Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making you jealous and more ???s answered

*So... yesterday a certian Mama of Glitter stopped by my house. Yes- I got to hang with Glittersmama for a few hours at my house!! Jealous?!? I had the honor of meeting GM in Oregon this past summer. I really like her. She's very mellow and has a good sense of humor. I liked having the 1-on-1 time with her. I also got to meet the famous Glitter. Livie couldn't stop talking about "playing with her friend." While they were playing Liv kept calling Glitter "friend." "Friend, come here." "Friend, wanna play with my kitchen?" I corrected her several times, but by the time GM and Glitter left, Glitter was answering to "Friend." It was pretty cute! Thanks GM for making time for me in your awesome road trip! What a fun adventure!! (Pictures will be here soon. GM took some...)

* 4 out of 5 of the Jones Quints are home now. Welcome home Jack, Ryan, Brooklyn and Lila!!

* Livie went with Sei to my dad's office the other day and has been talking about playing with the rubber stamps since then. She brought home a paper stamped with my dad's signature, "TAXPAYERS COPY", etc... and she thinks it's the coolest thing. I'll have to get her some stamps.

*There's still some questions I need to answer from my post a few posts back...
Glittersmama asked:
What do you eat for breakfast? What are good Atkins-worthy snacks?

Well... when I wasn't totally cheating like I have been for 2 weeks I would eat some bacon or eggs for breakfast. But right now I've been stuck on Rice Krispies and I really need to get back on to Atkins. For some reason when I cheat I cheat BAD. BAD. So... I need to reign myself back in. Favorite snacks on Atkins: Bacon. It's like candy when you can't have candy. I also like devilled eggs and you can eat jello too.

Nancy asked:
How often do you floss?
I'm really bad about flossing. Maybe once a month? But everytime I go to the dentist they say "Wow! Your teeth look great. We can always tell the flossers from those that don't." Yessssssssss.... On the otherhand, Sei is a maniac flosser. I gave him a bag of floss at Christmas.

Do you ever go to bed without washing off your makeup?
NEVER. It grosses me out. Even if I fall asleep on accident if I wake up I will get up in the middle of the nite, wash my face and brush my teeth. I MUST!!!

Lauren asked:
Do you like meat loaf?

Well... generally I'd say "no" because anything named "Meat Loaf" has to be gross. But I do like MY meatloaf.
Or did you mean the singer???

I'll answer some more later. I'm taking it sloooow. :)
Could I ask for prayers from y'all? There's some major crap going on here. No details- sorry. But I will say it has to do with a stack of papers (filled with a load of lies) we were served from Canada a few days ago. Seiuli's an awesome father- no matter what kind of crap some people want to make up. Y'all all know that, as does ANYONE who knows Seiuli. It makes me sick that people would tell lies just to get more money??? And by taking all that money a family is left wondering if they are going to have to sell their home, uproot their family yet again, etc... No Tad Award is big enough.

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MommyJ said...

Everyone in the world deserves the opportunity to hang out with Glittersmama... I was lucky enough to share an aparment complex with her for two years. Some of my favoritest years of all time. :) She is mellow and so very awesome. I'm glad you got to hang out. :)

Will send prayers your way. Lies suck.

I do love some meatloaf... but it's really gotta be cooked the right way.

Karina said...

I have yet to taste a good meatloaf. Do you like pork rinds? My hubby use to eat them when he did atkins. I'm sorry about the papers, we'll keep you in our prayers.

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry about the drama :( I will pray for you, for sure (((HUGS)))

I rarely floss either...but the dentist thinks I do :) Twins!

I am not a huge meat loaf fan...but it is good on sandwiches.

Yvonne said...

How fun that glittersmama stopped by--I AM JEALOUS.

Love the answers to your questions.

You will be in my prayers--so sorry about whatever is going on.

Shelby Lou said...

my prayers have you in them...

and i sleep with my makeup on all the time. ick i know, but im too lazy..

LUCKY getting to hang out with blogging friends in real life. im jealous.

Beckie said...

You are totally in our prayers. We just finished going through that same senario a few years ago, from Canada as well, and it feels like we're gearing up for another. If you need to vent...let me know, I'll send you my email.

Stacey said...

Sorry about the pile of lies on paper. I will keep you all in my prayers. *hugs*

Mrs. Organic said...

Some people really are 'tards. I'm sorry.

No Cool Story said...

So very jealous and happy you girls got to hang out :D

ITA with Mrs Organic.
Prayers your way and may the truth come out.

Physcokity said...

Amen. to Mrs.O & NCS.

PS- I loved the story about "Friend." I can just picture the two of them playing. Funny stuff.

It sucks when people lie, especially when they do it to get gain. Lame-O.

Many hugs and prayers are going your way.

Klin said...

"Friend" is good name. My girls have used it in the past with other kids.

I love to floss. I double love rice krispie treats. In fact if you send me some then you won't be cheating BAD. I cheat BAD, too. I ate a whole freaking box of Samoas. Those Girl Scout cookies are evil, or I am weak.

Suzanne said...

Tori, I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this! ***hugs***

"Bacon. It's like candy when you can't have candy." That's clever. You should market it! ;)

Smithclan said...

Shoenuf we'll pray for you. I'm sorry you have to go through this. If it's not one side it's the other. Sure miss you guys tons!

Whitney said...

I'm sorry someone decided they had to lie for more money at your family's expense...sometimes people stink :P
At least it's only rice krispies that you're cheating with and not super starchy stuff like potatoes or rolls....

omar said...

"Hey Sei, what did your wife get you for Christmas?"

"She got me a bag of floss. It was a pretty big bag, too."

"Like... dental floss? For your teeth?"

"Yeah. Really big bag."

"... that's cool."

omar said...

I'm kidding, TorTor. I got my wife a paper shredder a few years ago, and a fireproof safe the next year (she loved both gifts, btw). I'm all about the practical gifts over the romantic gifts.

I <3 Tori and Sei.

And sorry about the major crap that's going on.

Tori :) said...

LOL- that's not ALL I gave him... I also included earplugs for when he's sleeping after nite shift and a few lottery tickets... ;)

I honestly can't remember what else I gave him... Oh yes- that freakin' Kobe jersey. Gag.

glittersmama said...

Lame that I'm so slow to comment on this post, I know. But you know I love you. I've been suffering from a severe lack of internet access and have being experiencing the DTs to prove it. I'll get you the pictures asap.

If I would have known of your love for bacon, I would have brought you a whole bouquet of it.

I'm sorry about the life suck. Hopefully things will go in your favor.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, man! MORE crap is being dumped on your family? I'm so sorry. :(

Nancy Face said...

I'm kind of your opposite. I love flossing, but I OFTEN go to bed without washing my face...such a lazy bum! :P

aubrey said...

i'm sorry about the paperwork from canada. duh that is the most stupid thing.

but yay for getting to hang with glitter and her mama! lucky duck.