Friday, January 09, 2009

The New and Old in my life...

As I thought back about 2008 there were A LOT of changes. A LOT.

NEW: I moved back to Texas. This was huge. The kids have adjusted well. Sei loves his job. And I am a lard. Obviously I've had the hardest time adjusting. I miss our old neighborhood. I miss our old ward. I miss my friends. But I know we are suppose to be here, so I will continue to adjust the best I can. It has been nice having my family near. The kids deserve to be close to at least one set of grandparents!!

OLD: My ex still lives in Texas.

NEW: I started watching kids in my home this year. I actually just started watching 2 more this past Monday. So, now I watch 3 kids everyday and a 4th on Tuesdays. It's been interesting. Thankfully I am now watching an almost 5 yr old boy and Taj loves having a playmate!! The money is very helpful as we pay off debt and save for missions and college and our Florida vacation this year!! The extra kids is why I will not be writing many blog ads anymore. I was tired of blogging because I had to. I want to blog when I want to. I will do ads occasionally if the pay is ok, just fyi.

OLD: I am still doing paid links in my posts. So if I stick in a weird words that don't seem to go with the post, like shipping boxes, for example, that's why.

NEW: I have 7 kids that pee in the toilet.

OLD: I have 6 kids that poop in the toilet...

NEW: My new fave song is "Gives You Hell" by The All American Rejects

OLD: I still love orange.

NEW: I enjoy exercising again. It's my stress relief and break. And Seiuli has been wonderful about facilitating my time.

OLD: My big butt. It's still here.

NEW: I traveled by myself several times this past year!! I got to go to Vegas for my brother's wedding. Oregon for the highlite of my summer! And Kansas City for the NKOTB concert. Note that 2 out of 3 involved Y'ALL!! Yay!!

OLD: I came home everytime to my wonderful husband who I love so much. I can't believe I am married to such an awesome man. I mean, I think back on our lives, how we met, etc... and I am just amazed. I know we were meant to be together. He's my lobster. (What's that from??) And I didn't mean for this post to get mushy, but Sei went in for an endoscopy today. Basically they stick a camera down your throat and take pics. When he got one 3 years ago he was diagnosed with Barrett's disease which is pre-cancerous. So, today he went in for another and thankfully a lot of the scar tissue has healed and he no longer has Barretts. YAY! I love him and I am thrilled he is getting better. :)

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Klin said...

Firsty, first, first.

Klin said...

I am so glad you can blog for fun now. Your posts that you want to do are the best.

Allen had that endoscopy thing. I made him get surgery to get the one part fixed. He too had barretts disease. Weird.

I was freaked out cause I watched my dad's friend pass away with cancer just months before my dad. I did NOT want to relive that with hubs.

I love it when you are mushy about Sei. I feel the same about Allen so it feels good to me when someone else does.

Klin said...

I'll go post on my own blog now :P

carrie said...

It's from Friends, I'm so good at this game! Hope to see you sometime in 2009.

glittersmama said...

Yay for at least peeing in the potty. small steps...

tara said...

Friends-- phoebe talking about Ross and Rachel (: classic.

Lauren said...

"NEW: I have 7 kids that pee in the toilet.

OLD: I have 6 kids that poop in the toilet..."

Best ever. I laughed.

I am also glad that you get to blog when YOU want to. That is the best kind of blogging.

New: It is 2009
OLD: I love Tori!

Anonymous said...

Having that many kids would kill me. I'm not a kid person. Some people are.

I wish I could get paid for putting words in my posts. I can work just about anything in.


No Cool Story said...

YAY for Sei! I am glad he's healed :D

I think I am going to enjoy your pay links a LOT. Shoes.

joanna said...

Awesome about Sei!

Hey - that is so cool you went to the NKOTB concert in Kansas City! I went to the one in Glendale, AZ with my sister. I LOVED it! It was AWESOME to see them back together. . . Anyway, I'm not sure if you're that big of a fan like I am/was.

wendy said...

I never heard of Barrett's disease. Hmmm. I am married to a Barrett, though. Does that count for something?

I'm a slow blogger, too, lately. I think that's okay. Take your time. We'll still be around.

Yvonne said...

I'm so happy to read about your hubby--great news.

Physcokity said...

"And I am a lard." At least your name isn't Tina, but hey I feel your pain...or at least the pain of dragging around the extra poundage...

Stacey said...

I knew the lobster part was from Friends too. :P

That's wonderful news about Sei!

I love your posts,they always entertain me.

Nancy Face said...

YAY! I'm so happy your hubby is healthy! :)

YAY! I'm glad you get to blog now just because you FEEL like it! :)

Here's to SEVEN potty poopers for 2009! ;)

Mikelene said...

Great news about your husband! Mine's been thru the whole cancer thing & I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I clicked over & read how y'all met. Cool story!

Millie said...

I feel for you, moving away and leaving people behind. It's hard.

So glad Sei is all better now, and your seventh is peeing in the potty!

It was so fun to see you - where are we going in '09?

Suzanne said...

He's my lobster! That's from Friends! I actually knew one of your quotes! LOL! :) But I'm sure I wasn't the first. ;)

I miss having your here Tori!!! But it's great that you know you're supposed to be there.

Good luck with all the kiddies. I think I'd pull my hair out! :)

utmommy said...

What a fun post!

Sketchy said...


He's my Lobster, that is.

I probably don't win because I'm 20th and lame like that, but I feel the need for the acknowledgment.

I have now typed acknowledgment several times in several ways and am beginning to wonder if it really is a word. I mean did it always start with ack? As in gack, hack and hairballs?

Beckie said...

I L-O-V-E "Hope it gives you Hell" it is the ultimate in your face anthem.I turn it up and sing it loud to all the people who ever wronged me.

aubrey said...

"he's her lobster" is the accurate phrase i believe. i only know this because i've been on a friends marathon watching binge for the last few months.

i totally feel for you moving far from familiarity and back to your hometown and having to be close to your ex. you are awesome for watching all those kids..but yay that it is helping pay off debt and save money!

txmommy said...

yea that he's better!

Lots going on, I hope you'll love it in TX soon.

Anonymous said...

My ex lives in the same state too. At least Texas is a big state.

Here's hoping all 7 are using the toilet for all toilet-related needs in '09. :o)

Yay on exercising!! I haven't been able to find the time since before the holidays, hence my big butt is still here too.

Love the Friends reference and so glad that Sei is healthy!

aurora said...

Bring on the mush!! So glad that he is okay!
Happy New Year.