Monday, February 23, 2009

Just stuff...

* I am feeling somewhat better. I still have a nagging cough and it sounds like I'm hacking up a lung, but I feel a lot better. No fever. Thanks for y'alls well-wishes!!

* I went to Alec and Isabel's games even though I felt like crap and couldn't yell. Alec lost his 1st but won his 2nd. He's in the consolation championship next Saturday. Isabel won. She has a game tonite and then if they win they play for 1st place on Saturday as well.

* My dad said he would coach Izzy's team next year. Thank goodness. I was going to, but I realize I am so NOT a coach. I'm the loud, obnoxious daughter sitting next to the coach. I can play. I know the rules, but that doesn't make me a coach. So, YAY for my dad!!

* I am still working on the medical transcriptionist program I told y'all about. I am not very far into it. Apparently I have a ton of kids and it's hard to get more than 20 minutes in at a time- especially during basketball season. It's my goal to finish it by our vacation July 23, but we'll see... Either way in the next year I'd like to be working from home, but not watching kids or working jobs in sales- because I would suck at that. :P

* We bought ceiling fans this weekend with our tax refund. That's why we have so many kids- we like our refunds. haha

* My brother wrote a good post about the war.

* Livie is still pooping in the potty. YAY! She's had one or 2 accidents, but they truly were accidents. She is very proud of herself for pooping in the potty!

* Seiuli gave me a journal for Valentines day. It's going to be "our" journal. He filled the first 2 pages with reasons he loves me. I did the same. The other day I wrote about an incident that moved him up on the cool-o-meter to me. He totally went off on my ex, but then felt bad even though my ex deserved it. So, Sei, being a real man, called to apologize. I laughed at him and called him an "amateur" (I was kidding) but he really is an awesome example to me.

* I also went ice skating with Sei on Vday. I let go of the wall this time. The only other time I went I was 15 and never let go. This time was exciting and I had a great time! Sei also took me out to Costa Vida. I know that doesn't sound fancy, but I haven't been to Costa Vida in over a year and recently found that there is one about 35 minutes from our house. YAY!!! Best sweet pork salad evah!

* What kind of deoderant do y'all use?

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Mikelene said...

I'm first? really?

Mikelene said...

Glad you are feeling lots better.
Good luck to Isabel tonight!! And to Alec on Sat., too (even if it is the "consolation championship").
Yay for tax-refund-funded ceiling fans! (did that make sense?)
Yay for Livie's continued potty success!!
What a sweet hubby you have. Ice skating sounds like fun. I haven't been in ages--& I was a wall-clinger, too. It's annoying when those wannabe pros go whizzing past you.
What is this Costa Vida? I keep hearing about it. We don't have it here. :(
Now I'm gonna check out your brother's post.

Yvonne said...

So glad you are doing better. You are a great mom to go to the game in spite of feeling lousy. Hooray for your dad. Just remember slow and steady wins the race--so however long it takes you to get through the medical transcription course, you will have accomplished it.

Hooray for Livie.

You are so brave to go ice skating--I'm always worried I'll break a wrist.

JustRandi said...

I can't believe you have a Costa Vida and we don't.
Enjoy your incredible find, though!!

omar said...

I have no idea what Costa Vida is, but I guess if they put pork on salads, they must be OK.

"He filled the first 2 pages with reasons he loves me. I did the same." If Sei filled up the first two pages with stuff, how did you also fill the first two pages with stuff?

Isn't Omar being obnoxious?

I use Degree deodorant. Good stuff.

Camille said...

What?! You have a Costa Vida in Texas?! I am completely jealous.

I use Secret. I like the vanilla smelling kind.

Mad Libs Millie said...

Here baby, use my Secret.

Glad you're feeling better. I liked your brother's thoughts about the war - he's totally on (says I).

Karina said...

What I miss is Cafe Rio. They don't have them down here.
That was random about the deodorant, but since you asked I use Secret. Strong enough for a man but made for a woman.

Heffalump said...

I used to use Secret only, but now if Lady Speed Stick is on sale, I will sometimes get that. Whatever I can get between those two kinds, as long as it's on sale!
I feel like I am missing out on The whole Costa Vida experience. I have only heard of it here and on Lauren's blog.

Klin said...

I read "* What kind of deoderant do y'all use?" and was thinking WTF? What does that have to do with anything?

Then I remembered that you are random and then Karina stole my deodorant phrase, but since Dove was on sale in my lovely powder scent I actually am using that right now. Normally I use Secret.

Yes Omar is being obnoxious, but if I remember right we like him that way;P

S said...

I have never been so jealous in all my day! I need costa vida about now.

Tori :) said...

I seriously almost wrote "Well, I guess technically I didn't do 'the same' because I wrote on the 3rd and 4th pages..." We are both obnoxious dorks! YAY!!!