an obituary for the dearly departed Diet Dr Pepper. Oh, that's SOOO SAD! :(

Hang in there, baby! :)

omar said...

$3.69/gallon around these parts. In my travels over the past week, I never saw it below $3.50.

I did watch the debate. And consequently, I've been saying "my friends" more than normal.

Diet Dr Pepper has mind control over you. I don't think you'll last a week.

(On the surface, it sounds like I'm not being supportive. But in reality, this is my way of motivating you. Because honestly, you've squeezed out what, 15 kids? And you're still alive and relatively sane? You can totally handle going without some soda. But when I tell you that you can't, it will motivate you to do it. Then when you do it and overcome your addiction and achieve great things and go on to sell your story to Disney for a straight-to-DVD movie, you'll thank me.)

Tori :) said...

I nearly wrote something about "my friends"! I was like, "Why does he keep saying that?!?!?"

Annie said...

There is life two months after dumping your favorite soda. I am here to testify. This is the only place that I will admit (maybe I should save this for the confession booth) that I had a Diet Coke on the way home from Denver last weekend. I thought I might need the caffeine to stay alert. I drank it, but it didn't taste good to me. I think I'm cured.

Lauren said...

I am so proud of you! I know it is hard breaking habits. I cried when I gave up sweets. You can do it!

aubrey said...

yay, tori! be strong, be strong! i have a good friend who was seriously addicted to diet coke, so much so that she would hide 2 liter bottles in random places around the house and then would put the empty bottles in the neighbor's recycling bins so her husband wouldn't know how serious her addiction was.

Amanda said...

Checking in to see how you are doing today! :)

fawndear said...

My withdrawls from chocolate were as bad as yours. Addictions stink to high heaven.

So Tori, I've been a long time lurker some-time commentor and I know your ubber famous and have probably won this a gazillion times but I just gave you a blog award over on my post.

Just love your blog. Thanks for sharing the randomness.

Nobody said...

Oh man, i love the little potpurri posts you do.

I'm really impressed with the dp abstaining. That isn't easy. Good for you. Keep it up.

I try to tell myself, when I'm around teenagers, "Even I was this stupid sometimes" and it helps. I mean, I, a genius with the utmost of decorum, acted like an idiot when I was a teenager. Think how very little chance the actual idiots of the world have, as teenagers.

Yay for Tristan. I vote a great big fat yes to the sign. Maybe "My baby tackled your baby. TWICE" You could make it into a bumper sticker.

Or bracelet. Whatever.

Physcokity said...

wahoo for 300! Yay for telling those rude kids what to do! Obviously their parents don't so somebody has to ;)

I like the bumper sticker idea nobody suggested. :D

Have you tried water as a substitute? I know nothing really compares to the loverly taste of the Dr.P, but it might stop the eating more?

Physcokity said...

OH yeah I filled up last night for...let's hear it...$3.19 which actually made me giggle when you said that's how much it was across the street :D

Physcokity said...

Yes to S's comment on the confession booth.

Yvonne said...

See you are doing it--you are amazing.

I think they should totally do away with Middle School all together. That's probably the only time I feel like a real old lady--when I go to the middle school. My heart goes out to kids at that time--kids are so mean to each other and sometimes the teachers aren't a whole lot better.

I want a picture of you holding up that sign for Tristan ; )