Monday, February 02, 2009

Because I don't like to be boring

On Facebook there's been a "tag" going around. It's a "25 Things About Me" tag. I did it and now I've decided my list was BOR-ING. Everyone else's lists have been great. Mine was boring. So... I'm doing it again- only on my blog and not on Facebook. So... here we go- some things about me that are more interesting than the things I wrote about before. If you are not on Facebook then you are missing out. :D Oh, and I probably won't make it to #25 today. I'm not THAT interesting.
  1. I don't really like milk. I'll drink it in cereal, but I don't drink it other than that.
  2. I got braces in March of 6th grade and had them removed in January of 8th grade.
  3. I double pierced my ears on my own with a needle in 9th grade.
  4. My jr. year I skipped Geometry so much in high school that I lost credit. But I still made a B. Yes- I am awesome.
  5. My geometry teacher's son was in jail for murder. He always stared at the board or at his books.
  6. My algebra II teacher had 1/2 a tongue.
  7. This Saturday I was getting so bugged at Izzy's coach because he plays his daughter the entire game and she hogs the ball like Kobe. She is NOT a team player. Well, Izzy was dribbling and I think she double-dribbled or something. I yelled, "It's ok Izzy. It's hard to know how to dribble when you never get a chance too!!" I don't know if the coach heard me, but he took his daughter out the last 2 minutes of the game and had Isabel play point guard....
  8. Thanks to Amanda I have decided to take an online course to become a Medical Transcriptionist. I started it this weekend. My goal is to be finished and have a work-from-home job by 2010. Thanks again Amanda!
  9. I LOVE basketball season. I love watching my kids play. But it depresses me at the same time. I wish I was playing.
  10. I miss Utah. A lot. I still don't feel like I "live" in Texas. Probably because the only places I go are Walmart, my gym and bball games.
  11. I don't really like dogs, cats, etc... And I'm scared of wild animals. But I think it would be cool to work at a zoo or Sea World.
  12. If I had to be in a talent show I can't think of one talent I could do onstage.
  13. We had a lesson at church about simplifying our lives and all I can think about is selling all our stuff and moving to an island. Can't get much simpler than that...
  14. I once got poison ivy or oak or something all up my legs after a weekend escapade. It was bad and itchy and sucked...
  15. A coach at my jr. high told me I was the best female athlete he had ever worked with. Maybe it was his 1st year???

To be continued...

**EDITED TO ADD: Please check out the post before this one. I thought I posted it but apparently I just saved it. Go be in the top 5!! Hurry!!

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Lauren said...


Lauren said...

I think there should be a contest to see who gets first the most on your blog, because I would win. I have already decided GM wins at NCS.

Anyway, I have been tagged for that 25 things thing more than 25 times on facebook. I haven't done it yet...I am too lazy and tired, and boring.

I too, dislike milk. It is only good for cereal (sometimes).

Mikelene said...


Mikelene said...

I double-pierced my right ear & triple-pierced my left when I was in 9th grade. One of my friends said I was "needle happy". Could have been worse, I guess!! My braces went on at the beginning of 6th gr & came off at the beginning of 8th. You're scared of wild animals, but would like to work at a zoo or Sea World? Whales scare me. And manatees. What did you DO on your weekend escapade that left you with poison whatever all over your legs? hmmmm..that's what I'd like to know. :) That jr. high coach--maybe he was a perv??

Mikelene said...

Oh, & if you want something crafty from me, ya gotta follow the rules. (post it) :P

Yvonne said...

This was fun--I can't wait to read the next 25.

Let me comment on a couple of things you wrote--


#4--Yes, I already knew you are awesome.


#8--Good for you. Hope it is a positive thing for you and Amanda both.

#9--I'm very sad Kyle isn't playing BB this year--I could go and watch the kids at the high school but then I'd look like a weirdo. Guess I'll just wait for March Madness ; )

#13--We passed a small U-Haul on the highway and I thought, wouldn't it be nice if all of our possessions (AKA JUNK) would fit in a small U-Haul.

#15--Again, NOT SURPRISED!!!! And highly doubt it was his 1st year ; )

omar said...

Let me just take a moment to correct Lauren, because I am beating GM (by a slim margin) in being first at NCS's place.

Tori, you're the best female blogger named Tori with a husband named Sei that I've ever worked with. Hands down.

JustRandi said...

Now, that's my kind of simplifying!!
An island, or even a mountain top would be fine with me.

chellie said...

Very interesting... :)

2010 sounded like it is so far away... but it's only 11 months. wow.

No Cool Story said...

I wonder how many Kobe references you can work into your posts.

#6, half a tongue? That's different.

Hey, this list has a lot of Twinisms. And talking about Twinisms, I don't know what's going on but none of your comments are showing up on my e-mail :( Dude! No fair.

Heidi said...

If we had a talent show, my talent would be running in place while flipping my hair back and forth. I know...I'm gifted!

Nancy Face said...

I would have had so much more fun in Algebra II if MY teacher only had half a tongue! :0

Nancy Face said...

Yesterday we had that lesson about simplifying our lives and reducing stress and learning to say no and other stuff.

Today some lady I've never heard of called to ask me to be on a committee to make invitations for a stake Relief Society thing. I told her I have 3 callings and my son is starting his Eagle project and my mom needs her kitchen painted and I'm getting a yard sale ready and I'll be going out of town soon. In other words, no. I really AM a heathen. :S

Anonymous said...

your awesome.

i got kicked out of my geometry class one time for singing ice ice baby...

Amanda said...

It's late and I'm tired, so my comments are totally random....

Nancy face is my new hero. Way to say no!!! :) Simplifying is best!

You're welcome, I just hope you don't hate me later. ;P

Geometry was the ONLY math class that I actually understood and did well at.

Sorry you are missing Utah. It is hard moving far away. :(

So what exactly were you doing during your "weekend escapade" that you got poison ivy/oak all up your legs? ;)