Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just a few random thoughts

* Sky High is such a good movie. Have y'all seen it? So many people haven't seen it and it is just so fun. I love Kurt Russell. He makes me laugh! Warren Peace is hot and should have played "Jacob" in Twilight, but whatev. I've seen Sky High probably 50 times and it never gets old.

* Another movie, much like Sky High, that I was pleasantly surprised with? -Holes with Shia LeBeouf.

* I've bought 2 cds in my life that I only bought for 1 song but ended up LOVING the entire cd. I mean, I've bought other cds that I loved, but these 2 cds I was totally NOT expecting to love them- I just wanted to hear the one song. (This was before downloading was so easy.) Wanna know the cds? Lit: Place in the Sun from 1999 totally rocks. I still have a ton of their songs on my iPod.
The other cd was Ashley Parker Angel: Soundtrack to Your Life. He was in the Mtv group O-Town and this was his 1st try at as a solo artist. He's now starring on Broadway as Link Larkin. Watch out Zac Gayfron!! What are some cds you bought and were pleasantly surprised with?

* You know what article of clothing REALLY bugs me? Sleeveless shirts on guys. Idk why, but they bug. My ex buys a lot of them for the boys and they'll come home from his house wearing them and I'm like, "Go put on a shirt with sleeves. Now." It's one thing if you're workin' out or something, but just wearing sleeveless to wear sleeveless BUGS me SO bad- especially if you have no muscle tone. I don't know- they just kinda look skank to me. I'm sorry if I just offended any sleeveless shirt wearing guys out there. If you are exercising, it's ok. If you are wearing it to show off your tattoo on your flab- it's not ok.

* Does anyone else think this is just... wrong??

* Can you believe they voted Dane off The Biggest Loser?? And what's up with all the product placement? "Ziplocs are a great way to store your food..." or "Chew some sugar-free Extra to cut the cravings between meals..."

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Methodical Wormer said...

I SO hear you on the sleeveless guy shirts. We've gotten a few given to us and they work nicely as PJs. And PJs they will stay...

Frankie was insanely awesome. I know I can't move that fast.

I'm more than sad about Dane and he was totally right when he called out Ron for gameplay. What was up with Aubrey's lame, random vote? At least she could have made it a tie. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Bye bye blue team.

Nancy Face said...

I'm with you on the sleeveless shirts for guys. Yep. :/

I need to rent Sky High again! I've only seen it once, and it was fun! Holes, too...I bought that one and I just forget to watch it again!

Mrs. Organic said...

He'd definitely make more of the ladies choose Team Jacob. THe current Jacob? Not so much.

Lauren said...

Oh man...I HATE the sleeveless shirts. It is so...Zac Gayfron!

I only said that so I wouldn't say "gay".

But now I just did.

I love Holes too!

K said...

Wow. I have no words for the Team Man video. Who in the hell thought that up in the first place?

"Hey, Frank, know what I'd like to see? A bunch of midgets racing a camel. Who can we get on that?"

Anonymous said...

Sky High looked pretty good. I bet my 5 year old might like it.

No Cool Story said...

Sleeveless shirts on guys! I hate that. As summer approches sleeveless shirts guys make their appearence. Ew. ew .ew .ew.

Warren Peace: Very yes.

Team Man: what the hey?

Yvonne said...

Oh, what was that blue team thinking--WHY DANE? I can't wait to see what Bob says--he is going to be ticked!!!!

I loved Holes.

Sleeveless shirts on guys are gross.

Walker said...

I bought Thin Lizzy's "Black Rose" on a leap of faith. Though they aren't one my favorite bands, that CD turned out to be one of my all-time favorite rock albums that I own.

Walker said...

Oh, I also used to hate Pearl Jam. I honestly can't remember what my reasoning for such was. But I heard some of the songs I was familiar with again on the radio, decided they weren't so bad, and bought "Ten" in hopes that they would continue to impress me. Did they ever. I now own 3 of their CDs.

Also, I was in Barnes & Nobles one time and I heard this awesome guitar noodling being played. I asked who the band was and I was told it was the Los Lonely Boys' first CD. I immediately bought it, hoping the rest of the CD would be like the sample I had heard. Fantastic album. Santana meets Stevie Ray Vaughan.

swampbaby said...

Sky High rocks. The boys love that movie and I enjoy it when they watch it.

I will add one more complaint to the sleeveless shirts on guys thing. Armpit hair. Gross. I think they look white trash, too.

And that camel race thing is wrong on so many levels.

Maybe I will start watching The Biggest Loser now since I am not going to watch super-lame weak-sauce, pimp-out-the-producer-favorites American Idol anymore.

Klin said...

I was so annoyed with the whole elimination process. Dane should of stayed.

Monkey Wrench wears sleeveless shirts when he works out and I allow them when he is working on cars in the sun, cause I want him to have a shirt on. He is cut though. He works hard at it.

So like you said, if you have muscles ok, but to shop of your tattoo on your flab, ewwwww.

Amanda said...

I agree about the sleeveless shirt thing.

And I also agree about SkyHigh. I love that movie. Holes was really good too. :)

I wish I could run like Frank.

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I'm not fond of the "wife beater" undershirts either... Sorry, that's the only term I've ever known them as! :)

Mikelene said...

Crazy that you mentioned Steven Strait as Jacob, b/c my friend Jaime wrote the same thing on her blog back in Dec. I had recently seen 10,000 BC & was thinking he was good-looking. Totally forgot he was Warren Peace on Sky High. My girls like that movie.
Don't watch BL, & the only Dane I know is my friend Jaime's 1 yr old. Shia LeBeouf has gotten better looking since his Even Stevens days.
I bought a 10,000 Maniacs cd years ago b/c of 2 of the songs on it--Our Time in Eden--& it quickly became one of my fave cd's.
NOT a fan of the muscle shirts. Yet I put them on Michael last summer. Babies can get away with that, right?

aubrey said...

so one of max's favorite outfits to wear is these reversible soccer shorts and a sleeveless soccer shirt. it looks so white trash that i tell him that the outfit is pajamas and he can't wear it out of the house. luckily he doesn't fight me.

oh and i totally agree with you on sky high. i think that movie is awesome. and have seen it a few times. though i've only seen holes once, i was very impressed with shia labeouf's acting. still am.