Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quirkiness at it's best

Klin tagged me last week to do a "6 Quirky Things about Me" post. I'm thinkin' y'all all know how quirky I am, but I'm sure there's more I can dig up and surprise you with! I don't know if all the stuff will be considered "quirky" or just random, but whatev.

1. Since I'm pretty rebellious in nature, it's probably kinda quirky that it drives me crazy when people go IN the OUT door at Walmart. Or OUT the IN door. Even if it is more convenient to walk IN the OUT, I never do.

2. I ♥ wheat bread. I don't really like white at all. I mean, I'll eat it, but wheat ROCKS! When I was pregnant with Taj I craved wheat bread and oranges a lot. We lived right by a bakery so Sei would buy me warm loaves of wheat bread. Yum. Once you go brown, there's no turnin' around. ;)

3. I used to love to eat fish. When I was baptized when I was 8 I even chose to go to "Catfish King" restaurant for dinner. Now fish makes me gag- other than tuna. I ♥ tuna melts. But the smell, the taste, of fish, is just YUCK to me. I can eat shrimp- if it's coconut shrimp or fried, but not if it still has those little leg thingies on it and I have to peel them off.

4. I like watching documentaries on serial killers. Idk why. They are deranged beyond belief, but I find them fascinating- in a bad way. I think it would be rad to be a forensic profiler. I think it's so cool when they say "The killer is between 24 and 30. He's a high school graduate with a vocational school certificate. He lives with his mom and will probably own Dance, Dance Revolution." And then they are so totally right!! Amazing. I've always been weird like this because I remember reading the Time-Life book about Ted Bundy like 15 years ago.

5. If I put something in my basket at the store and then decide not to buy it, I have to go put it where it belongs. It bugs the crap out of me when I see a box of melting popsicles sitting in the laundry aisle. I mean, the popsicles are ruined now. It's not as bad if it's something that won't go bad, but come on- stickin' a pound of beef behind the mouthwash?? FAIL.

6. I can't stand whiney pregnant people. I know not all pregnant women have awesome pregnancies like me. I mean, really I'm good up until the last 2 weeks and then I'm like "I'm gonna lay here on this couch because if I stand up I am pretty sure the baby will fall out." And I also understand some women have CRAP pregnancies. And that sucks. I am not talking about them. It's the ones that start wearing maternity shirts 2 minutes after peein' on a stick and holding their back when they stand up from a chair or waddling when they walk all before the baby is bigger than a pea. Gimme a break. It bugs. Stop being dramatic. And you finally letting your gut fall out is NOT baby. You don't need to wear the tents yet. I didn't wear maternity clothes until I was 20 weeks with Taj. And Liv. And even then I was reluctant and wore Shade shirts most the time. Maybe I'm just stupid and should have milked my pregnancies for all I could, because now it's too late. Am I just stupid? Should I have been more dramatic?

Anyway... there you have it. 6 "quirky" or whatever things about me. If you wanna play along consider yourself tagged. :)

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Chel said...

I LOVE wheat bread too! LOVE IT!
Your funny about pregnant woman - I'm just glad you said it, so I didn't have to. :) It drives me crazy. I have easy and awesome pregnancies and don't get big so.... it's not my place to say anything... BUT COME ON people!! No drama please! ha!

Rebecca Talley said...

Very entertaining post. I watch those shows, too, and see if I can figure it out--I never do. I always try to see if it's anyone I know--that's a scary thought in and of itself.

No Cool Story said...

"...and will probably own Dance, Dance Revolution"

"the popsicles are ruined now."

Can I love you any more than I already do? Not possible I say.

No Cool Story said...

I'm sorry you don't like to eat fish/seafood no more :(

Oh well, let's call that your kryptonite. I'll protect you Tori.

Annie said...

White bread is like dough. Uck.

Every woman feels like she is the first woman EVER to have a baby.

I'm throwing a baby shower tomorrow for a friend. I told her that if I had to do it all over again, I would have milked it for all it was worth.

"Geez, Lady, you look like you are 12 months pregnant!"

"Thanks, can I cut in front of you in line?"

glittersmama said...

Along with donning the prego clothes as soon as they pee on the stick...why do they go announcing it as soon as they second line shows up? Especially all over their blog? Crazy.

Nobody said...

"And you finally letting your gut fall out is NOT baby"
I'm not sure this is a quirk Tori. I'm thinking you may need to rewrite this last one. I'm just sayin.

Very very entertaining.

I can't do serial killers. The voyeur in me is drawn to it, but I last about 12 seconds and then I'm like, "I don't want this kind of crazy in my head." Plus, some of the most famous ones, they were like super-charasmatic and charming and then I start thinking every nice man I know is a serial killer. And that can't be good. Right?

omar said...

In defense of Wal Mart shoppers, which is a phrase I have never before said, Wal Mart always has their "in" door on the left, and the "out" door on the right. I screw it up every time. It's almost un-American to do it the way they do, in my opinion.

"Once you go brown, there's no turnin' around."

I may put that on a t-shirt, though my motivation for doing so is not related to bread.

swampbaby said...

I agree with the dramatics of waddling around at 6 weeks, but who cares when someone announces their pregnancy? What's all the "secretness" about anyway?

S said...

I am with you on serial killers, I have to watch with one hand over my eyes and ears but I find it so fascinating. They say everyone is one second from being a killer themselves! I was in Utah when they killed Ted Bundy, I drove by his house countless times in SLC:) Wanna run down to Wichita when you are here to look at BTK house? JK:0 I am pregnant, I posted 32secs after the act of "togetherness" and my gut is sticking out like pilsbury dough. I will be milking it, I will be whinning, I will be HELPLESS. The dishes, laundry and house will not be clean. My hair may not get combed, makeup is obsolete sp? I will beg for epidural, morphine, O2, and a gun starting at 32wks! AND I WILL NOT BE RUNNING A HALF MARATHON EVER. AND you are still gonna love me so deal!! Can you get me a drink with ice please?
Omar is funny:0

Tori :) said...

Chel- Wheat bread and Red Vines... :)

Rebecca- I like to try to solve it too. Thanks for visiting!

Twin- Fish IS my kryptonite! I knew you'd have my back. :) I would still go to a sushi restaurant with you. I'd just have a coke instead...

Annie- Hindsight is 20/20. We should've milked it.

GM- I'm not an early announcer, but Sei totally is.

Nobody- I shouldn't watch those shows because I always have whacked dreams afterwards. Are you saying Sei is a serial killer?

Omar- If you make the shirt I wanna see a pic.

swampbaby- I don't tell early but that's because after losing babies I don't like to be asked "So how are you feeling?" or whatever by people that haven't heard it thru the grapevine that I am no longer pregnant. It makes it harder. But if you've never gone thru that then there's no reason not to tell. I'm just private that way evem though I don't seem like a private person by my loud mouth blog.

S- I expect you and my sister to be donning full on maternity outfits when we meet for lunch in 3 weeks. Y'all are probably due close to around the same time. If y'all waddle enough maybe we can park in the handicap space.

Tori :) said...

evem = even

S said...

THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO WHOOP! WHOOP!
I am on my way to prego + at the mall right now!

Sketchy said...

Yay, for wheat bread.

I don't take stuff back in a store, I just hand them to the beleagered cashier. It annoys me more when people just shove them in to the candy aisles in front of the checkout stand. Just give it to the person, they'll call someone. Now you are involved in the employment of 2 people. Yay capitalism.

When I was pregnant I had to resort to maternity clothes early, not because I was showing but anything at all tight on my stomach made me hurl. And anything around my neck triggered my gag reflex, which made me hurl. I seriously wished I lived in Hawaii where wearing a mumu 24x7 is considered fine.

I like to think I wasn't overly dramatic though, but you'd have to check with my husband to be sure. It's entirely possible that every time I flipped out I felt totally and completely justified. Sort of like a liar who can trick a lie detector test...

And if you come visit me ever, I won't serve you fish, but I'll wish you would get over it. Are you good with pork? I make a mean chili relleno

aurora said...

I almost choked when you said 'wearing maternity shirts 2 minutes after peeing on a stick' !!! so very true.

Lauren said...

I hate white bread...unless it is white rolls. That is different. Wheat bread is where it's at!

I hate when people go in the out door! Gah!

Ted hates me when I don't go put things back where I got them at the store. I however, don't leave perishable crap places. That's retarded.

Whiny pregnant girls are lame. I shouldn't talk..I might be one some day. Meh.

Physcokity said...

The only white bread I really like is yeast rolls or something of the like.

Did you actually see a pound of beef behind mouthwash?


Physcokity said...

I can't stand serial killer stuff it just makes me want to hurl. Any of it. I can't stand it. Very low tolerance. If I had to guess I would say you'd have fun doing a CSI type job.

No Cool Story said...

I never wore maternity clothes, as they are yucky looking to me. All I wore were big clothes...which were even yuckier but at 21 I had no sense whatsoever.

You know what I hate? I hate it when women get together and one of them happens to be pregnant so every one decides to tell their delivery horror stories.

What the flip is up with that? I HATE that.

Last time I witnessed this is was at a restaurant, while eating.
I walk away anytime that kind of behavior goes on.

Anonymous said...

Will someone tell this ole Grandmother what "RAD" stands for
Thank you :)
Ala Grandmother

Klin said...

Items that I agree with Tori on

1. Except for at Walmart cause their doors are backwards for America. I go in the right and out the left. At all other places I go in the in and out the out.

2. Mmmmmm wheat bread. My whiny kids like that white crap, but I buy the bread, so wheat it is. I only eat White if I made it.

4. Mini me and I like watching Tru TV and the profilers are my favorite. Dayle Hinman is a genius. No weird dreams either.

5. Me, too. I think it's because I worked at the grocery store and I totally hated doing the spoil due to lazy people. I also hated trying to find where they picked the stuff up.

6. I am whiny prego, cause my pregnancies suck!

NCS- I have no labor and delivery horror stories. They were all great! Can I tell you about them?

Tori :) said...

RAD doesn't stand for anything. It's short for RADICAL, but it's really a word from the 80s meaning awesome, cool, super great!!

Yvonne said...

You are so funny--

I'm not rebellious but quite often I find myself going in the out, but that's just because my sense of direction stinks ; )

I'm with you on #5 and #6. My pregnancies were all pretty crappy, but I'd like to think I wasn't dramatic.

Nancy Face said...

I am one of those rebellious people who uses whatever in or out door I want. Haha, I would drive Tori crazy! :D

I grew up with nothing but wheat bread. I only buy wheat bread now, because it's much healthier to eat. But I LOVE WHITE BREAD! It's like candy to me! :0

Seafood is my absolute favorite. I'll only go to dinner at a steak place if they also serve seafood, because I don't like steak much at all! Ty thinks I'm insane.