Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ask me anything...

~ Can I just tell y'all... I am so sad about Natasha Richardson's death. Anytime someone dies my heart breaks for their family. I remember that pain from when my sister died and it sucks. I don't like people to be sad. I'm definitely an advocate for people being HAPPY! :) :) :)

~ I've been working hard on my medical transcriptionist course. Right now I am just becoming familiar with medical terms such as Mesothelioma. Don't ask me what it means yet... at least it's spelt right!!

~ So, Shelby Lou of Shelby Lou Whoo? did a post where she answered questions. I'm feeling like I have nothing to write about, so... ask me some questions. I start out answering them and then never finish like I did last time I did this, but that's ok. It's the thought that counts, right? So... ASK AWAY!!!!

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Shelby Lou said...


If you could have any superhuman power what would it be?

Paper or Plastic?

Nsync or Backstreet Boys?

If Sei had hair would he still be sexy?

What is the best peice of advice you have ever gotten?

Yvonne said...

I'm with you on Natasha Richardson's death--so very sad. I keep wondering if she wanted to go skiing--did someone in her family try to convince her to go and are they now feeling guilty???

Shelby Lou has some great questions. I love her question about the best piece of advice.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live?

glittersmama said...

What do you eat for breakfast?

What are good Atkins-worthy snacks?

aubrey said...

is she the one from the new parent trap?

Nancy Face said...

I am so sad about the death of Natasha Richardson, too. Such a lovely, classy lady.

What does Mesothelioma mean? ;)

How often do you floss?

Do you ever go to bed without washing off your makeup?

Lauren said...

I am sad for Natasha's family too :(

Yay on spelling big words right!

Do you like meat loaf?

Suzanne said...

Hmm...what is your favorite restaurant? What is the last funny thing you've put on Sei's facebook? When are you coming to Utah to visit me? ;)

Millie said...

I was so sad to hear about her death, too. :( It's so sad that it might have been avoided. Guess it was just her time to go.

What season is your favorite and why?

No Cool Story said...

Firstborn is skiing tonight and tomorrow. Guess how many times I've asking to be safe.

But that's not my question:
When are you doing another dance video?
Can I be in the video?

Mikelene said...

I read this yesterday & thought I posted a comment. grrrrr...I blame it on my kids. Anywhoo. Mesothelioma? I see lawyer commercials with that line, "Have you or someone you loved been diagnosed with mesothelioma?" Some sort of lawsuit thingamajig. I tune it out. :)
Also saddened by N. Richardson's death. :(
People have already posted some good Q's for you. I'm going blank.

I tagged you on my blog.

Beckie said...

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Love Sei's music! I wish that I could play by ear like that. What a great gift.

swampbaby said...

Who is your FAVORITE SISTER and why??? :-p

And "Are you a turtle?"

Physcokity said...

Favorite hair band?

Best movie of the 80's?

Your favorite kids show.

of course these are supposed to be solely your opinion.

Speaking of kids shows I've noticed that YoGG is adding jack Black to the show at least for one episode...sadly I'm half tempted to watch that one simply to see what he's going to do. His facial expressions kill me.

Physcokity said...

Oooh another Q for you! Have you ever noticed how in that Jonas Bros vid of Burnin up or whatever it's called that one of them looks like an NKOTB from their first/earliest days?