Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sore butts, Jack Bauer, embarrassment and awesomeness

Ok- by butt HURTS. I went to a spinning class last nite. It was fun and I think I could really enjoy it once I get some callouses on my buttocks. I was so distracted by the pain from the seat I couldn't push myself as hard as I would have liked to. And now, when I sit down... ow.
The two hour season premiere of "24" was on Sunday and we were going to watch it last nite. I fell asleep. I don't know how. I am sorry Jack. Sleeping thru "24" was reminiscent of Thanksgiving '05 when I was 8 months pregnant with Livie and Sei watched the entire second season. I'd be sleeping on the couch and all I would hear is "dint dint dint dint" (ticking of the clock on the show) and "GIVE ME A NAME!!" I'm sorry I failed you Jack. I will watch you tonite.

So, I have a teenager. He's 13 1/2 so he's not a total butthead... yet. But I totally bug the crap out of him- sometimes on purpose and sometimes because I am just that talented. I act like a dork on a continual basis- singing, dancing, stuff like that. I already told about how he decided to walk home after I saved a frog. That was me bugging him on accident. The other nite, when I was singing along to "Pushin' Me Away" by the Jonas Brothers, there's this one COOL part I like. I can't explain it so you have to go to about 1:55 and what for the "Aahhhh!" You'll know it when you hear it. I always have to throw my hands up and say, "Aahhh!!" with it. So, as it got close to my part I pulled to the side of the road and when it said, "Aahhhhh!!" I turned to T-dog as he sat there askin' "What are you doin'?? Why are you pullin' over? Is there a frog??" and I busted out with my "spirit fingers" and said "Aaaahhhh!!" Mission accomplished. And now I love to taunt him, "It's basketball season now. You thought I was loud during football?? Just wait. I actually KNOW bball so I'll be yellin' all the time." Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss.


I can play the "G" chord and "D" chord on the guitar. Yes, I am awesome. I played the "G" and was like, "Hey! This chord is in 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn!'" & started singin'. My brother (who is awesome at the guitar and teaching Alec) kinda looked at me like I was stupid- ya know, because that's the only song that has that chord... Yeah, well.

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Anonymous said...

Learn E and A and you have D and you'll be able to play any 3 chord rock song.


JustRandi said...

You are too funny. And what is that "Ahhh" thing? The first time I heard it I thought someone hit the wrong button during the editing process.

But with the spirit fingers it sounds so much better. Fits right in.

S said...

I told you about that spinning. Crazy stuff! I like my bum non callous thank you. Thanks for todays theme song. Atleast its a good one! Did you see the new axle rose! he just doesn't look right anymore!

Gretch! said...

I want to learn to play the guitar, 34 isn't too late is it??? I did ask for a guitar for Christmas!
We are getting a piano this weekend and I want to learn to play it also!!

Maybe after we all learn we can start the blogger mom rock band!

Stacey said...

I say we have earned the right to embarrass our kids sometimes!

I don't remember being embarrassed by my parents. Maybe it was so traumatizing that I blocked it out. ;)

Yvonne said...

Isn't that WHY we have kids????

Jack was as great as ever--I AM SO looking forward to the new season.

aurora said...

Okay, so I have missed a lot on your blog... trying to catch up-- I often follow in a reader and don't see everyone's actual blog anymore... and don't comment as much as I once did...
so anyway,
1) clicked on your blog and love all of your little button 'flairs' is that what they are called? love them. teach us. ;-)
2) Felt very left out when I noticed that there was not a heart by my name on your sidebar-- then went back and read your heading. Okay, so we need to meet so that I can get a heart, okay? Sorry. I am weird like that. ;-)
3) And finally, I also have a fear of "the finding" of bad news. The anxiety nearly throws me over the edge.

Happy Thanksgiving!

NOBODY said...

pushpush, pushpush. They're pretty good. I know you already told us that, but unless you put the band RIGHT there, I'm probably not going to have an opinion of my own.

So, there's something endearing about you Tori. As I was reading this, I couldn't help but wonder how you can manage to talk about butt callouses, being asleep during 24 and spirit hands, and be so entertaining.

The description of 24 while you were sleeping made me laugh.

aubrey said...

why would he look at you like you are stupid..i would have looked at you like the musical genius that you are. yay for taking a spinning class..i'll let you work out for the both of us.

Suzanne said...

So did you fall asleep during 24 because you're pregnant again? Haha...just kidding.

I've finally reached the point that D is starting to be embarrassed from the things I do. Like I can't kiss him or say how cute I think he is in front of his friends. Frankly I'm a little surprised it lasted this long because he's 8, but I'm not complaining! :)

Klin said...

I wonder if it has to do with the age 13 1/2? NOTHING I do is right and EVERYTHING I do is annoying to her.

She won't come in the same room with me anymore. Why is that you ask? Because I am ALWAYS listening to the Twilight soundtrack. Didn't know that was a problem. I love it and I need to learn the words, so I listen to it ALL.THE.TIME.

Bugs her to death, er, absence anyway.

Stacey said...

I've gotten caught up in the Twilight soundtrack too. Now when Muse starts,my kids say,"Not again,that's annoying!!"

Little do they know I have it as my ring tone now....Muwahahahaha!!

omar said...

I don't think I had ever seen the Jonas brothers before. That's what passes for a heartthrob these days?

I haven't watched 24 yet. I was going to do so tonight. Don't ruin it for me.

I can't wait to embarrass my kids!

No Cool Story said...

I have never watched 24. is there something wrong with me?

I embarrass my kids all the time,mwahaha, they don't appreciate it now, but i know they'll later. no?

Beckie said...

I love spirit fingers/hands! I was just doing them last night as I wheeled my chair across the floor in the Lab.

As for 24, I have to watch it a little at a time, but Keiffer is still a hottie.

Thank you, I now have 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn' in my head.

I love embarassing my 13 year old stepson, it's so easy/fun!

omar said...

NCS - Yes. Yes there is.

Tori :) said...

I'm gonna have to concur with Omar, NCS. I think you would ♥ Jack as well. Rent the first few seasons and report back to me. "Someone get me a hacksaw!!"

Tori :) said...

Knot- I'm workin' on them. I can play them, just not very quickly or cleanly.

JustRandi- Spirit fingers make everything awesome!!

S- I want to try it again but I don't like sore bums. What to do. What to do...

Gretch- I don't think 34 is too old. I'm 32 so I vote "NO! Not too old!"

Stacey- I remember being embarrassed, but I am positive I embarrassed them more.

Yvonne- It was good. But when they burnt his ear... ow.

Aurora- I steal flair from Facebook. Do you still like me??

NObo- What's not entertaining about butt callouses?? :P

Aubrey- Maybe we could work out an every other day thing. You work out for us MWF, I'll do T,Th,Sat...

Suzanne- SO NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

Klin- 13 1/2 seems so young to me. I wasn't a butthead til closer to 14 1/2...

Stacey- I need to get the soundtrack because I've loved Muse for years!!

Beckie- Kiefer is hot, although I never thought that before. Maybe because he was always a skanky skinhead or rapist or whatever in the movies he was in. He's gotten hotter with age for sure.

NCS- HELLO!! :) I'm glad I got to chat with you the other day. :)

Omnar 3000- Did you watch it yet??? What'd you think??

Stacey said...

Yes, that was James in The Unborn and I hate when they make kids evil too.

Physcokity said...

No it's not the only song with a G chord in it. Just the only song with a G chord that you happened to recognize first...;)

S said...

Two weeks and the soreness is GONE! I was told, yet not a firm believer as you can tell:)

Nancy Face said...

My son is the same age, and I really SHOULD be embarrassing and annoying to him, but most of the time he doesn't notice my weirdness. I wonder when that will change, haha! :D