Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tad Award time

The time has come for another Tad Award. If you're new here, the Tad Award is an award I made up for obnoxious, rude, irritating, just plain WRONG individuals or incidences that occur in my life. You are welcome to hand the award out to others on your blog as long as you will please link back to mine. I like to get my props. ;)
Anyway... this "winner" isn't one person in particular, just in general and the post may be all over the place so I apologize. Lately in the last couple of months there have been several people who have been so fake nice to my face and then I learn from others or from a letter from a lawyer or whatever that they are full of crap. Now, I'm not a fan of rudeness so sometimes being somewhat fake in necessary. You may not particularly jive well with a particular person or may think their new haircut is butt, however there is no reason to walk up to them and tell them "Your hair looks like a brown football helmet." (What movie is that from?) But there also is absolutely NO reason to be totally sweet to my face yet flat out lie to someone else about something I did or said- especially when it's over something totally stupid or so not important in my life. That's just not right. It's kinda like leaving rude anonymous comments. Who does that help? Have you thought about how it makes the blog writer feel to read such ugly stuff? Stop just thinking about yourself. Think about the other people involved and how you may affect their life by your words and actions. The saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" is a load. Words DO hurt. Actions hurt too. And it hurts more when your actions towards the person aren't the same as the words and actions you are saying/doing when you aren't with the person.
So, to those of you who say one thing and do the total opposite please take this award, display it on your mantle or whatever full of crap people do and stay away from me.

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Annie said...

"So, to those of you who say one thing and do the total opposite please take this award,"

I said I wasn't going to have a Sausage McMuffin with egg and a Diet Coke this morning,but then I did.


Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Gah. I wrote a comment, then felt bad. Let it suffice to say, that I totally agree.

Stacey said...

"Your hair looks like a brown football helmet."

One of my fave movies of all time,Steel Magnolias!

I agree! Sometimes people just suck.

Tori :) said...

Annie- You are given a free pass.

Lauren- I got to read your comment via email. LOL! Your "friends" are whacked.

Stacey- YAY!! *~*~* 1000 ~*~*~ Cool points for you!!

omar said...


I stand behind everything I say about you behind your back, though. I'm not one of them.

S said...

..." when your actions towards the person aren't the same as the words and actions you are saying/doing when you aren't with the person."
That would be a S sentence!!!

Ditto! IF I don't like ya it truly is a given. All I ask is others do the same. Atleast if I catch someone now, I can tag em with a tad award! :)

BTW u suck:) FYI you almost got a midnight call! LOL

Millie said...

Amen on people who are full of crap staying away from you (and me).

Sounds like you've been having some yucky surprises lately. Sorry to hear that... you don't deserve that. You deserve having everyone be nice.

Yvonne said...

Steel Magnolias--one of my favorites--actually was on this morning; ) (oops just saw that stacie already guessed--how about 10 points for me ; )

Sorry you have been dealing with this--I wish I didn't have to add, I know the feeling.

I don't know why there are so many hypocrites????

chellie said...

Omar is hilarious.

I agree. So what happened?? :)

wendy said...

In a letter from a lawyer? Now that is taking rude to a whole 'nother level.

My daughter got her hair cut yesterday, she was upset so I told her I loved it. But I was thinking it wasn't so great. Then I dropped her off at soccer and saw her in the rear-view mirror and noticed that her hair really is stinkin' cute. So first I kinda lied to her, then I found that I wasn't actually lying. Is that okay?

No Cool Story said...

:( Sorry, that's Tad Award worthy.
Saying one thing and doing totally the opposite is not cool.
I think we can all say we have been through that.

Klin said...

A letter from a lawyer? What the freak!

Two faced is so not fun or cool.

I totally knew the movie. Do I get points if I know that Sally Field said it? 's ok either way.

Do you know that I cannot read the word crap without thinking about you? It's a good thing, really. I just think of you and smile, cause you like that word.

I know. How random was that?

Nancy Face said...

I know someone in real life who is a perfect fit for that particular Tad Award! But I can only award it in my mind...BUMMER.

JustRandi said...

People like that deserve a whole school of tad awards!

Sheesh - if you don't like something, just tell me.

Beckie said...

I hate fake people too!!

I LOVE Rock of Love. It makes me feel better about myself.

I got your back.

Lauren said...

Tori, I assumed you would get my comment. Woot!

Suzanne said...

Two-faced people suck.

Tori, tell me who is being mean and I'll beat them up. Through the Internet. With my girly hands! :D

Beckie said...

I have decided to play blog comment tag with you....
Since we both live in Texas, and I am unsure about the distance (Plano), I would be happy to treat you to some of those yummy cupcakes. Nothing puts a smile on your face like delicious cupcakes. Let me know.....TAG you're it!

NOBODY said...

Beckie's awesome Tori. I can vouch for her not being totally crazy. Okay, I take that back---she's totally crazy, but it's all up front kind of crazy, so no surprises. :)

Sorry you even had to offer this Tad Award, although, Tad posts are my favorite.

I'm glad my attorney finally got in touch with you.

NOBODY said...

Oh my gosh, I gotta tell you. I just saw your family pic over to the right, out of the corner of my eye. I read "Our Brown Lil Brady Bunch" and I totally laughed out loud. Then I realized I read it wrong. And laughed more quietly.

aubrey said...

ok, i just barely got your christmas card. cuz paul never gets the mail at his office and just BARELY brought it home. hahaha. so THANK, yo.

and i know this is a post about some dorkalicious tad's being mean to you but it made me chuckle cuz i love it when you're all in your face. you rock, tori. and sorry about the two faced jerks.

Help I need a user name! said...

Steel Magnolias. Sally Field did say it, at the cemetery, but Shelby, played by Julia Roberts (my fave actress of all time) also said it in the beauty shop, to poor Annelle, played by Daryl Hannah.

S said...

I think NOBO is on to something :)

S said...

BTW I saw Becki once....once I am pretty sure she didn't have three eyes and fifteen toes to a foot. But she is a proud Canadian for whatever that is worth! LOL
Actually she is the devil, she introduced me to NUTELLA (sp?) when I was on the way down on the weight scale. Ye..ah screeching halt on that progress!
Isn't she offering you cupcakes.....yeah my point exactly.
Ok it is late I am rambling.
Did she say she like ROL?!

Anonymous said...

whoever takes this award from you.. let me know i would like to make sure i don't add you to my list of friendsssss

wow this was a good post. i love it when people vent. so keep your opinions coming because they are AWESOME