Saturday, October 04, 2008


  • Seiuli Saturday has been postponed until either later today or tomorrow. I didn't get a chance to tape Sei playing and now he's sleeping since he's on weekend nites right now. Boo.
  • Apparently according to Omar (and S concurs) there is a blogging rule 94.8.2 that "indicates that you cannot go on blog hiatus at the same time as your twin." But there is no rule stating Omar and S can go 8, 9, 25 days without posting. Wsup wit dat??
  • So here is a video to pacify my sweet ROL sistah!! Enjoy!

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Klin said...


Klin said...

I agree. You cannot go on Hi! Atus as the same time as your twin.

You can blog about conference. :)

S said...

Oh Daisy Daisy Daisy! Her arms flailing is so beautiful. I so miss her. She is fo real sista!! I can actually hear her talking........that is bad. Oh so bad.

I am thrilled that Omar and I are on a united front. I missed you so! Can't you try and sell me something today too?

omar said...

Welcome to Double Standardville! But if we want to get technical, I don't have an online twin. So I am not in violation of any rules.

Mindi said...

sisah!!!!! from one rol lover to another--that video just made my day!! had to sneak it during the song at g.c., so shhhhhh. don't tell.

NOBODY said...

Oh i miss Daisy! I didn't know what I was missing in my life until her.

She is hot.

Why did the throwing up scene get in on a hands montage? That's not right.

Nancy Face said...

I have no idea who that chick with cantaloupes on her chest might be. See how uncool I am?

Tori :) said...

Nancy, you are much too good and pure to know who Daisy is. She is from "Rock of Love II" on Vh1.

No Cool Story said...

If it weren't for my Boyfriend Forever Joel I woulnd't know about this Daisy person ;)

Thanks Tori for keeping Blogtopia a peaceful and balanced place. You make the Twinship proud!