Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lazy catch up

  • Sorry guys. I've been kinda lazy in the blogosphere with keeping up with blogs. I don't even want to look at my reader to see how many missed posts I have to read. Honestly, Livie steals the laptop for most of the day. She LOVES and if she sees me on the computer she starts yelling, "I want Wow Wow Wubzy!!" So I kind of avoid getting on the computer in front of her. :D
  • Poor Tajy is so bored. He knows all of his friends in his church class started kindergarten this year. He missed it by 5 days. All day long he tells me he's so bored and wants to go to school. I'm gonna look into a 2-3 day a week pre-school to help him be happy. Isabel, on the other hand, asked me if I would homeschool her. I told her only if she didn't want to learn anything. I suck at teaching. I'm not patient enough.
  • I am Alec's basketball team's assistant coach. My dad is the real coach. He was All-American, played college ball, and coached all of his kid's teams so he knows what he's doing. I think he was excited I asked him to do it. He does it so well. I was out of town the 1st 2 practices, so last nite was my 1st. They had an oddd-number there so guess who got to run some drills with them? Yep, me. I'm sure it was entertaining to the parents watching. The last thing we did was a relay race shooting layups. I thought this kid on my team was gonna have a stroke yelling at me to "HURRY!!" I was like, "This IS me 'hurrying'!!!" We won- thank you very much.
  • My mom sent me a text today: "Just saw a truck load of portapotties!" Thanks Omar.
  • I've been going to bootcamp at 5:30am. Ok, well, I went last Tues, Thurs and then yesterday. I went Saturday too, but it's at 8am. It's not that bad once I wake up. I just hate waking up. I joined the gym it's at and plan to try out some of their classes as well. I want to try a spinning class. Have any of y'all done a spinning class?
  • I'm taking my little sister to see "Twilight" this weekend. I think it'll be fun although I'm not all that excited. The chick playing Bella has a deeper voice than Edward and carries herself like a boy and the kid playing Jacob looks dumb with a wig and is not cute enough. But then again, I'm not 15 so I shouldn't really have an opinion, should I? I made my sister a "TEAM JACOB" shirt to wear. She started loving Jacob after I did because I actually bought her an Edward shirt a long time ago. I converted her I guess. Too bad I don't share. You know, cuz Jacob is mine.

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glittersmama said...

I've been to spin class a few times. You could never tell though.

It's nice on the spin bikes because you can control how much resistance you put on, so you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. Make sure you get your bike seat and handlebars in the right place. It makes it much more comfortable. The seats are really hard, so you'll have a sore bum, but it will get better. :)

Anonymous said...

I AM FREE! FREE ATLAST! will until tomorrow. K let me go read this post and I will be right back! S

Suzanne said...

I could never homeschool either. I taught "D" preschool for a year and although I loved it, my patience was completely gone by the end of the year.

Have fun seeing Twilight! I am going with my sisters, but we have to wait a couple of weeks until we go. I hope it's worth the wait!

I hope Taj enjoys Preschool! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok let me tell you spin class IS NUTS! but so is boot camp. SO have fun! You can do spin class at your own pace, and after two weeks your butt doesn't hurt anymore. Well atleast that is what I have heard.
I can only ride a bike of any kind for .023 seconds. S

JustRandi said...

I really liked the spinning class I took. But it was kind of a low key no pressure class. Good luck!!

Yvonne said...

I know I could NEVER homeschool--I would just want to play all day.

I have never done a spin class--sorry, no help. Great job on getting to the gym.

Watched an interview with Edward and Bella--not terribly impressed.

Klin said...

I'm worried about the movie, too, but I'm going and I'm going to have fun whether I like it or not! :P

Did you see this story that I linked to on my blog? It was just for you. It's Omar's fault, you know.

omar said...

" I suck at teaching. I'm not patient enough."

Followed by:

"I am Alec's basketball team's assistant coach."

Those poor, poor kids. (kidding)

That is AWESOME that your mom sent you that text! Too bad I didn't have her email address a couple of weeks ago...

Mikelene said...

My friend took a spin class & bought one of those gel bike seat covers. Made it a little less painful.

I, too, do not have the patience for homeschooling. One of the reasons my kids go to public school is so that I can get a few whine-free hours. J/K Well, not really...

No Cool Story said...

Boot camp totally kicks my behind. I haven't done spinning...sounds dangerous.

Homeschooling- Not for ogres such as myself. I homeschooled my poor children for 2 years. I suck at being patient (see? twin powah)

I didn't go to the gym today ;(
My throat feels raw and full of purcupines.
And hey, I have too worked out at 5:30 am, YAY! (Powah!)

Stacey said...

I have never done a spinning class. I should exercise but it gets in the way of my pigging out time.

I am going to see Twilight with my mom,sister,SIL's and nieces and I am way excited!!! :D :D :D

MommyJ said...

I have two five year old that missed the cut off for school by twelve days. They are so bored! Say to me all the time, "Mommy, you are just not fun enough."

Yeah. thanks for that.

I laughed out loud at your mom's portapotty text.

Lauren said...

I am seeing Twiligh tonight! I am so excited...but I am also afraid. I am afraid I will be embarrassed by the movie haha!

I love that your mom sent you that text!

Lauren said...

Oh...I have taken a spinning class. I absolutely love it. It kicks trash!

Nancy Face said...

I bet that text made you wet your pants. ;)

I LOVED Twilight last night! But Jacob did look silly.

Karina said...

I homeschool my kids and I love it. You'd be surprise what you are capable of doing when your kids are surrounded by idiots at school. Contrary to popular believe my kids are not anti-social. Kids that are like that are anti-social because their parents are stupid! (Sorry about that, that was my rant for the day).
I did spinning and I loved it. I'm not a gym person (or any type of "get your fat butt some excersize" person) but I enjoyed it. I did spinning and I loved it,
your butt will hurt but I tried some padded bike shorts and they worked great.
Twilight!! I saw last night, it was great. Go with an open mind. Movies are never like the books, but I thought it was great. Jacob looks cute, Carlisle is hot! and Edward OME!!!! i'm a Jacob fan but Robert is hot!!
Now you may go on with your life. This comment only took about a week to read.