Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seiuli Saturday

I think s--max requested today's song. Sorry it took a few months. Remember- Sei was grounded from Seiuli Saturdays due to his shananigans with Omar. But now we're back. Today's song is "How to Save a Life" by The Fray.
Enjoy. :)
PS. Just so you know I totally was thinkin' "My husband is hot..." while he played this.

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Yvonne said...

That was great. I appreciate piano playing so much--probably because I struggle so much getting my left hand and right hand to do different things ; (((((

Klin said...

I just love that many of your posts say how hot you think your husband is. It is so nice to hear others say what I think.

Remember that party Shauna and Kathy B. did? I said my fav part of my husbands body was his butt and all the men wanted it to be them. Yeah. Still think that.

So anyway please continue to be fascinated by your husband. I love it.

Mikelene said...

I love that song. How does he do that, without sheet music or anything? Amazing!! Thanks for sharing! Do any of your kids play?

Mikelene said...

Play the piano, is what I meant. Doh. :)

s--max said...

He's awesome!!! Thank you for playing my request. :)

No Cool Story said...

He's so talented.

I am just happy I got me my own Sei CD I can listen any time!

Annie said...

...and I bet it smells like cotton candy.