Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some of this and that

* So, I've decided as much as I hate sleeping alone, I was slightly spoiled when my husband was on weekend nite shift. Now he's on weekday day shift. M-W and every other Thursday he is gone from around 6:30am until 7:30pm or later if he gets stuck at a call. Tuesday and Wednesdays are the busiest evenings of our week. We have scouts, basketball practice, choir practice, "safety squad", etc... This means to pick up Izzy late after school from choir or safety squad I have to load up Taj, Liv, Baby 1, Baby 2, 4 yr old boy and sometimes Baby 3 all into the car - all in carseats- to travel 12 minutes round trip. Pain in the butt. And then there are the times when all 3 kids have 3 different places to be at the same time. That's always fun...not. And now instead of working out in the morning or early evening I have to go about 8pm at nite. Suck. So, I am officially withdrawing my complaint of the weekend nite shift. Sei should be switching back to it in about 5 months and I will be happy. But ONLY weekEND nite shift. WeekDAY nite shift would not help me at all.

* You know how I post links in my posts for extra money. Well, I don't get to choose the links. I've been having a hard time figuring out how to fit the topic of vaginal dryness into my posts. But I guess I just kind of did, huh?

* I'm thinking of starting a blog where I ask anyone who reads it to donate a penny to me. I saw a story about a college student that did this and he received enough for tuition. If I started a site would you donate?

* Did I tell y'all that the asst. chief at Sei's department won $13 million in the lottery? She did. And she's not married, no kids, nada. I'm thinking of letting her adopt Sei. Sei and I get a lottery ticket occasionally just to be dorks. We didn't get one this past weekend, but I had told him the numbers we should use. I saved this fortune I got in Vegas like 5 years ago and it has numbers on it. If we had bought a ticket, you know what? We would have matched 4. Suck.

* I MIGHT get to learn to surf this summer when we go to Florida. I am so stoked to go. My parents take turns taking kids with them and this summer it's MY turn (and my husband and kiddos.) It will be the 1st family vacation we've taken since before Taj was born. We went to Cali when I was 8 months pregnant with Taj. Picture that- a BIG pregnant woman walking around Sea World with three 4 year olds, a 6 yr old and an 8 year old- and we all piled out of a minivan with Utah license plates...

* That is all.

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Millie said...

FIRST! Amen on carseats. That little schedule and commute would have me up a wall.

Um, good on you with the vaginal dryness thing. :)

Mikelene said...

Dangit. Was hoping to be first. :(
Hefting the car seats counts as exercise. Right?
I would donate a penny. My girls would, too.
Vaginal dryness....mmm..okay.
You mean those numbers on the bottom of fortunes really work?? I have a couple saved....
I hope you get to learn to surf!

Mikelene said...

Oh, & I have to work out at night, too. I feel your pain.

Lauren said...

Vaginal dryness eh? Hmm...

I work out at that time too...and I hate it! :(((

Holy tuition money! I want to do that. It will be my Disneyland fund.

Yvonne said...

I don't like working out at night--at all. Early morning works so much better. The next 5 months will go by quickly ; )

I'll be happy to send you a penny--that's about all I can spare right now--but I can't send it until Feb. 1--we do have our family challenge you know ; )

I like your parent's idea of taking a different kid on a family vacation each year--glad it's your turn. I definitely think you should try surfing.

No Cool Story said...

You are the topic inserting guru!
I don't even know how you did that. All of the sudden there was vaginal dryness.

(Kinda reminds me of that Obama Lover.)

No Cool Story said...

Ok, I am leaving now.

Jusy one more thing. 13 million, for one person, wow, she started the year right.

Suzanne said...

How fun that you get to go to Florida this summer! Good luck with Sei's new schedule. That is a lot of kiddies to haul around and you're right, loading kids is a pain!

Klin said...

Two kids in car seats was my birth control. J/K. I do remember those days and how it was so not fun to go anywhere. For 12 minutes1!? You are a dedicated mom.

I'm wondering if your surfing announcement might have been more well received had you not mentioned that little discomfort called vaginal dryness? LOL

I'm trying to picture you at Sea World, coming out of a mini van with Utah plates. On lookers seeing children that don't seem to end and you are pregnant. Do you think they were shocked? Other kids were jealous that they weren't with you.

Physcokity said...

YAY for fun family vacations! Will ya'll be road trippin' it? I would guess yes. OK that really was a dumb question. I just disproved all those feel good about yourself encourage classroom participation teachers that always say, "There's no such thing as a 'stupid question.'" To which I would almost always reply under my breath Just stupid people to ask them.

I know. Rude. Right? Well this is Karma kickin' me in the back side.
Laugh it up chuckles ;)

Anonymous said...

My friends kid is named Taj and I think its such an original name. crazy i didn't think anyone else would have that name for some reason. I think your bomb. you make me smile. srsly.

Nancy Face said...

I just laughed out loud at the vaginal dryness! :D

S said...

I am not sure about vaginal dryness, carseats, husband not home, and family vacations. But I do know you crack me up!

I would like to know more about lottery winnings with my name on it!

Tell you what I will give you my penny and see you three more! That is four cents with your name on it!

That girl said...

13 million? Wow.

Perhaps Sei was her favorite co-worker and she'll split it?

By the way - I'd totally donate a penny. (i'll even make it an american one, lol)

aubrey said...

gah! did i just see the word vaginal?

aubrey said...

i will donate a penny to you. and may i repeat after reading about you doing everything while sei is at work: you are superwoman.

Whitney said...

I hated when my hubby was on the night shift and I wasn't. But we didn't have kids so we weren't as busy, so I got to see him when he was on days. So I hope that you can see your hubby more, and not miss him too much when he does his night shift :(
P.S. I would totally donate to your blog :) You should do it, I'm curious as to how much you could make!!!! That would be awesome :)

Momma Magpie said...

I would so donate to you!

I laughed my butt of when I saw you slip in the dryness part. You are SUCH a riot! Which 'pay you to blog' site pays you to just put in a word and link? I hate writing an entire post just to give a link.

Yayyy! Learning to surf is awesome. You won't be in the Gulf, but on the Atlantic? Great waves there!