Saturday, February 07, 2009

Seiuli Saturday

Today for Seiuli Saturday, Seiuli is playing MY favorite song. And since it's MY favorite song, I got to "sing" along. Forgive me.



Yvonne said...

Every time I hear your hubby play, I go and practice. And LOL at the label--"stop singing tori"--too funny. You know how to sing ; )

BTW, North Carolina is beautiful ; )

Sketchy said...

Around here the little bumper sticker from Outer Banks is the it item in car decor.

Just so you know.

Klin said...

You have a sweet beautiful voice.

Yay for Seiuli and Yay for you getting to hear your favorite song.

No Cool Story said...

Fashionista is singing along with Tori:)

No Cool Story said...

Fashionista: It sounds perfect.
Me: What do you mean?
F: Its sounds just like the real thing. He's good!

The Cool Youth has spoken. Sei is's awesome (as we all knew).

Beckie said...

You have a fantabulos voice. Perfect's been my monthly anthem.

Kimberly said...