Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Weekend and miscellany

* Friday nite Isabel had basketball practice and the boys had a birthday party to go to. I also had to run by the gym to get measured for my bootcamp graduation.

* Saturday Alec had a game a 8am. But he had to be there at 7:30am for pics. Suck. Anyway... they lost 20 to 13, but Alec scored and he did really well. I think he's definitely one of the best ball handlers on his team. Get your head out of the gutter. BASKETBALL handlers. Izzy had a game too. She scored the 1st 2 points in her game and considering they only got to 7 points, that's pretty good. I was the loudest parent there- of course.

* Bootcamp graduation- I got a tshirt and also learned that I lost 3% body fat and can do 14 more push ups in a minute than I could 5 weeks ago. I went fromo 24 to 38. They are full-body pushups and we had to touch our nose to a step riser so they were legit. Yeah, I'm pretty buff... ;) I didn't lose any weight or inches. I like to think it's because my HUGE muscles are pushing my fat out. I'm sure that's it...

* Church Christmas party- we decorated cookies to take to neighbors. Plus, Santa came. Livie pooped right before he came so I had to change her. As I was chasing her to change her she stopped and said, "Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping!" Nerd.

* Speaking of "Swiper, no swiping!" Sei used to think Dora said, "Swiper no swipey!" I was telling my SIL that and she goes, "Yeah, I used to think that too." Then a couple of minutes later she goes, "I actually thought that's what they said up until like 2 minutes ago when you said that." LOL.

* Sei called me from work last nite and when I answered he said, "Babe, I love you." That's not good. I mean, it's good, but not when your husband is a cop. That is a sure sign that something bad has happened. I guess a guy went into a restuarant with an AK-47 and was wanting to kill the manager or something. Sei was one of the 1st officers to respond. Why does my husband have to be a freakin' over-achiever? I've told him if it's a dangerous call to drive sloooooowwww. I know he was nervous because he didn't know what to expect or what the man was thinking. Anyway... the guy left like 20 seconds before Sei got there. They caught him. He was totally armed with tons of ammo and weapons. But he surrendered peacefully, thankfully.

* I had weird, freaky, possessed-type dreams last nite and I didn't even watch anything weird before bed. I woke up freaked out a few times during the nite. I heard a loud bump upstairs and I was too lazy to go check it out. It's like last weekend, Sei was working and it was just Taj, Liv and me, and I heard something bump into our trashcans outside and kept hearing noises. The cans are close to my bedroom window. I didn't know if I should call 911 or just wait to die or what. While I was pondering what to do, I dozed off. I guess I was too tired to mess with it. I'm hoping if anyone breaks in to attack me that they will just do it without waking me up. But I guess that's not possible since we have an alarm. Which reminds me- Sei had a short shift a while ago and got off at 3am. He totally set off the alarm when he got home. I heard it, grabbed my cell phone, looked at the clock and thought, "Oh, it's Sei." He turned it off fast, so I knew it was him, but then I thought, "I should go check on the kids..." I start walking up the stairs and for a split second I thought, "What if it's not Sei? I am so screwed..." It was Sei and he was upstairs comforting Liv and Izzy- the only people that woke up! Nice.

* That is all.

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S said...

Boy that last part sure sounds familiar.
But the AK47 man that is some scary stuff.

S said...

Maybe it was a beaver in the trash cans?

Yvonne said...

Wait a minute--you can do 14 MORE push-ups in a minute than you could 5 weeks ago. I can't do 14 push ups PERIOD!!! Great job.

Can I just tell you how much I appreciate your husband and ANYONE else who is a police officer.

NOBODY said...

Still love the random.

Your SIL's comment made me LOL too.

chellie said...

I think I'd cry if I was home alone at nights... :) It always seems that is the only time I hear "noises."

Yikes. Scary about the bad guy and Sei arriving so quickly. I'm glad it was all peaceful in the end.

Gretch! said...

So glad Sei didn't have to "deal" with that psycho!!

o' yea, btw, I can't even do ONE push up! I'm a loser!

Suzanne said...

Congrats on graduating from boot camp! Maybe you could take on midnight intruders now... Or not! ;) Glad that it was Sei. I would hate to be alone at night too.

Lauren said...

I am glad Sei is safe!!!!

"Swiper no Swiping"! hahahahah! hahaha!

You are so buff. I can't do real push ups. Only woosy women kind.

Nancy Face said...

That restaurant thing is SO SCARY! I'm glad your Sei is safe and that he didn't have to confront the bad guy! Crazy dreams, too! :0

Liam's Mom said...

You are just like me in the lazy department when it comes to bumps in the night. Sometimes I might check it out, but most of the time I just wait to die like you do.

Glad all are safe. And the swiper story made me laugh... both of them actually.

No Cool Story said...

Suzanne pretty much said what I was going to say.
Now I have nuthin'.

YAY for alarms :)

Lippy said...

I'm just so glad that had a good ending. Police don't get paid anywhere enough in my opinion. Especially now when the population of nut jobs has seemingly exploded.

Oh, and you can do 14 more pushups now? I can only do 7 more than last week...last week I could do 0. Progress.

Millie said...

It's me, the Holiday Armadillo!

I'm glad boot camp is over for you. Here's to that sweet booty.

Amanda said...

Yvonne stole my comment about the push ups! Very impressive!!

I am the same with noises at night. This made me lol I didn't know if I should call 911 or just wait to die or what. Glad that you and your husband are both safe! A big thanks to your husband for being brave enough to help protect the rest of us!