Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Twilight Movie Review

I saw "Twilight" today with my sister and Izzy. It, of course, wasn't as good as the book. There wasn't enough time for character development in my opinion and I think the chick playing "Bella" acted socially retarded the entire movie. The tension between Edward and Bella was suppose to be sexual tension, but I never got that. They both just seemed stupid with the opposite sex. But, other than that, I thought it was an easy movie to watch and I had fun. My fave part was the fight scene in the ballet studio. Oh and did y'all catch Stephenie Meyer's cameo in the diner???

Here's my review of the actors playing the characters:

Bella- Already said she bugged me pretty much the entire time. But that's ok because I don't like Bella anyway.

Edward- I actually thought he was ok. A lot cuter in the movie than in the pics I had seen. I didn't think he presented himself as super intelligent and whatnot in the movie as he did in the book though.

Emmett- He was already my fave vampire and I liked him in the movie too. He looked how I pictured him and he was fun to watch.

Rosalie- Not as pretty as I pictured her, but she played the part really well. Some people were saying she needed to try Hydroxycut. I thought that was rude. Rosalie, be proud of your booty!!

Alice- Perfect. Cute, little, spunky. I wish they had been able to develop her character more.

Jasper- NOT how I pictured him at all. Looked like a wimpy kid with a terminal illness. He did look cuter when they played baseball.

Carlisle- Well, since I know what Peter Fanicelli looks like with brown hair, I really wasn't diggin' him with the bleach blonde, but he did fine.

Esme- She was fine. Didn't add or take away from the move in my opinion.

Larent- Had nice abs.

Victoria- Prettier than I pictured, but I think she was a good choice. Did y'all notice later she was wearing the shirt of the guy they killed on the boat??

James- HELLO Hotness!! He was my favorite.

Charlie- Loved the "cop-stache" lol

Jacob- I'm sorry, even with the long black wig he doesn't look native american to me. He doesn't have sharp enough features. But I thought he was cute. He WILL NOT be a good HAWT Jacob later. I'm just sayin'...

So... that's my review. If you're expecting it to live up to the hype, it probably won't. If you're going just to have fun then it's perfect!!

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Klin said...

Are you kidding me?

I'm actually first!!!

1 Brazilian and a white chic said...

yea i just saw it. It was ok, not the best movie i have seen. The book are like 250% better!!! I agree with your alaysis of the characters. Darn..i was hoping for so much more.

Klin said...

I did expect better acting and stuff, but there were parts I did like. I expected Rosalie to act just like she did.

Too bad Emmet was taken.

Maybe they'll find a hot dude to play the wolf, Jacob.

I did expect Carlisle to be different. I don't know how different, but different.

Wasn't James smokin'? I almost forgot he was the bad guy.

My day was too long to really enjoy it. I will go see it again.

Yvonne said...

I enjoyed the movie a whole lot more than I thought I was going to--I was pleasantly surprised.

Edward grew on me--I liked him.

I loved the scenes flying through the trees--that and the baseball, and of course, the fight seen were my favorites. Sorry, I didn't like James.

I was very disappointed in Carlisle--hated the hair and just a tad too much make-up.

Yes, noticed Stephanie Meyer.

Lauren said...

Going for my 3rd time tonight!!!
Looooved your analysis!

Yvonne said...

I just realized that Jacob is the kid that played Elliot Murtah in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 ; )

PJ said...

I loved it! The book was better, but I expected that.

Yep, James was hawt.

I liked her as Bella, I know I'm one of the few;)


omar said...

Hey, what are you guys talking about?

Stacey said...

I loved it! I knew it would be different from the book so I went to the movie with that in mind. I want the next movie now! :P

Edward is H-A-W-T!

I wanted to smack Eric a little bit.

I guess I better go see it again so I can see Victoria wearing the shirt,gosh. :P

Although I don't want to sit through the previews again. "The Unborn" really creeped me out,it was way yucky! :( I hate when they make kids evil. I'm worried I will have a nightmare about the images from that yuckfest!

fawndear said...

It's much better the second time around. Yes I'm that pathetic that I saw it twice this weekend.

The first time I was a bit disappointed and the second time I decided to try and enjoy it apart from the book. And it worked.

Loved Alice! Oh and the Cullen's cooking dinner - Too Funny!

Stacey said...

I don't think it's pathetic..I would have seen it twice too. :P

Amanda said...

I liked your review. I liked the movie, but I didn't love it. I was sorta disappointed. I knew it wasn't going to live up to my expectaions, but I was hoping it would meet them a little better. They left out so much of the interaction between Bella and Edward that made the book so good. There were some really good and funny parths, but I think they just left too much out. I really think if you saw this movie without reading the book you would not understand the relationship very well.

Bella bugged me the whole time, her breathing...did you notice she breathed heavily, a lot? I enjoyed Edward so much more than I expected too. Jacob was just wrong. I agree that Victoria was prettier than I pictured her.

I do plan on seeing it again. I'm hoping that maybe the 2nd time I will like it more.

swampbaby said...

I saw it tonight. It was pretty much what I expected - fun, but no Oscars. I actually thought the casting was well done. I thought they picked the perfect Bella for how I pictured and imagined her in the book. I did laugh at the first scene when Carlisle shows up - holy overdone make-up! The only thing I wished they had done better/more of was drawing the whole James hunting Bella thing out. That is a huge, intense part of the book and I thought they could have done more with it in the movie. My favorite scene was the fight, too. Loved how they emphasized it was hard for Edward to stop. I think that part was better than in the book.

swampbaby said...

PS I am laughing at Jasper being a "wimpy kid with a terminal illness." We all agreed he looked constipated the whole time. Did he even have a speaking line?? I do think his casting was weak.

Stacey said...

Bella was a very heavy breather...of course I would be too if I was around Edward! ;)

I think Jasper talked once...maybe? When Alice was drawing the ballet studio,I think he said something. lol

Lauren said...

After seeing it 3 are my favorite lines:

Rosalie: "How do we know if she even likes Italian?"
Emmett: "Well, her name is Bella"

When Edward is wearing hawt sunglasses and pulls into school with Bella:

Bella: "Everyone is staring at us"
Edward: "No, not that guy."
Edward: "Oh wait...he just looked"


"Well, since I am going to hell.."
(soooo hawt)

annie said...

I liked it!
Agree with you mostly... cept didn't like James. He looked like he needed a good bleach bath. ick.

Whitney said...

I loved the movie. I do have to completely agree with you that James was the hottest. I was more excited to stare at him than Edward...have you seen him without the long blonde hair? He's on the cover of Men's Health, I about die every time I pass should check it out ;)

K said...

I liked it. Edward wasn't as smooth as I pictured him, but he definately had moments of Rico Suave. He does have a great smile. I'm off to Google Men's Health right now!

aubrey said...

i thought bella was retardo. she was trying too hard and just didn't seem relaxed enough. edward has wierd teeth. but other than that i thought he was pretty studly and jacob was a cutie. NOT native american cute {since he's not}, but cute still.

i fully agree with you on the lack of character development. i enjoyed the movie and thought it was fine, but they didn't really develop the characters or their emotions clearly enough. instead they fit all the pertinent parts of the book into 2 hours in a rather choppy sequence.

i'm not complaining though, i'm going to go see it again in a week. haha.

No Cool Story said...

-Edward: Not my Edward at all, but he was ok.
-Jacob: Not Tori's Jacob :(
-Bella: Not as whiny as in the book, and not as bad a dresser as in the book. I love the color and texture of her hair ;)
-Emmet: Super duper hawt.
-James: Holy hawt tamal.
-Alice: Not enough of her
-Victoria: Gorgeous and semi-wild (I wanted her to look wilder, but whatever)
-Jasper: The hair,
-Dr Cullen can draw my blood any time he wants.

No Cool Story said...

Best scenes:

-The first kiss
-Alice terminates James
-"You really shouldn't have said that"
-"Well, since I am going to hell.."
-Any Emmet scene

Physcokity said...

Three words

That being said I disagree with you on a couple minor points, but mostly loved your review because it made me laugh :D

I definitely agree with you on the not enough time to really build character development. One person's review I read said that Smeyer does such a great job at show not tell in the book, but sadly there's not enought ime to properly show rather than tell.

I did like how they weren't above using a little interior monologue to help speed things up a bit, and there was definitely a lot of good humor in the movie. I liked it, and I think it was successful in getting me to feel the same way that I felt while I read the books.

James stole the guy's leather jacket...

No Cool Story said...

Worst scenes:

-The flashbacks. I was actually embarrassed.

-Not a scene but I hated the way the baseball caps fit Esme and Bella.

-Not the worst but when Edward rescues her in Port Angeles his voice trembled when he asked to distract him. No! He was really mad, not about to cry >:P

Physcokity said...

I think that's probably one of the funniest things. Everyone is saying how HAWT James was, but he's only in the first one teehee. Not saying I don't agree b/c he had those cut lines and everything which I find funny that he was more "ripped" than Edward...hahahah

Physcokity said...

Kristen grew on me as Bella, yes it was slow and awkward, but what else do you do when you are a total wallflower who's got the hots for the "hottest" guy in your school who just so happens to sit next to you in bio?

Physcokity said...

I totally agree with Lauren on the best lines of the movie. And favorite non book scene was when Tyler yanks the chair out from under Mike in the cafeteria! Classic.

Oh yes, about friend's mom said he looked stoned haha

Physcokity said...

May I add the disappointment of not having the other four Cullen kids at the prom to the list? I was actually looking forward to that to see what they came up with for their dresses :(

Beckie said...

I think that I must be the only person, ever, to not have read those books. Now I am feeling sad and left out. Oh, pooh.

Nancy Face said...

I LOVED seeing Stephenie Meyer's cameo! :)

I completely agree with you about Rosalie, Alice, Victoria and Jacob. I didn't notice the shirt on Victoria, OH NO! Guess I'll have to go back for the third time! ;)

I really liked Edward, Bella, Emmett, Carlisle and Esme. :)

My favorite scenes were the dancing/kissing at the prom; the fight at the dance studio; and the baseball game! :)

Stacey said...

My fave scenes were the same as Nancy Face. Love the neck kiss at the prom! *shiver*

No Cool Story said...

One last thing, promise, couldn't they have put pants on Bella for the supah kissing scene?

Momma Magpie said...

I loved reading your review, and the comments. I went to see it Saturday night for our anniversary date. But our dinner ended up taking too long and we were going to miss the first 15 minutes of the movie if we went. I decided to wait and go when I wouldn't miss a thing. I'm super stoked!

I've seen Bella's actress in other things-- she was the teen sister in Zathura. I also saw her in premiere pictures. She doesn't seem to have much presence or personality. She's a blank. It's too bad we're stuck with her for several more movies. Maybe the older the actress gets the more experienced and depthful she'll become as a person and that will reflect in her acting...

JustRandi said...

There will never be a Jacob as good as the one in my head.

Just sayin'.

Momma Magpie said...

I'm going Saturday night to see it and am super stoked. I just read that they were thinking about replacing Jacobs actor in the next movie because the actor is too small. But the director said that the actor is trying to gain weight and bulk so he won't be excluded. Poor dude! I'm hoping he can make it happen just because I think it would be weird for there to be a different actor in the 2nd. They are supposed to begin filming in the Spring... and in Italy, no less.

Did you read the scandal on Bella's actress? You should go check it out on my blog. Tsk, tsk.

coffee said...

i don't understand what is the appeal of Robert Pattinson (Edward), his nose looks funny