Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things I did this weekend EDITED

1. I voted!! YAY!! It's our responsibility to vote. I took all the kids with me so they could witness me being a responsible citizen. I wrote in Nobody. ;)

2. I took the kids to the university's homecoming parade. They SCORED in the candy department. We lined up closer to the beginning of the parade so the people always throw waaaaaaaaay more candy- we're talking handfuls at a time. All the kids ended up with halloween buckets filled at least 1/2 way.

3. I drove to Oklahoma!! Ok, so it's only like a 40 minute drive, but I drove there nonetheless. We went to a Halloween party thrown at a ranch owned by my bishop's in-laws located right past the Okie border. It was a rad setup on 400 acres. There was food, bounce houses, horseback riding and a haunted hayride. The kids had a great time. :)

4. I peed in the cleanest port-a-potty I've ever peed in. It even smelt good-ish. Weird, I know. I have a hard time using port-a-potty because any that I've ever gone in have smelt like other people's poop and it's usually just gross. Have you seen the movie "Candyman?" I've seen it a few times- it was the 1st scary movie to really scare me. Anyway, there's this scene where Helen walks into this bathroom in the ghetto and when you see a shot of the toilet it's like covered in poop and bees and eeew. That's how my port-a-potty experiences have been. But not this one! It felt weird to pee and not flush though. Or wash my hands. Luckily I had hand sanitzer with me. Anyway... it was very exciting.

5. I DID NOT sleep with a cop. :( But I will this week. ;) (Because of his screwy weekend nite schedule I've had a hard time posting my Seiuli Saturdays. I will do better...)

6. EDITED I took Isabel to see "High School Musical 3." And I actually ENJOYED it. Lauren- I even thought Zac Efron looked really cute and not so fruity. And I cannot confirm nor deny that I shed a tear or 2.

7. I tried to think of a clever post, but FAILED.

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glittersmama said...

This is a very clever post. You did not fail. I'm writing in Nobody too.

Sketchy said...

You failed? Listen girl anyone who can drive to Oklahoma impresses me. I can only drive to Ohio or West Virginia in 40 minutes. That's it.

Klin said...

I'm voting for Nobody! Nobody is the only one I trust to run this country!!

I thought this post was pretty clever. Guess I was wrong? NOT :D

HSM 3, huh? Great. Now that you have gone and seen it I will have to take Tree Monkey.

No Cool Story said...

I don't do porta potties. And that scene in Candyman is exactly what those Chambers of Pure Grossnes look like. Those aren't HoneyPots. Ewww.

I didn't realized Izzie was standing in front of the HSMucialers ;)

omar said...

Anytime we disagree about anything ever again, I will say, "you like the smell of port-a-potties." And you'll be like, "Omnar, that's not even relevant!" And I'll be like, "I think it speaks to your judgment." Then I'll fold my arms and turn up my nose, signifying victory.

I'm actually a little bit giddy right now in anticipation of the next time we disagree about something.

Gretch! said...

I too cannot confirm or deny that I shed a tear or 2!

Took me way back!!

We loved it!!

aurora said...

Fun post! Definitely clever. :)

S said...

But Nobody is a NOBO!

If you would have just kept on driving you could have ran smack dab into KC! We have all that cool stuff here too plus prego people!

Cool post!

How can you be sleeping with a cop and someone in the band? What are you teaching those children!

Yvonne said...

How could you say you failed at a clever post--LOVED IT.

Annie said...

I think Regis Philbin and I are the only two people in America that have not seen HSM 1 or 2. I will though, honestly.

Nancy Face said...

I cried at HSM 3, too! ;)

Lauren said...

Tori, thank you for admitting the beautifulness that is Zac. I have a whole post coming...don't you worry. Oh, and I cried too.

You drove to OK?! That is awesome!

annie said...

Porta potties freak me out.

PJ said...

I would have been more impressed if you had done all this AND slept with a cop:D

What is up with all this crying related to HSM3?

It takes me 20 minutes to drive to the border of OK, and there is a great big ugly casino...right on the border. Sheesh, way to mess up an otherwise good state:)

Great post, as always.

Physcokity said...

A: The fact that you made me laugh far outweighs any shortcomings you may have thought this post had.
2: I have yet to see any of the HSM movies
D: That psychotic bull's head on a blob of green jelly body looks like he's doin the cabbage patch! hahahaha watch it again and you'll see what I mean ;)
Lastly... I know I coded those wrong ;)

aubrey said...

this was definitely not a FAIL, tori. and i have only seen HSM 1 so i feel very out of the cool loop. someday i will catch up.