Monday, December 29, 2008


Hey everyone. I've sucked at commenting around the blogosphere, but I'm hoping y'all haven't noticed because y'all have been having a great holiday! :)
My Christmas was great. I will probably write about it later. I don't have the memory card from my camera so I don't wanna post without pics. I am going to steal a few pics from my sister's blog. But some highlites were:

** I took a hip hop class on Tuesday at the gym. Yeah, I would just like to confirm once again that I am SO white. I actually asked 2 girls to dance in front of me so I couldn't see myself in the mirror.

** Kelsea and Karlea arrived on Christmas Eve just in time to open gifts and act out the Christmas story. (Thank you again to my Mom and Dad for the airline ticket!!) Tristan, Alec and Isabel were also able to come from the ex's for a few hours that evening too. It was great. :)

Acting out the Christmas story

(Mom, Dad, Swampbaby, Ali, Me, Woogs)

** Sei gave me a sewing machine. I've wanted one, but I don't have a clue how to sew. I can't even load the thread on it yet, but it came with an instructional dvd so I'm thinkin' I will be an awesome seamstress like Nancy and Chel just in time to sew Liv's wedding dress. (If she marries when she's 30...) I'm excited!!

** Santa learned he will never again bring big boxes of Nerds candy.

** Santa DID bring underwear to Taj (Ironman) and Livie (Little Mermaid) just to spite me for saying underwear was a lame gift. Serves me right I guess. Taj loves his. Liv refuses to wear hers unless they are OVER a diaper.

** I bought Sei and Alec "Kobe" jerseys. I seriously nearly throw up a little in my mouth everytime I see them in them. Yuck. I bought Tristan a Kevin Garnett jersey. I should have just got them all a neutral player- like Steve Nash. But instead everytime they put those ball hog, full of himself, makes me think of my ex, player's jersey on, they will think "Wow. My mom/wife really loves me."

** Liv LOVES Christmas lites. We could drive thru our neighborhood and she would yell, "It's amaaaaaaazing!! It's amaaaaaaazing!"

** I made Sei and the kids watch "It's a Wonderful Life" for the 1st time ever. Tristan's face was so classic when the stars are talking at the beginning. He was like "What the heck Mom?? This is stupid!!" They all held on and watched the show and loved it. Yessssssssssssssssss. I rule. And I could still quote at least 1/2 of it. "Is this the ear you can't hear on? George Bailey I'll love you til the day I die..."

** Sei is off for 10 days (he only had to take 3 days off!!) and then he will be on weekday day shift!! YAY!! We are all excited to spend time with him.


This holiday season use Samsonite luggage. It's the only way to travel. :)

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Lauren said...


Lauren said...

Anyway, I love "It's a Wonderful Life"...I made Ted watch it with me for the first time, and we were crying like babies at the end. Good times.

You are a cool mom for getting Kobe jerseys. I would have went ahead and gotten the Steve Nash one. Then again, I love that makes sense.

My mom bought CC a sewing machine...she is learning how to use it too!

Karina said...

I love it's a wonderful life. It's my favorite holiday movie!
I hear ya about those big boxes of Nerds candy. My kids got them in their stockings from grandma (thanks a lot)and they are everywhere. Never again, never again.

aubrey said...

i am so glad you had a fun vacation!!

chellie said...

Haha.. the boxes of Nerds made me laugh. I learned that one last year! :)

Oh man, you must LOVE them with all your guts because no one will EVER get a Kobe jersey around here EVER. I guess I don't love them enough. I would get a Steve Nash jersey though.

Yay! for sewing machines! I love mine! I'm sure you'll do great!

S said...

Wow it sounds as if I missed a part.a I heart nerds. What could go wrong with nerds? So glad your husband is home for nights now. Do I sense some restful sleep filled nights:))))))))))))))))))

Klin said...

Yay for K & K arriving and the ex letting ya "visit" with the kids.

I have a sewing machine. It hasn'e been used in a while *cough* 5 years *cough* I can make pillow cases really well;)

Since when does Santa bring Nerds?

LOL at the underwear as gifts.

*bowing to Tori* You are the I refuse to spend a penny on anything Kobe. Ugh. I just loathe him.

So you are saying Liv and I could go see Christmas lights together and enjoy it?

L.O.V.E. It's a Wonderful Life. LOVE IT!

I put bells on our tree this year and the kids walk by and ring them as they pass. They say the phrase from the movie about an angel getting it's wings. *sigh*

Yay for Sei being home at night. Too bad you love Jacob. I guess you'll have to sleep at night rather than what you could do ALL night with Edward ;););)

Happy New Year!

Physcokity said...

I still have not seenit's a Wonderful Life...or at least all of it. The only parts I have seen are the ones that tend to make very brief cameo's in other Christmas movies I love ie Home Alone I & II.

Kinda funny though I realized for the first time ever that in numero uno they are watching it in French. In numero's en espanol.

PS saw your Christmas card, cute cute kids you have! but then again you already knew that ;)

Yvonne said...

You actually bought a Kobe jersey--I am impressed and agree: You must REALLY love your hubby and son ; )

LOL at the sewing Liv's wedding dress.

Sei is going to be on days--what a FANTASTIC Christmas present.

Nancy Face said...

I see my name! :D

I love the kids' Nativity picture!

The Hub Cap and I gave Sierra a sewing machine because she wants to get into some sewing. The cool thing is that it comes with a free two-hour class, all about how to use the machine and stuff! (I HATE reading sewing machine instruction manuals, UGH!)

Iron Man unds sound pretty cool to me! Do you think they come in my size? ;)

I LOVE Christmas lights...and crying over "It's a Wonderful Life."

Hooray for weekday day shift, w00t!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hollidays to your family from our family, We sure miss you guys. Colby really misses Tristin

MommyJ said...

I also love It's a wonderful life... though I can't imagine anyone saying, "wow, I really don't like that one!"

Glad you're getting time with your husband. That's the best. :)

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great Christmas being all together. It doesn't get better than that! Enjoy your time with Sei and don't worry about blog commenting. I have hardly been on my computer lately and I'm trying not to care. So many other things to do....

Millie said...

I still haven't ever watched It's a Wonderful Life. I am a bad Christmas celebrator.

utmommy said...

We don't buy Nerds either.

You are a good wife/mom.

I took a hip hop class too. It was so fun. Too bad we aren't taking one together.

Anonymous said...

"taste like doritos, tequila, and something else"

Suzanne said...

Have so much fun with Sei home! I haven't been blogging as much either. It's been fun to be off for the Christmas break. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! That is darling what Livie says about the Christmas lights! :)