Saturday, November 01, 2008

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K." (What movie!??!)

Here's a few Halloween happenings:

1. I found my 1st gray hair ever. I am so sad. I'm trying to look on the bright side. Isabel has like one hair follicle with no pigment or something because she has always had one white hair since she was little. A hairstylist told me not to pull it because it means Izzy is smart. So, I now I am inclined to think that I am getting smart since I am just now growing gray hairs. Ya think? My dad must be a freakin' GENIUS!

2. At 9pm I turned off our porch lite and put what was left of our candy in a bucket on the porch for any stragglers that came by and didn't realize the no porch lite = no candy. An hour later I heard something so I went outside.

"Never say who's there. Don't you watch scary movies? It's like a death
wish. You might as well come out to investigate a strange noise or something."

The whole bucket was gone! A few sporadic pieces of candy were on the sidewalk like someone grabbed the bucket and ran. HELLO! It's FREE candy- I don't care who takes it. But WHY steal my bucket? Granted it was just a big ice cream bucket, but I USE those buckets for stuff (like bath toys and rice and ...) and now you took it. And I'm betting it was some kid too old to be Trick or Treating anyway.

3. Speaking of people too old to T or T- a MAN came to my door to T or T. He was with a kid who was like 15 and they were both dressed in camo carrying paintball guns. Normally I would say something like "Aren't you a little too old?" but I didn't. It was actually kinda scary and I was wishing my husband was home protecting me instead of protecting the public. :(

4. I received a mysterious package that contained this shirt:

It was shipped direct from the company so there was no return address and no "from" card. But after some super sleuth work by moi I am inclined to believe that Klin of Monkeying Around the Jungle got it for me. Am I correct Klin?? THANK YOU SO MUCH. Sei told me my old concert tee was "ghetto." Isabel's been sleeping in it for years.... So I will be lookin' all HAWT in my new shirt. Thanks so much Klin. :)

I am getting so spoiled!! I think I will post about how I wish I could win the lottery, but never buy a ticket because I know it's wrong. Will bloggers unite to give me millions??? ;) Thanks again.

***** Halloween pics to come!!! Oh, and Seiuli Saturday is back. Check out my hot hubby!!

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Methodical wormer said...

"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" Physco only quotes that movie like once an hour for me to know that so I'll dedicate it to her.

I found my first gray hair at 15. Don't be too bummed.

Millie said...

SCORE on the NKOTB T-shirt!!! Remember that concert when we first met? Ahhh... memories. ;)

I will have to dye my hair for the next 11 years so Rosalind can still have a "young mom." Otherwise I'd be about a third gray. Feel bad about THAT.

I also have one blond eyelash. :)

Amanda said...

I actually knew this movie quote!!

I started getting random gray hairs a couple of years ago. I didn't know that meant I was getting wiser in my old age. ;)

Congrats on your t-shirt! Klin is so nice! :)

Can't wait to see the halloween pictures!

ps. I love your profile picture!

Yvonne said...

I don't mind my hair going grey, but the EYEBROWS are another story. (I HATE IT!!!--and having them tinted is more expensive than having my hair colored ; (

That Klin is so nice ; ) What a great friend.

I only had 12 trick or treaters ; (

Klin said...

Klin can neither confirm nor deny the sending of such a hawt looking shirt for a friend whom she admires and loves bunches and bunches.

She can openly admit to wanting so see you in this having fun.

She can admit to knowing about some help but cannot disclose whether that help came from inside or outside of your home ;) or both.

Klin said...

I love the new pic!!!

You can pull off so many looks and make 'em all look good.

Karina said...

"As you can see, Genghis very much enjoys Twinkies because of the excellent sugar rush".

As for gray hairs, I've never personally found a gray hair on myself, the husband has seen one, but if I can't see it it doesn't count, right?

No Cool Story said...

A gray hair? NO! Says it isn't so.
That means there's only me left ;) HA!

Hey, I love your profile pic, you are a-rockin' that bandana.

Heffalump said...

"Be excellent to each other...Party on Dudes!"
We left our candy in a bowl on the porch when we took the kids out Trick or Treating and it (along with a little bit of the candy) was still there when we got back. I had used a disposable container just in case someone stole it, but maybe our candy was just not good enough for anyone to want to take all of it...

Momma Magpie said...

I'm sorry your candy dish was stolen-- that stinks. My first trick-or-treater didn't bother saying "trick-or-treat" or "thank you" as he left my porch. He said instead, "What!? We only get 1 piece of candy this year?"

Ungrateful kiddo-- I gave you TWO pieces of candy! And what do you expect? I have 300 trick-or-treaters coming and we're in a RECESSION! Geez.

I love your new shirt-- NKOTB ROCK!

As far as gray hairs go, my friend, you are talking to a woman who was completely gray by the age of 30. I wish I could comfort you but you would have to send me some chocolate as compensation first.

Gray hair ROCKS too! If I say that enough it'll sink in, right?

Thank you for your sweetness on my blog today. My heart is so heavy for Mariah right now, it means so much to me to have some prayers for her. Hugs to you for your kindness.

swampbaby said...

My first gray hair was laying on my letter jacket while we rode to an away game on the bus. :-( Now I have so many my hairstylist refers to them as my "platinum blond highlights". :-(

wendy said...

My favorite trick or treaters were two dads totally dressed up, trick or treating with their maybe 18 month old babies. The babies were cute, but did they really need a bucket of candy?

These two grown men (soldiers, I'm sure, since they had that tell-tale hair cut and we live on an Army post) were totally dressed up. Not in off the rack at Walmart costumes, but a mixture of homemade and nice store bought. Gladiator and Scarecrow. It totally cracked me up.

No scary camo guys with guns here. We get that daily around here, though...

Sorry about your candy bucket.

wendy said...

Mama Magpie - at one point I thought we weren't going to have many trick or treaters, so I gave 3 candies each to a couple boys. One of them said - you don't have to give us soooo much candy...

I thought that was cute.

aubrey said...

um, that shirt is pretty awesome, tori! super cool to get some goodmail!

Lauren said...

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure haha :)

I am seriously dying laughing that someone would steal the candy bucket. Foolish. I can just imagine them running for it.

The shirt is so awesome!

Nancy Face said...

I love Bill and Ted! :D

I found my first gray hair at 25...are you turning 25 soon? Sorry, but the theory is DEAD WRONG. I have TONS of gray now, and I'm as dumb as an ox! :)

Nancy Face said...

Love your T-shirt! :)

I think it's great when parents dress up in costume to accompany their kids trick-or-treating...but I HATE it when the parents expect candy for themselves!

Physcokity said...

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Whoa. Don't forget to wind your watch Ted!

The only reason I started dying my hair was because there were too many grays to count...although they aren't really gray. They're white. ;)

He also enjoys Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet.