Friday, February 06, 2009

I forgot to put a title when I posted this so I am not adding a title. This is a long post because I've got a lot to say. :)

First things first- Everyone go wish Lauren a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She is a woman. She is 21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY non-sister-in-law-that-should-have-been. :)
Go see Nobo and congratulate her on her 1st MEAN ANONYMOUS COMMENT. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. She said it was her bestest comment evoh- but I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure I leave the bestest comments evoh- always. But that's ok...

Y'all are lucky I am able to post. I totally lost my voice last nite yelling at Tristan's game. (haha- I am so funny.) Anyway... They were up by 9 at half and by the end of the game they were about to lose. We had 3 steals on our press and got us within 1. With like 40 seconds left this kid on our team got fouled. He never makes his freethrows - or any other shot for that matter- but the kid made BOTH of his freethrows to put us up by 1. Anyway... in the end there was 6 seconds left and the other team's ball. This kid drives and totally shoots his layup over the rim. It didn't touch anything and our kid rebounded it and.... WE WON!! I was so stoked! Like, psycho-stoked! I turned around to their crowd- who were totally obnoxious btw- and was all like, "Boo- ya!!!" (My poor kids...) But seriously y'all - their crowd was BAD. I don't like it when the adults are bangin' on the bleachers tryin' to make these 13 yr olds miss their freethrows. Not cool.
And so was this kid on their team. His name was "Go Conner!" or maybe just "Conner" but this lady kept yelling "Go Conner!!" I called him "Crybaby" because I am cool like that. He was whining and throwing fits over everything. Granted- the old man ref was kinda lame, but he was lame both ways for the most part. There was this one time when Go Conner was called for a foul. He was stompin' around and gripin' and someone yelled, "Horrible call Ref!!" and Go Conner turns around to the crowd and yells, "Amen Brutha!" Amen Brutha? I was embarrassed for him. So, being the mature person I am everytime he started whinin' I'd start going, "Whaa. Whaa!" like a baby. Later the ref was basically tellin' him to shut up and I said, "That's right ref! Give 'im his paci!" Get it- because babies use pacifiers? I crack myself up.
I'm sorry, but whining and bad sportsmanship on the court is one of my pet peeves. I told Tristan if I ever saw him whining around like that on the court I'd go to his coach and tell him to take him out because obviously it was past his bedtime. I would too and Tristan knows it. I can be obnoxious in the crowd, but I wasn't EVER on the court. I never even really talked smack. It was more fun to watch the other team get all bent out of shape while I kept shootin' nuthin' but net. Anyway... Go Conner's team lost and I was happy.

I kind of like it when kids act certain ways so I have examples to show my kids. Like there's this one kid on Alec's team who is pretty much the wimpiest kid I've ever met. My dad, God bless him, is so patient. (Now that he's coaching his GRANDkid's team and not mine.) He works with this kid and encourages him to not be wimpy in a nice way. But one time during a time out he was putting this kid in and he said, "Now are you gonna get in there and rebound!?!" like all pumped up and this kid just looked at him like he said it in French. So, my dad said it again, "Are you gonna get in there and rebound?!" and the kid said, "I'm not really that good at jumping and stuff..." Ok MY reaction would have been, "Then take your butt back to the bench." but my dad said, "The most important thing to THINKING you can do it!! Get in there and tell yourself I CAN REBOUND." (I am positive if I had told my dad what this kid said when he was coaching ME his reaction would have been, "Then take your butt back to the bench..." but whatev.) After the game I told my kids, "If I EVER hear you tell your coach you don't think you can do it I will take you home right then and sign you up for chess club. I DO NOT have wimpy kids!! Got that??"

Am I mean?

The same kid fell in a game and limped all dramatic off the court. My dad told him to not sit down and walk it off during 1/2 time so his leg didn't get stiff. What did Wimp Boy do? He walked over to his mommy in the crowd, sat down and cried. OMGosh. I was DYING. DYING y'all. I don't do wimpy. I don't. Ask Sei. I am the most unsympathetic caregiver ever. When Kelsea and Karlea were little EVERYTHING made them cry. They'd fall, a lot, and I'd say the same thing I do with my kids, "Hop back up. You're ok." and they were. They were fine. But the minute Daddy got home from work, 5 hours after they fell, they would run to him, crying about their huge "injury." DROVE ME CRAZY. I think Sei thought I was mean, but I wasn't. I just wasn't gonna say, "Oh. Did you get a boo boo? Ooh, let me a waste put a Hello Kitty bandaid on NOTHING!! that massive boo boo. Poor poor poor poor baby!" Not gonna happen. And you know what? Now those girls fall and bounce back up like it's nobody's business! I take credit for that. (Not the falling, just the getting up.) I also moved the stool from the potty for them because they didn't need it, had them stop sleeping in pullups and clean up their own wet sheets which in turn helped to sleep thru the nite without wetting their pants and I showed them they could indeed open the door like their cousin who was 18 months younger than them. I let them try, explore and yes, get skinned knees, and they are awesome and more independent because of it. They just needed someone to not hold their hand in every little thing. I think kids need that. They need someone to tell them to be tough. It's like Izzy. This is her 1st year playing basketball and when she runs on the court she runs all timid and like something is stuck in her butt. I told her that. I told her, "You can beat all the boys in your class at school. You are so fast and so athletic. So why do you run like a pencil is in your butt on the court?" She didn't cry. She laughed. And she practiced running hard and being tough. See- she's not warped. And that didn't really have anything to do with the wimpy boy on Alec's team. I am rambling...

So, anyway... I am thankful for wimpy kids, whiney kids, bad teen drivers, etc... that I can point out to my kids and say, "That kind of behavior is not gonna cut it." So, thank you parents who let your kids act like wimps, babies, etc... so I can show my kids what not to be.
Can I get an "AMEN Brutha!! Sista!!" ????

Or am I mean?

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Beckie said...

Amen Sista!!!! I am all about not coddling my kids to much. 'cept when they fall down I tell them to "suck it up princess" and then they get mad, but they don't cry and whine. I tell them to use their anger on the court of feild and it works.

I new I liked you Miss Tori. We feel the same way about sports and whiners and raising chillun.

Yvonne said...

My kids know that I am there for them, but I have never handled whiny/whimpy AT ALL.

When I go to watch them play in a game I always look and repeat over and over the words on the sign--"BE A FAN, NOT A FANATIC!!!"

Congrats to Tristan's and his team for winning the game.

MommyJ said...

Not mean. But very funny.

I also hate wimpyness. ANd whining. And all that stuff.

May have to use the pencil up the butt comment cause this is my son's first year playing basketball, and well... he's got a similar problem. :)

NOBODY said...

This post might be right up there among my very favorites. In fact, I think you talking about sports is my second favorite topic on your blog. Second only to TAD awards. Those are awesome.

So anyway, about 3/4 of the way through this post, it was very obvious to me you had lost your voice. I've seen random Tori, but I don't think I've ever seen rambling Tori. It's pretty awesome.

I CANNOT get over that you told your precious little princess she looked like she had a pencil up her butt. Those are the kids who's roommates in college LOVE them because they say things like that and don't realize EVERYONE'S MOM doesn't talk like that!

And "Go Conner" is hilarious.

Of all the various "reasons" for me to move back to Texas, I believe that the chance to see you at one of your kids' games, is all the reason I need. I would love that.

The Queen said...

Too. Funny...and I love your layout design...

Lauren said...

Thanks Tori! I feel all special inside. Does your SIL read your blog? Wookie's wife?

Tori :) said...

Lauren- Idk if she reads it. But that's ok. I tried to set you up with Woogs before they were a thing so it's all good. HAPPY BDAY!!

Anonymous said...

umm so you are awesome. that whimpy kid is not. srsly are you kiddin? my little cousion crys when you tease him not even when he falls down. he juts out his lower lip and starts to cry... i told him if your not teased your not loved.

then when they fall and cry i ask him if he wants a dress for his birthday because he is a little girl.

am i mean?

because srsly i think its funny, and they will appreciate it later.

i know for a fact that my kids wont be babied like that. i mean if he breaks his arm or something YEAH but if they fall of the step? say what??? no way jose. my nephew is one and when he falls he starts to cry.. then my sister says you ok? picks him up and says you're fine... he looks at her for like 2.5 seconds then goes about his business.

im not saying all kids need to be tuff and teased all day. but a little bit wont hurt em.

Klin said...

I don't like teasing that is mean, but when it comes to sports I tell my kids "that's what happens when you play_____" anytime they get hurt.

I loved this rambling post. Made me laugh and made me wish you were coaching my kid in something.

Anonymous said...

You get a AMEN SISTA
Ala Grandmother

Anonymous said...

Your dad was your coach? I guess that is why he would feel like he could tell you to get back to the bench. Sounds like he helped make you not wimpy. :)


No Cool Story said...

♥ this post.
This is why we are twins Tori! 'Cuz we know it's not mean if they deserve it :)

Go Conner!

No Cool Story said...

PS: I vote for Nobody moving to Texas.

The Queen said...

You have been friday night frogged.. linked and pimped.. have a great weekend..

Nancy Face said...

You're super nice, giving Lauren a birthday shout out! :D

I kinda wondered the same thing that Lauren did! ;)

Nancy Face said...

AMEN sista!!! :)

Mikelene said...

We use the term "suck the cut" at our house. One of the girls thought Scott said that when what he HAD said was "suck it up". So, now when they fall down or whine about something, it's "suck the cut". And I don't speak whinese.

Good job to the kid that never makes free throws, but did. Woohoo!

Sketchy said...

Um. My son's on the chess club.

It's a very competitive chess club though, with 40 other students and kids who got cut.

He's a top player too. He made it into the Elite Eight tournament his first season. He didn't win, but he was proud. And non-whiny.

Is that OK?

Tori :) said...

As long as he's not whiny and kicks butt in chess then it's all good. :)