Friday, November 14, 2008

Alec is 12!!

I will write more about my NKOTB trip, but I have to start this post off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alec! He is 12 years old today. He is my sweet, sensitive, loving child. (1 out of 7 isn't bad.;) He was originally due on Halloween and then they switched it to Nov. 15. He came fast and furiously on the 14th- no time for an epidural. I thought I was dying. But he was totally worth all the pain and I'd do it again- with an epidural. :) The tradition in our family is every birthday I play "Happy Birthday" by NKOTB and dance and sing like a dork. Today was no different. Love you Alec!!


Does anyone else remember this "Saved By The Bell" episode? I woke up thinking about it. My little sister, Nicole, used to imitate Jessie Spano perfectly.

I have like 98 missed posts to read and I am lame (UNlike Nancy!) and will admit now that I will not comment on them all. I will start fresh today though. Sorry!!
That is all. Carry on.

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Camille said...

First! My first time ever being first!!

I love saved by the bell. I think I saw every episode in my younger years.

Yvonne said...

that Camille must have beat me by a second--when I came there were ZERO comments!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alec. How fun to have another Priesthood holder in your home.

I used to watch Save By the Bell every morning.

S said...

Happy Happy Birthday ALEC!!!!

Stacey said...

Happy birthday Alec!

I knew the exact episode as soon as the clip came up. It's the one where Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills because of all of the pressure from school and her friends. She studies with Slater and she kisses him and he says,"I'll never wash these lips again" Jessie,Lisa and Kelly were in a group where they made a video called "Go For It" and they wore workout clothing and Zack was their manager.

I loved SBTB..maybe a little too much.

omar said...

Happy birthday, Alec! You little traitor! :)

Sadly, I could recite the dialog in that clip, and was singing "I'm so excited" before it even started.

Chel said...

Happy birthday to Alec!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Alec!!!!! :) Have a great day!!!

Lauren said...

I TOTALLY remember that episode. Oh that girl has crazy hair.


Klin said...

Happy Birthday Alec!!!

12 is a big deal around here. I hppe you get some good presents and cool stuff.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Alec!!! He really is such a sweetie. And he was always nice to my boys. Actually all your kids were so that's 7 out of 7! :)

Nobody said...

What are you ,Tim Gunn now?

Happy Birthday Alec!

No Cool Story said...

Happy Birthday Alec!!!
Way to go returning to the right side and supporting your mom and you fake aunt Twin NCS.


Nancy Face said...

I see my name! :D

Happy Birthday to Alec! I love his name, by the way! :)

I never saw that episode...