Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OCD Tori style

* I apologize for my lack of commenting lately. I've been a lazy blogger this week- busy getting Christmas stuff ready and just being lazy.

* Yesterday the baby I watch and his mom were in a car wreck. She text me to let me know she was on the way. An hour later I was like, "Ok, this has taken waaaay too long." Then she called to let me know she had been hit, spun around and hit again. I saw pics of her car and it's totalled. I'm glad they were both ok.

* I am trying to make myself more cultured so I checked out "To Kill a Mockingbird" from the library. Someone please shoot me. Everytime I pick it up I fall asleep. I know there is a great story in this book. When do I get to it? I may just have to borrow the movie from my parents.

* I have decided I have a rare form of OCD. Or maybe it's not rare, but I'm the only person I know that has it. When I work out on any form of exercise equipment, I'll say the elliptical for now since that's what I've been using, I could probably end up working out all day on it if it wasn't for sheer willpower to get off of it. See, when I start working out I input a time, say.... 30 minutes. But when that 30 minutes ends I realize the "calories burned" amount is a weird amount, like 212. That bugs me, so I say "I'll work out til it's to 250." Well, when 250 comes around I'm at a weird time like 34 minutes. That's annoying. So, I say "I'll work out to 40 minutes." At 40 minutes the calories are at 306. Do you see where I'm goin' with this?? I like to end at 5 minute intervals and like my calories to be at 25-50 calorie intervals. I don't know why. Yesterday I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and had to force myself off because I was at 351 calories. Soooooo close. Thankfully I don't have OCD when I'm using weights or doing crunches other than that I have to do an even number, so after the elliptical I did leave the gym in a reasonable amount of time. This isn't new either. When I was pregnant with Alec I worked out on a stair-stepper religiously and it was the same deal. I'd be on it for an hour and a half trying to balance out the numbers. It's kind of like when I pump gas into the car. I have to end on an even dollar amount. Sei will get $20.01 just to bug me. Am I weird? Are you weird with me? Or is everyone else weird?

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omar said...

No, I think you're weird all by yourself. But in this case, isn't it a good weird? You're exercising MORE as a result.

I'd normally be mad at you for not commenting, but I can't get too mad if I'm not blogging very much.

Suzanne said...

Tori, I do the same thing with numbers on the treadmill and gasoline too!!! We can be weird together! :)

Umm...I never thought To Kill a Mockingbird got good. Maybe I'm not very cultured, but the entire story just seemed odd to me. Especially the ham costume.

That's scary about the baby you babysit. I'm so glad they're o.k.!

Lauren said...

I do the same thing with gas...but Ted is the OCD one in our family. He is insane. He has to program the microwave in patterns. Like so:

4:48 (because 4+4=8...i know)

But he does other stuff. Like if we are at the book store and he sees that books are put away in the wrong spot, he will start organzing the books. Once he was late picking me up because he spent 2 HOURS at Border's organizing their books. I told him, "You don't freakin work there...stop it!" haha!

Lauren said...

I can't get into "To Kill a Mockingbird" either.

Yvonne said...

Goodness, I just CAN'T WAIT for the time to be over when I'm on the elliptical--don't care what it is ; )

I don't think I ever read "To Kill A Mockingbird"

Karina said...

I wish I had that problem. My problem is I break into a rash when I go near any exercise equipment. And as for To kill a the movie first, it's really good, then read the book.

Mel said...

That's very weird IMHO! Ever since your gasoline post I've tried to really care about ending it on the dollar but its just not working for me;)

I'm wondering how its okay with you to have SEVEN children?

Heidi said...

You're not wierd Tori...I do the same thing. But come to think of it, I am a little OCD in a lot of other things too. Hmmm. It's okay. We can be wierd and skinny together. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I had a discussion last night that she thinks she's OCD because she can only stop the treadmill if it's at 100's or even numbers.

Please. What difference does it make?

I told her she was not OCD but more superstitious.


No Cool Story said...

1) You should be sorry.
2) Oh no scary =:O I ma glad they are ok
3) DO not rent the movie. Seriously, the book is awesome.
Not all books are better than the movie, take "The Godfather", bestest movies ever in the history of the world...I hate it the book.
Juts take you time, you'll so get into it.
4)Wow, you are weird.


No Cool Story said...

Nah, I also have to stop at even numbers on the elliptical, 300 or 400 calories.
The elliptical I do by time, it has to be even numbers.

Klin said...

Geeze girl. Why torture yourself? Just watch the dang video. It's good.

Good grief about the accident. How scary. Glad they are okay.

Apologizing for not commenting? I'd better get busy. I mostly read lately. Sure hope others aren't judging my love by my comments.

I like numbers that are multiples of 10, but will accept multiples of 5 in necessary. OCD? Yes. Weird? Not in my book. ;)

omar said...

FYI, I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite right now. About halfway through. And I can't lie, I'm a little bit mad at you right now.

More later.

Mikelene said...

Talk about scary accident!! Glad they are ok.
TKAM really is a good book. The movie is so-so. Give the book another try. After the holidays.
On the elliptical I just go for 5 miles ---not a preset time. I pretty much know how long it takes me to run?do? a mile. And I like my calories to be at 50 or 100 intervals. Can't stand for it to end on something odd like 736.
Gas pumps drive me crazy. But I've tried to let it go. A little.
So I guess I am weird with you. And a few others, too.

Heffalump said...

I think you should just put some masking tape over the other numbers and use one thing to figure out your stopping point for the day...that is what I would probably have to do.
My personal OCD involves M&Ms, and things being multiples of 5...

Stacey said...

I'm glad the mom and her baby are alright. Scary stuff!

When I used to go to the gym,either the minutes or the calories had to be even. Other than that,I'm pretty normal. :P

Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad they weren't injured! :0

I've been sick for 6 days now, so I can't work out, and I hate that. What if I get out of the habit? :S

Kris Face is just like you with pumping gas. I'm more like Sei, MUAHAHA! >:)

Amanda said...

Glad that the baby and mommy are both safe!

You are weird! I'm so ready to get off when my time ends that I don't care what is says! :) Just think how much your OCD is helping you to burn even more calories! Yay for OCD!

aubrey said...

please keep reading that book, it's one of my favorites..such an amazing story. and even though the movie is well done, it doesn't do the book justice.

as for your OCD workout timing, it am the same way. if i stop on 20 minutes and 1 minute, it drives me nuts.