Friday, January 30, 2009

Omar's questions answered

In keeping with answering questions I am moving on to Omar's. Everyone had great questions but one of his really made me think. A lot. Uh oh.

Omar asked these questions:

- What's your social security number and mother's maiden name?
123-45-6789 and Nunya

- Your team's down one with 7 seconds to go and has the ball at midcourt. Does the coach design the play to get you the ball, or to have you set the pick?
I'm AM Jimmy Chitwood. If you know the movie "Hoosiers" then you know my answer. Actually in high school I think I DID shoot the shot. When I played with women at church there were no plays. I was the only one who could dribble and shoot, so MOST DEFINITELY.

- Which was your easiest child birth experience?
Livie. My water broke. I had no contractions, nada. They hooked me up to pitocin. I started contracting, said "Been there done that. Gimme the drugs." Watched 'Napoleon Dynamite' for a while, said "Ow." Told the nurse it was time. Didn't even push. Seriously. Time from 1st contraction to baby - 3 hours 9 minutes.

- When you were 18, how many kids did you envision yourself having?
5. I always said 5. So, I have given birth to 5, but got 2 freebies. :)

- Who's more awesome: me or Lauren?
You are the most awesome male blogger and Lauren is the most awesome should-have-married-my-brother blogger.

- When are you and Sei planning to visit Palmyra, NY?
I would absolutely LOVE to visit Palmyra. I'm a huge Joseph Smith Jr. history buff. We were waiting for the kids to be older so they'd appreciate it more. Or older so it's easier to leave them with people.

- Let's say commissioner David Stern calls your house and says, "We're starting a new program to engage our young NBA fans. I can send one NBA player to spend an afternoon at your house." He offers to send Dirk, Kobe, or Steve Nash. Who do you pick, and why?
Ok, this is the one that made me think, think, think. Now of course Kobe is OUT. Not even an option. Gag. But Nash and Dirk... I love them both. Nash has THE BEST passes and rad ball handling skills. He's a leader. He is awesome. I love watching him play. Dirk is an all-around great player. You wouldn't expect a 7 footer to be dribbling down the court. That's why he stands out. He plays like a guard because that's how the man who trained him taught him to play. Any tall guy can play under the goal or attempt to. But most aren't coordinated enough or expected to shoot from the outside like Dirk does. It's amazing. But who would appreciate my fan-ness the most? Who would think I am rad? Nash is a family man. He only endorses products of responsible companies. He is very charitable. I like him. But on the otherhand Dirk is nice. He has a foundation set up to help poverty in Africa. And he's stayed a Maverick- the team I love.
Crap Omar. I don't know. They are good friends. Can I say Dirk and ask him to bring Steve?

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omar said...

No consideration for Kobe? I thought pressure from the kids or hubby would come into play. My gosh, Tori, don't you even love your kids or husband?

I'm right around the corner from Palmyra. If you guys visit there and don't tell me, please note that I'll never talk to either of you again.

Tori :) said...

The kids get to visit with a lying adulterer who thinks he's God's greatest gift every other weekend. So they don't need Kobe. :P

Beckie said...

YAY for Nash....he's my favorite player and not because he played against my BIL in high school either. He has amazing skills! Why is it that womens church ball is so unorganized? dives me nuts.

Anonymous said...

palmyra is the best place EVER. srsly it made me want to go on a mission so bad.

Yvonne said...

THOSE ARE FANTASTIC QUESTIONS--Omar really makes you think, eh???

Loved your answers. LOL about the Women's Church team ; )

Palmyra is wonderful. I think it would be fun to participate in the Pageant.

Love your answer to the Dirk/Steve (forget Kobe) question.

Great/fun post, tori. Special thanks to omar.

Heidi said...

Ok. So i have something, but not neccesarily something you would want to post. I want a virtual tour, or just a lot of pics, through your house. Cuz I want to see where my favorite family is living. :) And I miss you. The end. Oh... and I loved the Livie labor story. :)

Klin said...

"The kids get to visit with a lying adulterer who thinks he's God's greatest gift every other weekend. So they don't need Kobe. :P"

LOVE IT!!! Best comeback ever.

Cool labor and delivery story with Livie. That's why she gives you hell some days. She made the arrival so easy:P

annie said...

Hey! that's my ssn too!

chellie said...

Awesome Tori!

Omar comes up with good stuff, ehe?

Livie's birth was much like Ryker's. No contractions or pain after my water broke and I had him 1 hour 36 minutes after arriving at the hospital... sort of makes me sad the other 2 had to be c-sections - maybe they would have been easy too??

Yay for Nash. I love him. I hate Kobe.

No Cool Story said...

I juts can't believe Omar asked a child birth question :D

BOOO for Kobe.

omar said...

Thoughts on Dwyane Wade? That's a question for both you and Sei. Go.