Monday, March 09, 2009

I don't have much to write about

~ I'm sorry I haven't been visiting blogs. I've been... lame. I have no excuse. I'm just lame.

~ So... I got a gun this weekend. I've wanted one for years, but this weekend we finally purchased a Rossi .38 Special revolver. Now I just need to learn to shoot it. I have 5 shots. I figure I can hit the bad guy atleast once out of 5... Ya think? Hopefully I won't be like on "Dumb and Dumber":

"Harry! You're alive! And you're a horrible shot..."

~ I've been on Facebook a lot this weekend. I'm trying to play matchmaker with a friend and a cop Sei works with. They're both on FB so we've all been chatting a lot. But the more I'm on it the more I hate it. People leave comments on Sei's page like "You beautiful green-eyed Samoan..." (ok- he has blue eyes 1st of all...) or "Nothing is more appetizing than a man that can play the piano." Um, HELLO. "Appetizing?" Or the whole reconnecting with people you haven't talked to in forever and they think y'all are best friends is kind of weird. I haven't talked to you in 20 years, why start now? Why would I wanna hang out? And really, I'm NOTHING like I was 20 years ago, so it'd probably be awkward. Whatev. He'll read this and say all the women that wrote the comments were "old and fat" because that's how he describes any woman besides me. He'll probably be bugged I wrote this, but oh well. Maybe he should have been a uglier guy...

~ Speaking of Sei... have y'all seen that Huggies wipe commercial where the mom has the baby in the bubble because she doesn't want him to get dirty?
Mom of baby in bubble = Seiuli
Seriously. I call him the party pooper. I feel kids were made to get dirty. He winces the entire time they dig in the dirt. It's cute. I had a bigger post about that planned, but I'm just not feelin' it today. :-/

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Shelby Lou said...

i deleted my FB, its dumb. and lame spice.

oh and i think that video is funny.

and your HAWT thats why sei says all those ladies are fat... because well.. they are.

Suzanne said...

"all the women that wrote the comments were "old and fat" because that's how he describes any woman besides me." LOL! That is awesome!

From everything I've heard about Facebook, I think I'm just going to steer clear of it. I've kept in touch with the friends in high school and college that I've wanted to, without FB on my own.

I hope your day goes better! You're not lame. I think we're all just going through blogger blahs right now.

Well...except for Nobody who keeps whipping those posts out. I wish I could blog like she did! :D

Klin said...

Yeah to what Suzanne said.

You know, when I leave a comment ;) ;) and Sei's says I'm old and fat he's pretty right on, so maybe those other girls are, too. ;)

I hear ya about nothing to write about. I go to write something and then I think, "why would anyone want to read about this?" So then I don't.

About that FB. I just ignore those that I don't know. What that really means if I don't remember your name then we probably weren't friends in high school and why do you want to be my friend now?

Heidi said...

I am so with you on the FB thing. I have people wanting to be friends that even back then we weren't friends, why now?? Lame!!

Yvonne said...

I'm still struggling with facebook--it has been fun to get in touch with girls that I had in YW years ago.

LOL at your hubby like the mom of the baby in the bubble--too funny. One day I'll have to post some messy pictures of my kids--them getting dirty was NEVER a problem for me.

Have a great day, tori.

Nancy Face said...

That's one of my favorite commercials! :D

I need to spend LESS time on the computer, not MORE! No facebook for me!

Millie said...

I so hear you on the comments left for husbands. I'd almost rather not read them. Bri has a co-worker who is recently single and man... she needs to shut the h up.

Lauren said...

I can't believe those comments those old and fat ladies are making! I would totally step in and say something! Oh, I am so pissed right now..

No Cool Story said...

"I haven't talked to you in 20 years, why start now?" Yeah, that's why I am happy with my 10 friends (or whatever the number is)

OK, those people leaving those comments on Sei's fb need to quit. Seriously, wthey?
Don't they know you have a gun and stuff?

Anonymous said...

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